Will 'Scandal' Beat 'Grey's Anatomy' This Week? - Poll

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February 21st, 2013

A  ratings battle has emerged between two shows that air on the same night on the same network and were created by the same person, Shonda Rhimes. Grey's Anatomy started the season with much higher ratings than Scandal. But Scandal has been rising while Grey's Anatomy has been falling. Last week, Scandal appeared to have beaten Grey's by a tenth in Adults 18-49 when the fast nationals were released, but, thanks to a two-minute Grey's overrun, those numbers were reversed in the finals with Grey's coming out on top. Will this be the week that the second season sensation beats the veteran? Make your predictions!


  • Jade

    The fact that Scandal always starts 2 minutes after 10pm will most likely give the advantage to Greys unless more viewers start to tune in live, but Scandal in my opinion is the better show and will beat Greys at some point this season.

  • karin

    Hope not, GA is better especially the acting’s skills,no match imho


    I think the AI/POI combo will help Scandal be the soap Supreme

    GA toast!

  • richard


  • alvar

    I’m very surprised that Scandal has picked up viewers, given that its a very serialized and fast paced show. I can’t help but wonder if it would have the same following without Grey’s Anatomy. But anyhow, well done to Shonda and ABC.

  • richard

    @ Doug from page 1

    Well, I mean, yes it was an odd comparison for him to make. But the reality is, people got involved, so the fight was no longer a figment of his imagination.

    Out of curiosity, do you watch either show? Ive heard from some friends that they were good, thinking abouct checking them out maybe

  • Melissa


    and the past 5 ratings for GA?

    *3.0 – 01/17
    *3.0 – 01/24
    *2.8 – 01/31
    *3.1 – 02/07
    *2.8 -02/14

  • Josh

    Anyone know if this was Grey’s Anatomy’s season finale I didn’t see a preview for a new episode?

  • rob60990

    “Anyone know if this was Grey’s Anatomy’s season finale I didn’t see a preview for a new episode?”

    No, the show is going on break for a few weeks.

  • Josh


    Thank you for the clarification :-)

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