'Whitney' Repeats to Replace 'Guys With Kids' Wednesday at 8:30PM

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February 22nd, 2013

After Guys With Kids completes its run on February 27, repeats of Whitney will air Wednesday at 8:30PM beginning Wednesday March 6 (note conflicting info below) until Whitney completes its second season in April.

Edit/Correction: GWK's finale corrected to be February 27. Whitney repeat start date reported in some cases to be March 6, although there is conflicting schedule information that a GWK repeat will air on March 6. A Whitney repeat is scheduled for 8:30pm March 13.

  • Dan

    @Omabin – Thats the most accurate way to rate all of NBC’s equally rated garbage comedies. Out of all of those only Parks is a certain renewal. If I had to guess I would guess that NBC would definitely salvage Go On and most likely Community and Whitney. The New Normal is a maybe should it benefit from a Voice boost while Guys With Kids, 1600 Penn, and Up All Night have equally no chance.

    Go On and The New Normal have a chance because NBC probably wants to save 2 freshman comedies out of the 6 new comedies debuted this season.

    Community might be saved because NBC would want more than 1 returning single camera comedy returning (Since both The Office and 30 Rock have ended) and 1 more full seasons gets the show further into syndication.

    Whitney might be saved because NBC might want a returning multi camera series to pair with a new one. Plus its done slightly better leading off the night then any of Thursdays or Tuesdays comedies (Sans The Office and Parks) and the best of any of these bubble shows.

    @Golden Guy – Up until a few weeks ago NBC thought that they would stil be producing 5 episodes of Up All Night likely paired with Whitney, when that plan failed, GWK had already wrapped production and Save Me has enough problems so the only solution, repeats of the only other multi camera comedy.

    @Jenny & Oliver – NBC has new eps of Go On and New Normal until March 5 then repeats until likely March 26. 4 episodes are likely set to air behind The Voice April 2-April 23 to give both shows a nice boost.

  • Jayzel

    They should just use masking tape. It’s cheaper. Hehehhee

  • Oliver


    I think your schedule is an improvement over what they’ve got (although I’d just put OTR repeats on Wednesday to prevent burning out The Voice). They could burn off Save Me and 1600 Penn after AGT in the Summer where they’d probably do okay.

    I doubt it will happen, especially since Save Me seems like another Showtime-esque Greenblatt passion project that they just won’t give up on. I can easily see it getting the post-Voice slot, a renewal, and collapsing next season (along with a retool so it’s about lifeguards or something).

    I also agree with your renewal pecking order on paper but the network may favour shows they like.

  • steve sanders

    WTF has happened to NBC….first they ruin the weather channel,now they replace piece of crap show with a piece of sh*t show,time for NBC to clean house of programming execs.

  • Dan S

    @ Omabin, I like your proposed schedule. The only show you left off scheduled to return next month is Fashion Star on Fri at 8pm. That show would pair terribly with Grimm & I like the idea of Grimm airing on Tues at 9pm after The Voice. Since Crossbones won’t be on the schedule this season then of course Hannibal on Tues would make better sense. Seeing how NBC fell to 5th place they need to shake things up a bit to salvage what’s left of the current season.

  • Ultima

    At this point, moving things around may be their best bet honestly, their spring schedule has more holes than anything.

    Is Ready For Love still happening? I haven’t heard anything outside the blurb in the midseason schedule, but they were planning on cutting back on Apprentice for it, so there has to be something to it, right?

    Put that on Tuesday from 9-11pm, leave Dateline and The Apprentice at two hours each on Sunday. Burn comedies Wednesday 8pm. Put another Dateline on Thursday night after Hannibal gets canceled in mid-April.

  • cadburyeasteregg

    Why are they dragging out that waste of space Deception again? Oh yeah, they paid a lot of money for the actors who shouldn’t be on there.

  • DeanW

    Whitney = Renewed :)

  • Jiji Moran

    Repeats of “Whitney”…. obviously NBC LOVES to torture their remaining audiences.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Save me looks HORRIBLE. I don’t think NBC even wants this on their grid anymore and I don’t blame them. Anne Heche has never been a very likable star and her pull sucks. NBC likely knows this won’t do any better than a repeat of Whitney or that Betty White crap. NBC really attached themselves so HORRIBLE outdated stars that nobody gives a crap about anymore.

    EX 1. DANE COOK………… 2007
    EX.2 Anne Heche……….. 2000

  • psychic

    I’m still not clear. Is Guys with Kids cancelled yet, or is it just DOA…?

  • BigBrotherFan


    You’re joking right? You honestly think THE NEW FLOP has a fighting chance against Whitney? There’s no way!


  • BigBrotherFan


  • Steven Sanders

    Whitney Cummings has a 2 year,pre paid contract with NBC,they’ll keep running this moronic,intellegence draining show until they get their moneys worth.I don’t see the show going another season.

  • JacobYates

    Goodbye GWK. NBC is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to sitcoms. To be honest, Whitney repeats won’t do any better than GWK originals. They might do worse.

  • NBC Fan


    I’ve seen promos for Ready for Love.

  • Mg

    NBC Need to renew both of those shows

  • omabin


    What is Ready for Love? A reality show? That could go to sundays, no? Or Wednesday at 8, since I have nothing to put there. Why not try to save Hannibal? I think The Voice/Grimm/Hannibal would word ok on tuesday. Fashion Star could air Thursdays at 10pm instead of Smash, burn it off on Saturdays.

  • Brendan

    If more people had watched Whitney you might see that it is a great show. Guys With Kids is ok but Whitney would be really funny. Renew it please.

  • TV Gord

    I have really enjoyed Guys With Kids, and I hope NBC gives it a second season. I was very disappointed with the first season of Whitney, but the second season has rebounded nicely. It’s finally becoming a show about a realistic couple with real couple problems…AND…it’s funny!

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