'Whitney' Repeats to Replace 'Guys With Kids' Wednesday at 8:30PM

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February 22nd, 2013

After Guys With Kids completes its run on February 27, repeats of Whitney will air Wednesday at 8:30PM beginning Wednesday March 6 (note conflicting info below) until Whitney completes its second season in April.

Edit/Correction: GWK's finale corrected to be February 27. Whitney repeat start date reported in some cases to be March 6, although there is conflicting schedule information that a GWK repeat will air on March 6. A Whitney repeat is scheduled for 8:30pm March 13.

  • rob60990

    Why doesn’t NBC just air a test pattern?

  • Bram

    Interesting seeing that they have Save Me on the shelf. Probably not good for Wednesday though. Maybe in April.

  • Ryan Schwartz

    This is not a good sign you guys. If they wanted to, they can burn through 2 WHITNEYs a week and they’re not taking the chance =(

  • joel

    And soon Guys With Kids will be With Cancellation Bear.


    GWK & Whitney should both go to the bear’s den!

  • HV

    Did Guys With Kids get an another additional episode? It is ending February 27…

  • Nick

    And Save Me will never air (at least not until summer). I was thinking it would either be on Wednesdays or Tuesdays @9 paired with Off Their Rockers. I guess not.

  • PJM

    “‘Whitney’ Repeats to Replace ‘Guys With Kids’ Wednesday at 8:30PM on NBC Beginning March 13″

    Just when you thought NBC hadn’t sunk low enough…

  • Fake Me Out


    I don’t see this as anything more than NBC trying to give a struggling show with episodes still in the can some extra exposure. GWK, this year, wouldn’t be helped or hurt by continuing in the slot airing repeats and hasn’t been yanked early. Whitney isn’t being yanked or burned off just getting an extra airing on another night … NBC’s last ditch effort to try to boost sad ratings to justify a 3rd season?


  • Bram

    @Nick I mean, isn’t it possible that they pull 1600 Penn and start showing Save Me at 9:30.

  • samurai99


    I don’t think you can air commercials during a test pattern. They should air reruns of their older shows, like seinfeld.

  • SJ

    With Up All Night effectively cancelled and Save Me clearly not making it to the schedule before summer, I wonder what NBC does with that time slot for the last 10 or so weeks of the season. Do they have anything on the bench? Are Dracula and/or Crossbones ready or are they also summer burn-off at this point?

  • Rebecca

    GWK actually airs its last episode of the season next Wednesday, as @HV said. So something else will be on March 6, maybe even a rerun of GWK. That’s what’s there according to futoncritic (and there’s no “projected date” wording with that night’s info).

  • Funeral Dinner

    So GWK is over basically? I think NBC only ordered 17 episodes and the same amount for Whitney. I’m curious to see if Whitney will air all of it’s episodes though, because ratings are at an all time low.

  • Oliver

    This isn’t anything but NBC trying to fill their programming time. The five multi-cam episodes of Up All Night were almost certainly originally intended for that slot.

    They have announced they are airing reruns of Betty White’s Off Their Rockers after Whitney completes its run.

    Save Me will almost certainly air in Spring. They are still filming episodes. My guess is they double-pump it after The Voice.

  • cris

    And “Save Me”? :(

  • omabin


    Not sure about Dracula, but Crossbones got a straight to series order. It will air in the fall i think, or worst case, midseason. It is now in development and casting.

    As for the schedule of Whitney repeats, sure, I guess. I mean, what else… Hopefully, Suburgatory is able to benefit from this when it goes back to 8h30. And ABC should just give up on the idea of burning off Family Tools within the Wednesday block. It is clearly dead, so why screw Suburgatory and air t out of middle repeats in some weeks? I know the show has been very protected this year and has not delivered, but I don’t see what ABC will gain from it.

  • Bookworm

    Why? Whitney is not doing any better than Guy with Kids!

  • Travis

    This is good news for Whitney, isn’t it? They’re not doubling up on it like ABC is doing with Happy Endings.

  • Greg


    I don’t think it’s ten weeks. More like five or so.

    My bet is they’ll air reruns of Revolution, if it’s still highly rated when it returns.

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