'Whitney' Repeats to Replace 'Guys With Kids' Wednesday at 8:30PM

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February 22nd, 2013

After Guys With Kids completes its run on February 27, repeats of Whitney will air Wednesday at 8:30PM beginning Wednesday March 6 (note conflicting info below) until Whitney completes its second season in April.

Edit/Correction: GWK's finale corrected to be February 27. Whitney repeat start date reported in some cases to be March 6, although there is conflicting schedule information that a GWK repeat will air on March 6. A Whitney repeat is scheduled for 8:30pm March 13.

  • Ram510


    That’s probably a very accurate pecking order. I’m still pulling for Gus With Kids cause it was the best new comedy of the season

  • Dan

    @Big Brother – The only reason I believe The New Normal has somewhat of a chance is if its ratings pick up post Voice, and its not like Go On is pulling 1.5-2.0 and its pulling 0.9-1.1, The New Normal’s ratings are similarly garbage to Go On. So in oder to revamp, NBC will choose quality shows to return next season. Along with Go On and Parks, they might consider bringing back The New Normal as well.

    And this is NBC we’re talking about, the network that still will not cancel the not yet dead but may as well be Up All Night. NBC makes stupid decisions all the time. The rest of you’re list in terms of comedies is right but I believe next season for Thursdays they will bring back Go On, Parks and Rec, MAYBE New Normal and that Michael J FOX comedy. Whitney will most likely air Wednesdays at 8 paired with a multi camera show and if NBC is smart they will air a new drama out of The Voice on Tuesdays at 9 and then a FULL 22 episode season of Parenthood at 10. Or if Revolution gets renewed, NBC can move that to Tuesdays at 10 and move Parenthood to Thursdays at 10 and air a new drama Mondays at 10 and Fridays at 8 with Grimm.

  • Dan

    Also for those that think NBC will pull 1600 Penn, why? The ratings are bad but so is everything else and the show only has 7 eps to burn through. NBC may as well air them. Also I don’t think Save Me is ready to debut yet.

  • Jellybean Bryant

    I think honestly believe out of all the comedies that NBC has, Whitney with some real exposure might be the one that can really take off. Nobody has still really seen the show only a select few since the show has been out.

    Most of the old Must See TV fans who are not regular viewers of the single-cam Thursday block they had this past decade will probably like Whitney.

    What NBC needs to do better with their multi-cams is to tap their audience with the CBS viewers and that’s experimenting with timeslot changes to see where they actually work at. I remember back in the 80s when NBC was struggling with their comedies they found that Thursdays worked for them the best and they stuck with it. NBC is not doing that right now with their multi-cams they’ve left on Wednesdays where they’re not growing at all. What they’re doing right now clearly isn’t working as there’s no way Whitney and Guys with Kids would be doing this bad on CBS or ABC.

  • Jellybean Bryant

    “I have really enjoyed Guys With Kids, and I hope NBC gives it a second season. I was very disappointed with the first season of Whitney, but the second season has rebounded nicely. It’s finally becoming a show about a realistic couple with real couple problems…AND…it’s funny!”

    To me honestly cancelling Guys with Kids is not the answer for NBC, they’re going to continue to struggle with any multi-cam they bring on until they find the right slots for them. I think where NBC clearly made the mistake at was not putting Whitney and Guys with Kids behind The Voice instead of Go On and The New Normal. That’s really what NBC needs to do is to get some of their multi-cam audiences that they lost from the Must See TV era back on their network is to get their current one sampled enough so that they can stand on their own in the future without a lot of help.

    Most of the people who’ve seen Guys with Kids like the show that was not the case with Whitney it seem like most people hated it but the show is becoming underrated in a sense as its really found its identity. It’s a show couples can really relate to and young single people that’s why I believe this show still has a chance to hit if programmed right.

  • HV

    I think that NBC should order one additional episode for “Go On”. “Go On”‘s season one finale should be followed by the premire of “Save Me”. Then, they should air “Save Me” two episodes per week for 6 weeks on Tuesdays after “The Voice”.
    Also, does anyone hope that NBC airs the four episodes of “Next Caller” in the summer sometime?

  • TV Gord

    I think NBC should order one more Go On, but make it a three-camera comedy and make Maya Rudolph the group therapist! ;-)

  • Michael

    Why can’t NBC make good comedy’s like they used to in the 1980’s, 1990’s and early 2000’s like Seinfeld, Cheers, Frasier, The Cosby Show, Mad About You, Wings, and Friends? Those were all classic comedies. The shows (comedies) that NBC are making now are horrible and poorly written.

  • Oliver

    @TV Gord

    They should kill off Whitney in Whitney and put her husband, Alex, in the Goon transitions group.

  • Dan

    @Oliver – I think all 3.14 million people who watched Whitney last night should be in that group for losing a half hour of their life.

  • Mark3

    After the office ends nbc will have low rated crap.comedies. even tho more people should watch parks i think. The office is great! So is parks. But nbc is done in a few years i think.

  • adam

    Guys With Kids deserves a second chance. Its one of the best sitcoms on tv. Certainly better than any of those garbage sitcoms that are on the monday night line up on CBS. HIMYM, RULES OF ENGAGMENT, TWO BROKE GIRLS AND MIKE AND MOLLY are nowhere near as good as this show is and if people actually watched it they would see that. If Guys With Kids was on CBS it would have much better ratings than on NBC. It is America’s most watched network after all. Whitney by the way is garbage. Whitney and Guys With Kids don’t even compare in funniness

  • adam

    @Jellybean Bryant…
    I also believe that NBC screwed up with Guys With Kids by using Whitney as a lead in. Whitney is a bad show and doesn’t get that many viewers to begin with. It also didn’t help that Guys With Kids was on the same night and time slot as American Idol which still manages to somehow get 20 million viewers. Guts With Kids needs more publicity and a new night with a better lead in.

  • Lewis

    I think Guys With Kids was a great show, but if it don’t sex in it,they will takr off.

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