Fox News is Number Three Ad Suppported Cable Channel During Primetime Among Total Viewers the Week of February 12

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February 20th, 2013

During a week of major news stories, including The State of the Union Address, the Christopher Dorner manhunt, and the return of 34,000 Afghan troops, Fox News scored big ratings. The week of February 12, the network was the number three in all of ad supported basic cable during primetime  (2.024 million)and number five during the Total Programming Day (1.177 million) among Total Viewers.

FNC significantly outperformed its cable news competitors. In primetime, CNN ranked 18th (1.038 million) while MSNBC ranked 20th (.981 million). In Total Day, CNN was number 20 (.566 million) while MSNBC was number 26 (.474 million).


  • Keynes
  • AppleStinx


    Fox News is “struggling” and still manages to place #3. Imagine if they weren’t “struggling”. If you want to control the content of a website, it’s not difficult to run your own blog.

  • Joe88

    Oh you msnbc ppl really crack me up. I’m my gonna argue with you or your ignorance. You keep saying fox has lost audience, yet they’re still ranked #1 in cable news. Get a damn clue already.

  • RedBarSoup

    You do realize that something can STILL be losing an audience and or money or WHATEVER it is WHILE losing audience or money…..I’m the richest person with 500 billion dollars. Yet am losing 50 million a month. The second richest person has 400 million. I hope you can understand basic grade school math. :)

  • 1966

    don’t come to this site then go do your crying some where else.

  • RedBarSoup

    sorry, second losing should be “winning in total audience or money….brain fart. :)

  • Boilerhoss

    Keynes I did go to TVNewsers and Fox still beat everybody by a wide margin. Even Friday O’Reilly beat all others and Juan Williams (Liberal) filled in. When is Eric Bolling filling in for Mr. Schultz?

  • David Robertson

    This is bogus report written by Fox propaganda machine. LOL
    Fox has been losing its viewership by 50%+, and the day the make the top as this article suggests would the day that hell has freezed at least 1000 times over and over. LOL

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