'Whitney' Repeats to Replace 'Guys With Kids' Wednesday at 8:30PM

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February 22nd, 2013

After Guys With Kids completes its run on February 27, repeats of Whitney will air Wednesday at 8:30PM beginning Wednesday March 6 (note conflicting info below) until Whitney completes its second season in April.

Edit/Correction: GWK's finale corrected to be February 27. Whitney repeat start date reported in some cases to be March 6, although there is conflicting schedule information that a GWK repeat will air on March 6. A Whitney repeat is scheduled for 8:30pm March 13.

  • Oliver

    I wonder if that’s where they were/are thinking about putting the single Up All Night multi-camera episode?

  • Justin


  • Jenny

    Why don’t they remove Go On & The New Normal off the schedule until The Voice returns? Because that situation right there is a mess.

  • Oliver

    Oooh, this is interesting:
    Goon – 3/12/13 (Tu.) 9:01 PM NBC (#108) VIDEOGAME, SET, MATCH (R)

    It looked like NBC were burning straight through Goon/TNN’s orders, but they’ve now scheduled a repeat of Goon (and a TBA repeat of TNN), so presumably they planning to air it after The Voice.

    Man, NBC’s scheduling is always such a mystery.

  • Oliver

    (There’s only 4 unscheduled originals of Goon, which clearly isn’t enough to last until the end of the season)

  • HV

    I wonder if NBC might order two additional episodes for the Tuesday night comedies?
    And what is going to air Wednesday March 6 @ 8:30???

  • Andrew

    Bye bye GWK hilarious show not given a fair chance.

    Ive tried to watch Whitney and give it a fair chance its just really dry humor to me.

  • NothingButChange

    NBC says GWK will not run March 6th.

  • Oliver

    It’s probably too late to extend their orders now and it’s not as though their ratings justify it.

  • Ram510

    I really don’t want Guys With Kids to end if/when it gets cancelled that’s going to be the one I’m most sad about of the season

  • Andrew

    @Ram same here.

  • Hugh

    Problem with Renewing Whitney is you’re in a Nikita situation. If you’re in for one more you’re in for two more.

    Although S2 seems to only be 16 eps according to Wikipedia.

  • iggy

    Then what happens in April when Whitney’s done? SVU reruns?

  • Dan S

    Isn’t Crossbones ready to go ? I know they have a 10 episode order & my thinking was to move Grimm to Tues at 9pm followed by Crossbones at 10pm. They could move TNN to Wed after Whitney & Go On to Thur at 9:30pm. Simply cancel Smash & 1600 & stick with the current Friday lineup of Dateline at 9pm & RC at 10pm. I swear the scheduling by NBC is just mind boggling.

  • Rebecca

    Maybe, but I saw something that said they might not even be making that one episode now. Can’t remember where…might have been a short comment in a longer article on Deadline.

  • rob60990

    Crossbones is slated for Fall 2013. It doesn’t even have a cast.

  • r0ckmypants

    @SJ – Dracula and Crossbones haven’t started filming yet. Dracula will be ready for fall, but Crossbones doesn’t even have a cast yet.

  • r0ckmypants

    @Dan S – You think NBC’s scheduling is confusing, yet you proposed they move half their shows around with two months left in the broadcast season.

  • Ram510

    I know one thing, CW hasn’t really said much about Nikita returning tonight, hope it gets at least a .5 cause its a good episode!

    And I hope CW will finally let Nikita run at least 3 episodes in a row. TVD, Arrow and SPN aired episode 15 this week. Today’s Nikita is only episode 11, they really need to let Nikita catch up

  • DenverDean

    NBC will pull a FOX and run TV on some Wednesdays – even a recap show will draw better than Whitney. NBC made three critical errors this season: 1) early start to shows like Grimm; 2) having TV cross over into summer instead of starting it in February; and 3) REV and Grimm delayed so long without even benefit of repeats. I expect all three shows will be down significantly, which in the case of Grimm is a bummer.

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