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February 22nd, 2013

CSI: NY, a drama which is on the bubble for renewal, airs its season finale tonight.  The episode's ratings could seal its fate.  On February 15, it earned a low 1.2 adults 18-49 rating. But on February 8 it matched its season high with a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating. Tonight, it will benefit from the return of Undercover Boss as its lead-in, after two weeks of following the low rated The Job.  So how do you think it will fare? And will it be back next year? Make your predictions.





  • Dan

    My guess is CSI NY will be axed, Vegas will be axed, Original CSI will be moved to Fridays at 9 Blue Bloods will air at 10, Undercover Boss will either remain at 8 or a new series will replace it. A new drama will air at 8 Fridays, 10 Wednesdays, and NCIS LA spinoff on tuesdays.

  • Mon

    I don’t know. I mean, CBS was able to call Medium’s finale as “series finale” after a 9-episode cut. Why couldn’t they do the same to CSI: NY if they are so sure it’s not going back to their schedule next season? Why ask the other cast members (Hill Harper obviously backed down) back for a one-year contract extension? Why not just cut them loose now and so that they will have the opportunity to consider some pilots and not just wait until May where almost all new shows will have almost completed casting? How about the crew? CBS would let them wait? At least with Miami, they changed their finale from cliffhanger maybe because someone from CBS had told them to end the show properly. Its cast member/s were able to do some pilots (though none were picked-up). With NY, however, the producer said in a recent interview that “no one told them to write as if it ends.” I’m not saying it’s going to be renewed by just looking at these scenerios. I’m just thinking it’s not the end neither. Will I be surprised if NY gets cancelled? No, but I’ll be sad definitely. I guess I’m a glass half-full guy and I’m proud of myself! :)

  • Kenn

    It’s time to say goodbye. One of Vegas, The Good Wife, or The Mentalist will move to Friday, I guess.

  • psychic

    As a casual bystander: It’s a toss-up.
    As a fan of The Mentalist: Series. Get out.

  • psychic


  • sarah nz

    1.3, cancelled

  • Ryan

    Renewed! CSI and CSI NY should be moved to Thursdays together just like NCIS

  • Kevin

    Message to CBS: Please let CSI: NY have a “series finale”.

  • Sally Ann Price

    I hope it is going to be renewed. It is such a good show. It has a good cast.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    Posted February 22, 2013 at 2:11 PM
    “Message to CBS: Please let CSI: NY have a “series finale”.

    Although I can understand not wanting it to end on a cliffhanger are there really any pressing continuing story lines that require resolution? Do you need to see “the gang” split up and go their separate ways? Isn’t it enough to assume they are still out there solving crimes like their Miami brethren?

  • chris23

    CSI NY should have a proper final season. It had a nice run through its course on CBS, but it would be nice for CBS to let the fans know that next year will be final instead of just airing a possible will it or won’t this be the series finale?!!?

    CSI NY I believe will be renewed. With Sunday Nights bombing with The Good Wife and Mentalist, Vegas hitting constant Friday Numbers, not to mention a lot of shows returned much weaker than last season. Even a 13 season episode order from Sept-Dec would be good for the fans. If the new Golden show doesn’t do great or good, that will give CSI NY fans hope for a final full season. I know blue bloods has the syndication factor but the fact remains that CSI a show in its 9th season is beating Blue Bloods a younger show in Season 3. It has had a ratings decline but it didn’t decline like Blue Bloods has after only 3 seasons. I think CSI NY a competetive Friday nights show much deserves a final season!

    Tonights CBS Ratings: UnderCover Boss: 1.9 CSI:NY 1.6, Blue Bloods 1.5.

  • Dan S

    Granted Hill Harper leaving wouldn’t be the death knell for NY but I’m afraid it’s done all the same. I was curious how Sid was going to fare with the cancer & won’t likely be resolved tonight. I guess it’ll just end like Miami did all sitting around in a bar having a drink.

  • Joie

    I’m guessing a 1.5. As for its fate, no idea.

  • v

    I thought Sela Ward’s contract was up as well?

    Either way, CBS went crazy with Pilots this year.
    They picked up a lot of comedies with HIMYM ending, and there doing the same with drama’s.

  • robby

    1.1 and canceled. it has been doing bad in the ratings and been on the bubble all three of them. also the only reason it was renewed last year is becuase its sister show csi miami was cancelled. don’t see much hope this year

  • robby

    i ment it has been on the bubble and doing bad in the ratings the last three seasons.

  • Carmen

    I don’t know anything definitive, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will come back for another season.

    I think CBS will look at the situation and decide that nothing else is going to do any better in the 9:00 Friday slot, and some (Mentalist, Good Wife) might just do worse.

    Also, it is already a syndicated show and additional episodes will help.
    CBS has had very limited success trying to introduce new shows on Friday (e.g. A Gifted Man).

    It would seem that if they decide to cancel it with nothing better on the horizon, then it would be a cancellation just to cancel something.

  • alvar

    Just too many shows on the schedule for CBS, so this one will probably go. Unless there were extra episodes which were cut from the season to make way for Golden Boy.

  • networkman

    1.5 and it will be cancelled. Just found out that Hill Harper has become a regular on Convert Affairs. That indicates to me that the writing is on the wall. He was able to move on and find work somewhere else. Tonight is the series finale.

  • Hugh

    @Shepherd “not one to put a whole lot of stock in a show’s lead-in”

    It made a difference when Ben & Kate was gone. TMP and NG went up.

    @AJ “CBS needs to move out of its Friday night time slot. Put it on Sundays in CSI: Miami’s old slot. Or, put the 2 CSI’s together like they do NCIS.”

    Yes. The fact it rates higher than Blue Bloods indicates the show still has some mojo. And as CBS proved last year, they prefered NY’s 1.5 on Friday than Miami’s 2.0 on Sunday. Which bodes poorly for the Mentalist.

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