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February 21st, 2013

A  ratings battle has emerged between two shows that air on the same night on the same network and were created by the same person, Shonda Rhimes. Grey's Anatomy started the season with much higher ratings than Scandal. But Scandal has been rising while Grey's Anatomy has been falling. Last week, Scandal appeared to have beaten Grey's by a tenth in Adults 18-49 when the fast nationals were released, but, thanks to a two-minute Grey's overrun, those numbers were reversed in the finals with Grey's coming out on top. Will this be the week that the second season sensation beats the veteran? Make your predictions!


  • Mark

    Grey’s Anatomy – 2.8
    Scandal – 2.7

    Same as last week.

  • Sam

    Whatever the result maybe just don’t blame POI.

  • RyanCanada

    Scandal is amazing, and although i love Grey’s i think next season should be the final season for that show. its time has passed. to many cast members have come and gone… due to budget cuts,

  • Josh

    I’m going to say Grey’s is going to beat Scandal. The storyline is amazing and so suspenseful, I can’t wait to see what happens tonight….will Cristina, Meredith, Derek, Callie and Arizona buy the hospital or will that stupid lady who tried to sell them to Pegasus find another buyer? Lets go Grey’s :-)

  • emma

    I think Grey’s will win just because of the time slot. 9:00 almost (yes, I know not in every single case) have an easier time getting higher ratings than 10pm shows. I think it will be close but Grey’s will be higher.

  • John A

    What Max says about Revenge and Scandal isnt 100% crazy but both will be renewed anyway. His trash talk of AHS And Chicago Fire though is crazy.

  • Melissa

    I don’t think Grey’s Anatomy will be too affected by American Idol tonight. About a month ago when the drama had to go head-to-head with a much more potent American Idol, it managed a 3.0.

  • Steven

    I’m surprised Max hasn’t jumped all over this article.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    i think eventually it will happen, just not this week.

  • Z

    Either way POI will beat the both of them.

  • David Howell

    Grey’s gets burned by Idol every time the two meet, but if it’s got the storyline momentum this week it’ll hold up better. Scandal likely comes in with another 2.7 or maybe a 2.6, so it’s down to Grey’s with a lot more uncertainty behind it.

    I’ll guess a tie. I have no idea.

  • Melissa


    Either way POI will beat the both of them.

    Hmm, I don’t know. Ever since Person of Interest tied its series high for its eleventh episode, it has dropped a tenth every telecast:

    *3.4 – 01/03
    *3.3 – 01/10
    *3.2 – 01/31
    *3.1 – 02/07
    *3.0 – 02/14

    It’s possible it will dip to a 2.9 tonight, but who knows, maybe it will stay flat or rebound.



  • Sam

    @Melissa, and the past 5 ratings for GA?

  • peter

    Greys anatomy this year is building a new storyline , it prepares the ground for changes and it added new people..People sticked with greys anatomy and as we re heading to the finale ratings will rise. One episode with a major disaster , life changing event and greys will hit a 4.0

  • peter

    It is like blahblahblah , major greys anatomy event 4.0+ ratings. people still care about greys anatomy but maybe not too much as in the past to watch each and every single episode.

  • Dude

    There is no Scandal vs Revenge fight. They’re both quality shows that will be renewed. They’re not even standing in each other’s way of being renewed. That fight is a figment of Max’s imagination.

  • Mike

    American Idol will take viewers away from Grey’s so I think Scandal will finally come out ahead slightly.

  • gerry

    OMG this is turning into a revenge v scandal thing and max isn’t even here. GAH!

    i think they’ll tie and kind of run neck in neck but depending on what scandal has coming, it could steam ahead come may sweeps.

    anyone who think grey’s is going anywhere is out of their mind. greys is abc’s #1 drama, they’re not going to let it go. also anyone who thinks its going to 8 is equally out of it. i could see a swap between the 9 and 10 pm hours though.

  • AAE

    I could give a rat ass about either one. Since Olan has never booked me on Greys (or any else for that matter) and now Scandal has a once ever doubling policy. If one or both were cancelled AND replaced in LA with other scripted shows that use a lot of BG…I would be happy. Inside gripes from “Atmosphere.”

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