Will 'The Following' Rise Again Tonight?

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February 25th, 2013


The Following rose last week to a 2.9 after the previous week's tumble to a 2.4. Could the freshman drama rise again tonight, or do you think it will fall like it did two weeks ago? Make your predictions below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


  • erwanfromfrance

    I hope for a 3.0% for The Following and a good 2.5% for Bones, a 2.2% for The Biggest Loser and a 1.5% for Deception

  • Shepherd

    I seriously doubt that it will rise. I also think that total viewership (PUT) will be down vs last week as well. 2.4-2.6


    Voted 2.7-2.8 (hoping for 3.0 though)

  • karin

    so silly

  • Mark


  • Zth

    It will go up to about 3.1-3.2. The lat episode was the best one yet and ended with a cliffhanger, so 2.9 is the floor.

  • chris23

    Atleast a 2.9 or more is my guess. I guessed 2.8 last week and was right in the preliminarys atleast. Nice to see it get a 2.9 in the finals!

    This show is a BEAST in DVR adding over 4 million viewers live and I believe 2.3 demo points in the coveted 18-49 adults. This show is bring Fox tons of happiness after major flops like Mob Doctor, Ben and Kate, Mindy Project underperforming, and I’m sure they didn’t expect much from Touch but still a 0.7 is horrible on Friday.

    I still have to check this show out I’ve heard great things and I like Keving Bacon. I’m guessing a 3.0 but hoping some of the dvr people watch live and get it up to a 3.1/3.2 :)

  • Dan S

    I’m going to say 3.1 since this show is on fire. Last week was a nailbiter & no reason people won’t tune in again tonight. This is the only male oriented show at 9pm so it basically doesn’t have to worry about a drop off.

  • FoxGraveyard

    doesn’t matter, as good as this show is, rise or not, just the mere fact that it is associated with fox means doom for it. WHY oh WHY do all these great shows end up on fox only to be promptly cancelled.

  • Scandalfan

    Yes I believe it will fall to a 2.5.

  • tomko44

    Every episode they get stupider by the second! Can’t stand this piece of crap!

  • andri

    The following shall rise up as theologian Thebes States when zero dark thirty-abc’s anchored anchovy -is reset off the air.get rid of bones while you’re @ it its a whim whimper in comparison to the following Tv series.

  • networkman

    3.0 There were alot of good reviews for last week’s episode.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Andri: What he said…

    I think… :-)

  • brian

    2.7. Bit of a drop, but I think The Following will hold fairly steady and Fox will renew.

  • constantcontact

    Contrary to some people, I think parts of the show just drag on and not fast paced to give a sense of urgency. Kind of getting tired of the triangle of the two guy and Emma and hope that subplot would wrap up soon. Joe has been locked up this whole time and he is electrifying in the flashbacks when he was out of jail and functioned in a open society. I hope the writer somehow can make it possible that Joe has some actions outside the jail. But I don’t see how other than the flashbacks. James Purefoy is amazing in action and let’s see some of his moves.

  • joey

    I have been spoiled by the high quality of writting on shows like Justified and Longmire. I finally gave up on the following. Just to ridiculas. Maybe if it was on the Sci-Fi channel.

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