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February 24th, 2013

It's Oscar Sunday! There are lots of sites where you can vote for who you think will win. Here, we let you vote for what you think the ratings for the telecast will be. This year's nominees are a blend of studio hits and critically acclaimed independent films. First time host Seth MacFarlane could be appealing to younger viewers -- though he may turn off Oscar traditionalists. Last year's telecast scored a 11.7 adults 18-49 rating . Two years ago the Oscars earned a 11.8 adults 18-49 rating. So how do you think tonight;s show will fare?  Make your predictions.


  • John A

    Ill go with 11.5

  • NBC Fan

    38.6 million 12.3

  • Shepherd

    I’ve never watched, so I’ve no clue how this year will differ from previous years. I hope the ratings are down, but it basically has no broadcast competition so I don’t think that the ratings really matter much. I don’t see it getting canceled in my lifetime at any rate.

  • Jaime04

    I say 11.5 – 11.6
    I know a lot of people who just aren’t interested this year. We’ll see!

  • a p garcia

    Down 10% from last year

  • Alex

    Hummm, why would the oscars be canceled… it would just move network or maybe it wouldn’t be broadcast at all, and I don’t think that will happen!

  • Mike

    It is considered the biggest night in Hollywood.

  • SJ

    ABC is kind of wasting a golden opportunity by promoting the looks-to-be-DOA Red Widow and then skimping out on originals of Revenge, Grey’s and Scandal* next week. Even if it does awesomely in the ratings, all the promotion will be for naught with some of their shows on hiatuses of 2-4 weeks…

    I’m not much of a movie theater goer so I don’t know what movies are nominated or if they have any buzz, so I’m going with >12.0 on the basis of wishful thinking. ;) May Castle at least see a ratings bump on Monday.

    * Why on Earth didn’t ABC order two more episodes of Scandal instead of wasting two Grey’s originals on Scandal repeats?!

  • msupdate

    I say 11.4.

  • zerg

    This year the films nominated are WAY more stronger than last year,considering the box-office results and responses from the critics and the audience..

  • zerg

    > 12.0

  • Dan S

    I voted, 11.9-12.0 but of course it could go even higher. I see CBS is running a new AR against the Oscars. Those numbers won’t be pretty.

  • sally

    i dont watch the oscars, i dont care about hollyweird

  • rob60990

    There seems to be lots of hype this year and ABC is going all out. I’ll say 12.3/41 million.

  • American

    I’ll say 12.0 at least, there has just been a ton of buzz about this for weeks.

  • Nick

    I’ll go 12.0.

    How much do you wanna bet that someone’s going to call it a FLOP tomorrow?

  • catlover

    With the movies nominated having more buzz and box office success than last year, and the drama surrounding the rise of Argo (and Ben Affleck) after being snubbed in the best director category, I’ll say it will get >12.0. Some of the categories are very unpredictable too and no movie seems to dominate. We might have the oldest or the youngest Oscar winner. Also, Adele will perform. So yeah, I think it will do better than last year.


    @ catlover

    You stole my thunder! (I’m a catlover too, so you are forgiven). The only thing I could add is that 6 of the 9 best picture noms have $100M BO & still counting (Zero Dark 30 is at 90M). ADELE performing Skyfall should be all the more reason to watch!

    Voted 12.0+

    Go ADELE & Paul Epworth

    @ SJ

    You surprise me again–I thought you were a movie lover!

  • HalCapone

    Definitely over 12, especially since the best picture race has really tightened over the past few weeks (if one believes the hype) between Lincoln and Argo, depending on what media critic/prognosticator is making their guess. My prediction on Seth MacFarlane is that he will be a bust as host, coming off awkward and not very funny, pretty much roundly savaged by critics. However, he has a decent singing voice.

  • Max Vrany

    12.0/42.8 million, topping the NFC Championship to become the third most watched show of the year.

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