Wednesday Final Ratings: 'The Middle' & 'Modern Family' Adjusted Up; 'Survivor', 'Guys With Kids', 'Criminal Minds' & 'Law & Order: SVU' Adjusted Down

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February 21st, 2013


The Middle and Modern Family were each adjusted up a tenth while Survivor, Guys With Kids, Criminal Minds and Law & Order: SVU were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, February 20, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (millions)
8:00 FOX American Idol (8-10PM) 4.1/11 14.37
CBS Survivor 2.4/7 9.32
ABC The Middle 2.3/7 8.27
NBC Whitney 1.1/3 3.14
CW Arrow 0.9/3 3.15
8:30 ABC The Neighbors 1.9/5 6.34
NBC Guys With Kids 1.0/3 2.83
9:00 ABC Modern Family (9-9:31PM) 4.0/11 10.62
CBS Criminal Minds 2.6/7 10.69
NBC Law & Order; SVU 1.6/4 5.61
CW Supernatural 0.9/2 2.10
9:30 ABC Suburgatory (9:31-10PM) 2.0/5 5.74
10:00 CBS CSI 2.3/7 10.65
NBC Chicago Fire 1.9/5 6.50
ABC 20/20: Mad About Oscar 1.3/4 5.02

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  • Spencer

    Criminal Minds was definitely down because it had very little promotion and nobody knew if it was on or not. The scheduling has been very messed up lately. After they got back from almost a month’s hiatus, they had 2 new episodes, a week off, then a new episode, then ANOTHER week off, then this new one. Very inconstant scheduling. I think that next week will definitely rebound because it’s all about the stalker whose been following the team the whole season. CM will last for another couple years more though. It’s not as low as some other dramas on CBS. I think that if it does end, it will be because of the cast not renewing their contracts.

  • Match

    I can’t wait till the day when Modern Family beats Idol. Quality must prevail!!

  • chris23

    Veronica Mars had 1.8-2.5? I hope you are referring to total viewers because that is all it averaged pretty much. I liked Veronica Mars but it was a ratings bust with a loyal cult following.

    SuperNaturaL was a WB original hit hitting a lot of 3,4,and 5+ million viewers throughout Season 1 and a lot of seasons as well. As a show in its veteran 8th season it is performing fine for a network fighting to stay alive. CW has made horrible decisions since combining UPN and WB. It should’ve stayed with the “WB” format and a lot of shows were screwed over to renew another.

    I know Everwood was one of the shows that caused an uproar seeing how Veronica Mars a show with much lower viewers was renewed and EW wasn’t (Dawn was in charge of UPN so figures the UPN shows that bombed made it over compared to WB solid hits). Reba was mistreated throwing it to midseason and while it garnered solid ratings on a struggling Sunday night as 7th Heaven the actual final season fell a lot in the ratings, Reba consistently had ratings in the or up to mid 4 mil range.

    So a lot of us can argue that our favorite low rated shows, that would not be considered low rated on todays CW schedule would be renewed if on the present schedule. Unless CW can turn back time then we will just have to deal with the loss of once respected shows that had marginal ratings that would be considered “HITS” on todays CW failing network!!!

  • Arrow fan

    Good for Arrow :)
    Here in UK, Arrow is getting more viewers than Hawaii 50 . Arrow , 1.42 million viewers and Hawaii 822.000 viewers.
    Happy to read about the second season.

  • Fake Me Out


    I remember a time, two, three years ago, when you could actually have a civilized discussion on these threads. The comments nowadays have certainly devolved.

    Agree 110%. I’m spending less time here and when I do drop by, usually stop reading the comments fairly quickly since I’m a little past the 1st grade which is the level of maturity so many commenters appear to have regressed to/stopped at.

    The flop this and flop that name puns have become sooooo tiresome as have the my show is better than your show BS. One wonders if these are actually comments by rival websites attempting to poison the well here @ TVbtN.

    Don’t get me wrong, the occasional poking a stick into the hornets nest can be fun but too many here are one note wonders … you’d think they’d get tired of it but I guess simple things amuse simple folk.


