'Arrested Development' To Have Only One Season On Netflix

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February 25th, 2013

Netflix caused quite a stir when they announced in November, 2011 that they would resurrect Arrested Development, the formerly canceled sitcom.

Today, Netflix CEO has likely created another stir after announcing that the first 14 episode season of Arrested Development on Netflix would also be its last.

"We don't anticipate being able to do seasons five, six, seven. We have less of a stake in it," he said. "Arrested Development is a wildly successful tactic as opposed to fundamental to the strategy."

Better to have been a "wildly successful tactic" than nothing at all!


    Oh well. Better than nothing, ya’ll.

  • MDM

    Pretty much all most were expecting. Good thing too, shows need to know when to end their run before they become parodies of themselves,(Community).

  • The 47th

    As with everything, if the show is a success, they’ll find a way to continue with it.

  • Carl

    It doesn’t add up. Netflix is really trying to get into original programming. They claim this was “wildly successful”. There has to be a reason.

  • mike

    I didn’t think anyone involved in Arrested Development wanted more than these 14 episodes anyway. They are supposed to be a lead-up/introduction to the film that will be out in the next couple years. That’s why each episode of the new season is named after a character, to bring the audience up to speed on their life.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    Sad to hear that because it’s not 100% guarantee that the movie will happen so i hope it becomes a hit and they will reconsider this.

  • Annonimous

    Netflix did well expressing upfront that they have a right to stop on one season. But, if numbers exceed some Netflix expectations they will definitely try to extend they offer. Of course, bunch of popular actors always in demand and so Netflix can’t be sure that they can pull it off even if numbers are right.

  • DougF


    Ya but I just don’t think it would be that tough if they really tried to get the actors back.

    Bateman- He’s only had a handful or so major roles in films since AD ended. I also think he would make the time if given a heads up to open his schedule or AD

    Arnett- Already proved that he could film his scenes and be part of a network show. As Up All Night was still a show when he filmed his stuff.

    De Rossi- She hasn’t really done that much since AD ended. Really doesn’t have to being married to Ellen.

    Tambor- Some roles in films and some guest spots on TV. I’m sure he could make time for it.

    Cross- I’m sure he could make the time.

    Shawkat- hasn’t really done anything major, some minor roles.

    Cera- He’s made time for Children’s Hospital i’m sure he could make time for AD

    Walter- Has a voice role on Archer. She could make time as well.

    It’s all about scheduling but it could be done. Plus it’s not like they are under network TV schedule restrictions they could film a season to fit the cast’s schedules.

  • Donof

    This is really going to confuse the cancellation bear. I’m excited for the 14 episodes though.

  • danielcw

    I don’t really get, what Netflix CEO is saying, can somebody help me out?

    I really hope I am missunderstanding him, because to me it sounds like he is saying, that they only need for some short term hype, instead of a a success in the long run.

  • Boo Boo Bear


  • chris23

    @ Doug F as you stated above: “Bateman- He’s only had a handful or so major roles in films since AD ended. I also think he would make the time if given a heads up to open his schedule or AD”

    Arrested Development ended in 2006. Your saying a handful of roles meaning around 5 since then?

    Justin Bateman is busy as he has had more than 4 to 5 handful of movies since AD. JB has a busy schedule, probably the most busy out of all the respected actors on the Areested Development Show.

    He has starred in 24 films since 2007 after AD, and the past 2 years alone he has done 7 major roles in film.

    To me, personally that speaks volume of a busy schedule. My overall point is that Justin Bateman is extremely busy. However, I do think that Justin Bateman would make the time to do Arrested Development for more than 14 episodes..

    I think the actors are all grateful for the 14 episodes that netlix was generous to put on for its fans in hope of attracting added business, but multiple seasons will not bring any more business for netflix or the show, only one season will do this. They also have a movie for Arrested Development coming out post Netflix episodes so all of the Fans of Arrested Development should be more than delighted to even be getting all of this!!!

    It is not everyday a fan of a show that was cancelled before its time, and while in its prime, gets a reprieve years later to finish its course. I know a lot of shows that I would love to finish out with 14 episodes. With this Netflix post I think they made the right choice and they did a great thing for a show that had s cult following and much critical acclaim!!!

  • Josh

    Who knew that Jason Bateman’s brother Justin was so busy :)

  • Phil

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Well I hope they can get Touch to have season 3 on Netflix!

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