'The Vampire Diaries' Up Week to Week, Beats NBC and ABC at 8

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February 22nd, 2013

via press release:

Last night's emotional episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES saw big gains week to week in total viewers and all key demos, and finished #3 for the hour in A18-49 (1.3/4) and A18-34 (1.4/5 - tie), beating ABC's Zero Hour and NBC's comedies.

Week to week, TVD was up 40% in A18-34, 47% in W18-34 (2.2/7), 30% in A18-49 and 25% in total viewers (2.88M).

It was TVD's most watched episode in five weeks (since 1/17/13), and best A18-34 and A18-49 ratings in three weeks (1/31).

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST also grew week to week, rising 11% in total viewers (1.56M) and 50% in both A18-34 and W18-34.

In Live + 7 Day ratings this season, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES has averaged a 41% increase in total viewers compared to L+SD, a 48% increase in A18-34 and a 52% jump in W18-34. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST sees a 32% gain in total viewers with DVR viewing, a 39% lift in A18-34 and a 43% bump in W18-34.
  • Jared

    BATB was epic last night and clearly the best episode so far this season. I can’t wait to see what happens and love the dangerous direction the show is taking!

  • tv#1

    I love TVD. It is a great show, and I am glad it did well last night.

  • cas

    TVD totally deserved those ratings, heck maybe when it returns in March, they will go up even higher.

  • Robsten_Fan

    Go Go Go TVD!
    Best show ever! Deserve the best rating ever!!
    10 million viewers per week, please! ;)

  • juliedawn

    I know they are the demos that ‘don’t count’ – but it’s nice to see the significant rise for BATB in certain parts of the viewing public. Hopefully the CW sees it the same way when it comes to renewal time!

  • Starship

    Actually, the A18-34, especially women 18-34 has been the target demo of the CW for years, they are now trying to appeal more to male viewers and adults 18-49, as well, with shows like Arrow, but I’m pretty sure they sell their ad space based on their A 18-34 ratings.

  • Wright

    TVD was really good last night. I just hated the line that Damon loves Bonnie. I hope they don’t go that route. I can’t stand Bonnie’s character in the show or the books.

  • Kate

    Nice job BATB! <3

  • Tia

    YAY for beauty and the beast!
    With this Three week hiatus, TVD fans should really catch up on beauty and the beast and fall for it like us beasties!

  • david

    Both shows were great and really emotional last night. Great to see them from last week and beating ABC and NBC too.

  • chris23

    Vampire Diaries is AWESOME. It pretty much beat all hours of first run episodes of the whole NBC lineup. Community and Parks at 8-9 and Parks/1600 Penn 9-10. SVU was a repeat so will let that slide.

    Arrow did great last Wednesday getting a tie in 4th place with the combination of Whitney/Guys with kids and not to mention Arrow beat NBC in viewers by 700,000 total viewers. CW has potential but it would be nice to see bigger numbers than 1.0. But I guess with all the shows hitting 0.5s or less CW has to be grateful for anything that is higher.

    Either Way Vampire Diaries did great. Arrow and SuperNaturaL are both great. With SPN increasing in viewers and a lot of people thinking it wouldn’t hold its audience throughout the whole season, it proved a lot of people wrong. Now if CW could rebuild its Monday and Tuesday Nights with all new programming CW will have hope!!

  • Claudia

    TVD should team up with us beasties, I never watched TVD before but I usually watch the last 5 minutes of the show and Im starting to want to catch up, they should help us beasties assure a second seasons for BATB its such a good feeling show, it has everything. Last night episode was freaking epic!!!!!

  • Amanda

    Great news about BATB, I was worried but it looks like CW has something to brag about! :)

  • Michael

    Erin…can you give me your dealer’s number? You must be smoking some fantastic crack.

  • Dave S.

    I am glad for both CW shows. Both hit huge notes last night. After the heartbreak of TVD I was glad of the romance of BATB. Big moves for both shows at mid-season.

  • Danielle

    TVD had a good ep, but Beauty and the Beast stole the spotlight for me! What an awesome love story. Great chemistry between the cast! I’m really hoping this show gets a season 2! If you haven’t watch be sure to tune in. I swear every week it gets better by leaps and bounds!!! Before BATB, TVD was my show to watch on Thursdays, but not anymore. (Don’t get me wrong, I love Damon and Elena together, but the writers have not been giving them screen time and I have an awful feeling they are getting ready to let us Delena fans down easy. When they do I might not watch anymore)

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