Will 'CSI:NY' Have Its Season or Series Finale Tonight? - Poll

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February 22nd, 2013

CSI: NY, a drama which is on the bubble for renewal, airs its season finale tonight.  The episode's ratings could seal its fate.  On February 15, it earned a low 1.2 adults 18-49 rating. But on February 8 it matched its season high with a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating. Tonight, it will benefit from the return of Undercover Boss as its lead-in, after two weeks of following the low rated The Job.  So how do you think it will fare? And will it be back next year? Make your predictions.






    I say 1.5 & series finale

  • Samunto

    1.3 and it’s bearchow

  • Ben

    Slighty above 1.6 for the Series Finale of CSI: NY.

  • SJ

    1.4 and cancelled.

  • Mon

    That casting news might work for CSI: NY. He now officially leaves the show so that means budget will be lower for next season, just what an expensive, bubble show needs.

  • David Howell

    1.4 and then it depends on whether The Good Wife has a buyer. Cancellation if it does, renewal if it doesn’t.

    Seeing as CBS’ crack team of syndication salespeople have gone this long without selling TGW, I’m predicting renewal!

  • Cerebro

    I won’t venture a guess on the ratings.

    As much as I enjoy the show, my money is on cancellation. The series has been living on borrowed time. The season 7 finale was, very much, written to work as a series finale. I thought the writing was on the wall, then. Seasons 8 and 9 have been a gift. I’m doubtful that there’s much rope left. I can only hope that tonight’s finale will work as a, satisfying, wrap-up (i.e. no cliffhanger).

  • Corinne

    1.3 and cancellation.

  • Stephen

    1.5 and cancelled. I don’t think tonight’s ratings whether high or low will have much impact on the renew/cancel decision. It’s been on bubble for at least couple seasons and with CSI: Miami quietly cancelled last year it seems likely similar fate will happen to NY. Only way it could come back is if budget cut and CBS really needs it to fill a slot on the schedule.

  • Gigi

    I think a show as old as CSI:N.Y. is doing just fine, especially on a Friday night. I say keep it there before Bluebloods.
    1.6 and RENEW!!

  • arial2

    As much as I love this show, and despite it usually winning its timeslot, that’s not enough for CBS. No such thing a generating enough money for that network. Hill Harper’s signing on with Covert Affairs (a cable show!) pretty much indicates CBS has informed the cast that the CSI:NY is done.

  • tomko44

    Hill Harper leaving for Covert Affairs might be a sign the show is going to end tonight!

  • RJ

    I thought last season would be its last, so I’m guessing this is for sure the final season of CSI: NY.

  • merrrranga

    i vote cancellation. unfortunately, NY has been the superior CSI for a while now. LV has been sucking pretty hard lately, sad to say. Danson (even though i love him) and Shue were mistakes.

  • brian

    1.4 and cancelled. Probably for the same reason Miami got yanked last year. It’s not getting the ratings an aging show is supposed to get to be profitable. And its expenses for the salaries of the stars outweigh the revenues.

  • Barbie

    It’s getting renewed. It’s doing relatively better than TGW on Sundays, since it’s a Friday show, CBS likes it. It’s getting a final 10th season like big sister Miami.

  • Alan

    A season finale in February or March is not a good sign…

  • JC

    I voted 1.4 and cancelled.

    Here’s a schedule thought for next season (likely way off the mark). TGW moves to Fridays at 9pm, NCIS LA takes its place on Sunday, and that frees up the Tuesday 9 pm spot for the new NCIS spinoff.

  • steve

    1.7 and cancelled to cement that hill harper has joined the cast of Covert Affairs

  • toadytoady

    Hill harper leaves CSI NY and goes to Covert Affairs,after 9years at CSI NY.
    Is this because he knows CSI NY is ending?

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