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February 19th, 2013

Tonight, the new drama Cult premieres on the CW.  The series should be of interest to many of our readers because its premise involves people who discuss TV shows on-line.  The question is how the very meta show will fare in the ratings. It has an incompatible lead-in, the dramedy Hart of Dixie. The entire premiere has been available on-line for about a week. There has not been a lot of marketing for the show. In its favor, it stars Vampire Diaries alumus Matt Davis.  This season, The CW has fared better with its supernatural/sci fi series than its teen series.  So how do you think it will fare tonight? Make your predictions.



  • Wanda

    I say a.05 or .06. Hart of Dixie isn’t a bad lead in. I saw this already on Hulu I wish the actors well. Ringer needs to be on Cloo TV not the CW. CBS and ION are good too

  • psychic

    You know, Fringe was a cult hit–and yet obviously wasn’t the most watched show ever. What is the title supposed to mean?

  • Ekras

    I’m predicting a 1.2. Why? Because there is nothing else on on Tuesday nights.

  • feinn

    Drop like a rock..show is a muddle mess

  • Christian

    That was the worst pilot I’ve seen in years. If this survives, I give up!

  • Scot

    Just a .5 or .6. The lead in is entirely wrong, plus the commercials make the show look just too damn confusing. It won’t make it to season 2.

  • JuJuroo

    I watched it both online and again when it aired…i fear it will do poorly, but I really liked it and hope it gets a 1.0

  • S

    Hate to it but Cult kind of sucked. The Following is not my favorite show ever but it handles this cult business much better. I am shocked Cult ever made it to production. The earlier drafts were somewhat better/darker but nothing I’d throw money at as a producer. I could almost hear the viewers turning the channel after the first ten minutes of boring that was Cult. This sucks because I have always been a huge Rockne fan. Go Farscape. Perhaps this is why he was kicked as showrunner for Defiance, SyFy and Trion refused to let him screw it up with his self important crap.

  • S

    Also, the blond girl cannot act. The first minute of Cult featured some of the worst dialogue and acting on the CW (black guy and blond girl in car) and I sat thru the mess that was Beauty and Beast remake.

  • iggy

    Why even bother with this? It has the exact same premise as The Following…

    ‘cuz Teen Vampires

  • Dillan

    Early Household Numbers:

    In series-premiere news, CW drama Cult was DOA with an embarrassing 0.8/ 1 from 9-10 p.m., which was 27 percent below failed year-ago occupant Ringer (1.1/2 on 2/21/12). Retention for Cult out of lead-in Hart of Dixie (#1: 1.1/ 2 from 8 p.m.) was 73 percent, and there was a loss of one-tenth of a rating point (or 12 percent) in the second half-hour (0.8/ 1 to 0.7/ 1). Since most new shows drop in the vicinity of 10-20 percent in week two, forget about confusing Cult.

    So, it looks like it got a pretty awful 0.4 in the 18-49. (Just my guess from the early household numbers, the actual 18-49 could be different).

  • John A

    Wow below Ringer wasnt Ringer at 0.4 this time last year? LMAO.

  • Dillan

    @John A:

    This time last year, Ringer got a 0.5, so because Cult was below Ringer, its looking like it got a 0.4.

  • John A

    Not that i care but why didnt CW put this after TVD? I mean they keep that loser BATB there and its a complete waste. It wasnt ever going to do well with that HOD lead in.

  • Dillan

    @John A:

    I’m really not sure, that would be the smart thing to do, and also moving B&TB, they would be able to see how it would do without its lead in.

    I think they were going to air Cult with Nikita on Fridays, but after they cancelled EO, they obviously thought that Tuesdays was a better day than Fridays, so decided to air after HOD.

  • Dillan

    Oh dear, it got worse than I thought.

    Cult premiered to a 0.3 Demo in the top 25 markets, meaning only 0.3% of adults 18-49 in the top 25 markets watched Cult, other particularly bad demos last night include Smash at a 1.1 and Body of Proof at a 1.4.

  • John A

    I was hoping for BOP to get a 1.8 at least so yikes.

  • John A

    So is Cult the worse premiere for CW ever? Seems so.

  • rob60990

    The very early 18-49 rating is a .3.

  • TVDxItachi

    Too bad pilot was so good, Alona Tal is so beautiful as well. I just can’t believe thr CW took the insane risk of putting Cult after HOD, i respect the effort but the risk is looking pretty retarded right now. And The promos sucked really bad aside from the YT series trailer Damnnnnnn

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