  • Bee

    suburgatory obviously won’t be cancelled, but its performance is highly unimpressive considering how surprisingly well it did last season and it being a family show. nashville deserves a much better lead-in, esp. since it’s a new freshman show with potential for growth.

    YAY that modern family almost beat idol!!!

  • Joe D

    The time change for Suburgatory should not have mattered as much if it had kept its first season viewers and then added new ones in the post ModFam slot but the direction and writing of the show has faltered losing its initial viewers and not grabbing new ones. The series premise was a teenage NYC girl adjusting to life in the burbs and now its the adult storylines that have sabotaged it to the point of no return. Maybe a third season 13 ep order on a new day but then no 9 back up and cancellation.

  • forg

    I still enjoy Suburgatory but I do agree that it lost focus during the last half of Season 1 and if you notice that was also the time that it began dropping from The Middle when before it was always building from its lead in. I was on board with ABC’s decision to switch Suburgatory and The Neighbors especially how the latter’s pilot was very weakly received but I never really thought Suburgatory will not benefit that much. I don’t think it will fair as well when it goes back to 8:30 especially that DST is coming but we’ll see.

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    People saying that they didn’t know there were new episodes of Criminal Minds are just ridiculous. It’s the middle of sweeps, everything is a new episode

  • Ultima

    Criminal Minds was definitely down because it had very little promotion and nobody knew if it was on or not.


    If people can’t find ten seconds to check a schedule, they were never going to find sixty minutes to watch the show in the first place.

  • Jose009

    Yay for the

  • Jose009

    Yay for the Middle! For me it’s funnier than New Girl! The middle is already on its 4th season and gets the same ratings with new girl which is only its second season so good job the middle!

  • Ryan Schwartz

    SUBURGATORY will likely move back to 8:30 next year. I don’t think THE NEIGHBORS will survive despite so-so ratings. NBC’s Wednesday block is dead. Judging by the last few weeks, their Tuesday night block is dead too.

  • Ultima

    Very inconstant scheduling.


    You would actually have a point if they changed from a two-hour Survivor back to the normal lineup and Criminal Minds aired when people weren’t expecting it. That’s not what happened.

    CBS aired an episode of Criminal Minds in the same timeslot that it has aired virtually every single episode. Furthermore, it’s the middle of February, which has been all new in virtually every non-Olympics year for decades.

    Also, to re-emphasize, if you didn’t know if Criminal Minds was going to be new or not, it only takes a few seconds to check!

  • alvar

    Suburgatory is doing fine, everyone just has unrealistic expectations for it because it airs after Modern Family. The Neighbors is far more worrying, those ratings are just hurting the lineup.

    Admittedly Suburgatory has been a disappointment this season. It lost its spark after the George and Dallas hookup, and the storylines don’t seem to bring George and Tessa together enough.

  • alvar

    Suburgatory has strayed from its original premise and become too relationship/adult focused rather than a family comedy.

  • Steve Sanders

    NBC…..N othing B ut C ancellations

  • JacobYates

    You’re wrong. Neighbors will be back for a second season. Whether or not it will see a third season is of course sketchy, as its ratings will likely decline next season. But to say that the Neighbors will be cancelled even if it stays where it’s at right now sounds more like the haterade talking.

  • TMDude

    ABC made a bad move by chosing “ZZZuburgatory” over “Happy Endings”, on WED @ 9:30. That sh*t hardly gets 2.0 in demo 18-49.

    When “Happy Endings” used to be aired right after “Modern Family”, it was getting 2.3-2.5 / 2.7-3.0 in demo 18-49. There was one episode that hit 3.3

    Now, you cant find it (Happy Endings) on their schedule. This week it is on Tuesday. Net week will be on Sunday… and in March it will be on Fridays. =/

  • 600 Years

    “I can’t wait till the day when Modern Family beats Idol. Quality must prevail!!”

    Like Modern Family is a quality show more like an overrated show. Like somebody said before that show is on a decline its own self how is it going to beat Idol when the contestants are going to be really good this season?

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