'Hockey Day In America' Scores Significant Viewership Gains

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February 20th, 2013

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Viewership for Kings-Blackhawks on NBC up 31% vs. Last Year


Capitals-Rangers on NBC Sports Network Up 200% vs. Comparable 2012 Game


Chicago Scores Best-Ever Regular-Season Rating on NBC



NEW YORK – February 20, 2013 – The NBC Sports Group’s coverage of the third iteration of Hockey Day in America this past Sunday scored with viewers as the second game of its doubleheader on NBC was up 31% compared to last season, while NBC Sports Network’s evening game was up 200% vs. a comparable 2012 game. Local market ratings were also impressive, highlighted by Chicago, which posted the market’s best-ever rating for an NHL regular-season game on NBC, excluding Winter Classics. Final viewership for NBC’s first game will be available on Friday.




NBC’s late-game coverage, in which the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the visiting Los Angeles Kings, 3-2, averaged 1.81 million viewers and a 1.15 household rating (3:30-6:02 p.m. ET). Viewership was up 31% compared to last year’s late-game (1.38 million, Boston-Minnesota).


Locally, Chicago delivered a 6.7 rating, the market’s best-ever for an NHL regular-season game on NBC, excluding Winter Classics (since 2006).




The New York Rangers 2-1 victory over the Washington Capitals was watched by 609,000 viewers (6-8:39 p.m. ET), a 200% increase vs. last year’s game, which was played in the same time slot (203,000, New Jersey-Montreal).


The New York market posted a 1.84 rating for the game, second-best ever for a Rangers regular-season game on NBC Sports Network in which the team did not play either the Devils or Islanders. Washington posted a 1.95.




Final viewership for NBC’s coverage of the first game of the doubleheader, in which the Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Buffalo Sabres, 4-3, will be available on Friday. However, local ratings are in and Pittsburgh posted a 15.2 rating, while Buffalo scored a 16.0, the highest rating of any market for any NHL game during the weekend.




NBC Sports Group celebrated the third annual Hockey Day in America on Sunday, February 17, by delivering nine hours of hockey coverage on NBC and NBC Sports Network, including numerous features that told the story of America’s passion for hockey, weaved within an NHL tripleheader that featured six U.S. teams.




  • TatiG

    Leave it to NBC to boast about 600k viewers ;)

  • james laverance

    Hi just here to share some info on the evolution of ice hockey.

    I’ve researched both american and canadian perspectives.

    Birthplace of early hockey games took place on long pond windsor ns near kings college circa 1800.Ice hurley and other forms of break shins ,wicket cricket, ice bandy, shinny, field hockey on ice,rugby,ice lacrosse,etc, were being combined.

    The full skate blade was invented by philadelphian ev bushnell in 1848.Early pucks were carved out of wood by the mic mac indians 1860.The first hockey sticks were carved in lindsay ontario 1852 by alexander rutherford sr.

    First indoor and semi organized game was 9 on 9 at the victoria skating rink montreal in 1875 by james creighton using previous halifax rules.

    First artificial skating rink was created by william newton in new york city 1870.First indoor arena in the us was the great chicago skating rink 1860.

    Earliest known arrival of game to usa 1856 at st.paul’s school at concord new hampshire.They played shinny to ice field hockey to ice polo.Montreal rules of hockey used by james conover at st.paul’s school nh in 1880-81.

    First game to mention postions and play 7 on 7 was at the montreal winter carnival festival 1883.

    Burlington vermont hosts that carnival in 1886 and played the first international hockey match (7 on7) between the montreal hc and local van ness house club.

    First organized league was in 1886-87 the amatuer hockey association in montreal.

    First pro league created in portage, michigan 1904 (iphl).Local business man james dee & canadian dentist doc gibson.

    Early hockey pants worn 1896 at detroit medical school.Modern goalie pads Duluth central high school circa 1903-04.Maybe earlier there.

    Early 6 0n 6 version of game washington park brooklyn 1908(aahl).

    Blocker invention lorne chabot canada 1920’s.Nhl goalie trapper mike karakas from aurora minnesota late 1930’s.Helmet frank goheen white bear lake minnesota 1910’,1920’s.

    Clarence abel(sault st marie, michigan).First us player to win stanley cup with the 1928 rangers.

    First parallel defense pairing.Coach alfred winsor harvard in 1911-12.

    George owen and coach william claflin of harvard invents full three man line change 1923.

    First goalie mask jaques plante 1959.

  • bizzarr

    thats great maybe more networks like espn would want to pick it up

  • Recognizing Truth

    That’s huge for the NHL to get 1.8 million viewers with the Kings/Hawks, that’s the second time this season that match-up scored huge numbers. NBC would love to have that series as a WCF this spring.

    I really never understood why NBC doesn’t add more late games to the schedule for the NHL as it would help out the league.

    @ bizzarr

    I’m not sure if their current contract which runs for the rest of this decade is exclusive with NBC Sports or not. If it isn’t they should pickup a deal with ESPN to give the sport more exposure while its growing at the rate it is. NBCSN will probably be in a lot more homes in the coming years so if not they should be doing even better.

  • Edward

    Trust me if we get a Chicago finals with NYR, PITT, BOSTON and or heck PHILLY again. They will average 8 mill for the finals and they will break their individual game record. For what NBC is paying for the rights if they continue to get these kinds of ratings it will continue to pay dividends. The NHL is the only thing helping out NBC’S cable network.

  • psychic

    Our home and native land,
    True patriot hockey,
    May all our sons wear beaver pelts.

  • iggy

    they should pickup a deal with ESPN to give the sport more exposure

    lol, ESPN’s Priorities are like this:

    College Football
    College Basketball
    The X Games
    Tiger Woods

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