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February 21st, 2013

A  ratings battle has emerged between two shows that air on the same night on the same network and were created by the same person, Shonda Rhimes. Grey's Anatomy started the season with much higher ratings than Scandal. But Scandal has been rising while Grey's Anatomy has been falling. Last week, Scandal appeared to have beaten Grey's by a tenth in Adults 18-49 when the fast nationals were released, but, thanks to a two-minute Grey's overrun, those numbers were reversed in the finals with Grey's coming out on top. Will this be the week that the second season sensation beats the veteran? Make your predictions!


  • christy

    I love Scandal but this week episode doesn’t seem “strong” enough to beat grey’s but I’m sure that before the end of this season it’s gonna happen.

  • Jeff R.

    I’ll say yes because Greys has different competition than it usually does (Parks) and Scandal has the same competition as every other week, and the shows have been close enough that minuscule things like the spread between the viewership of a top- and a bottom-rated NBC comedy can be the difference.

  • Joseph

    I’m going to go for scandal because greys is against AI tonight as well as usual POI competition

  • peter

    AI against greys anatoym this week, but greys anatomy has a steady series low of 2.8 so it wont go lower. if Scandals episode is really good only then it might do a 2.9 so my guess is greys will win .

  • Sam

    I’m calling that Scandal will begin to decline before the end of the season.

    So, no it won’t beat Grey’s. But that’s just my opinion anyway, I’m sure it stands somewhat of a chance at beating it soon.

  • Bee

    no. it’s too soon. it COULD happen, but i’d be surprised. greys’ current storyline is really pumping up now, while scandal has started a new storyline.

  • MichaelChickless

    POI for the win!

  • erwan from france

    grey’s anatomy : 3.0%
    Scandal : 2.8%
    American Idol : 4.0%
    tbbt : 5.0%
    2.5men : 3.5%
    Poi : 3.0%
    Elementary : 2.2%
    Community : 1.5%
    Parks : 1.8% – 2.0%
    1600 penn : 1.2%
    Tvd : 1.2%
    Batb : 0.5%

  • omabin

    The episode before the last of Scandal was sort of a season finale, even the writers said so. It was the end of Scandal 2.A. The last episode was very very good, but it wasn’t as good as the one before, so if the previous one didn’t do it, I doubt this one does it. I expect it to be steady with last week. GA had a very good episode last week, probably the best of the season yet sans the post crash episodes from the premiere, so it should go slighly up or remain steady since it is facing Idol so those gains might be offset. I am going with Grey’s winning, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it ends up loosing too much in the idol confrontation.

  • rob60990

    Nope. Scandal is going to begin crashing down.

    Grey’s- 3.0
    Scandal- 2.5

  • Juan

    Lets also remember that last week, valentines day fell on Thursday so I think they will both go up a little, I say tie or grey’s but idk, I want both higher

  • Call me a hiperflop

    Let’s be optimistic… no.

  • DeanW

    2.8 for each.

  • richard

    well, Max was right about scandal. I dont watch revenge or scandal so i dont really have a dog in that fight. I could have believed that revenge would drop so they would tie, but i NEVER saw scandal RISING UP to this point. So, good for max, we called him crazy, yet he was right.

  • Bookworm

    I say no. I am an huge Scandal Fan but Grey is their lead in and I don’t think they will fully top it just yet. I do not doubt it will happen one day and it might even be this season but this week or even within the next few episodes? I say no. Last weeks was a close one and Grey only came out on top with adjustments so I say that was a damn near top.

    Either way, I don’t see it happening this week though I expect the retention out of Grey to continue to be over 80% and definitely be holding majority of their demo-unless Grey magically jumps to a 4.0 this week.

    No predictions on demo’s but I say they fall around the same place from last week. Grey with a 2.8-3.0 and Scandal with a 2.6-2.8. Either way it goes,Scandal is doing great and ABC has to be really happy with their numbers!

    I expect Scandal to start falling slightly and averaging between the 2.4-2.6 range. They’ve held their bump for a while, so naturally it won’t stick forever (or maybe it will!). No matter what, That is excellent for a 10pm show and would still make it one of ABC’s higher rated dramas every week. Definitely headed towards a full season 3 renewal!

  • Ram510

    Doesn’t GA have another 2 minute overrun this week? Yeah I hope Scandal gets high rating, I’ll definitely be watching LIVE, but I don’t this will be the week it beats GA realistically, but the crazy fanatic side of me want to say it will and hit a new series high. In any case I’m excited!

  • zerg

    Scandal might have a shot to beat it thx to Americal Idol 2h aganist Grey’s

  • Doug

    @Richard – the fight only exists in Max’s mind. I would bet $100 that sure a mental patient.

  • MichaelChickless

    @richard “So, good for max, we called him crazy, yet he was right.”

    Uh, Max is still crazy.

  • Stormy44

    I think that Scandal will beat Greys but not this week. With the new promo launching for the Oscars and ABC’s other promo plans, I think that it will beat Greys the week it returns from its 4 week break in March.

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