How Will 'Golden Boy' Premiere Tonight?

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February 26th, 2013

Cop procedural Golden Boy is premiering tonight on CBS after NCIS: Los Angeles. This drama, which centers around the youngest police commissioner in New York City has received some decidedly mixed reviews thus far, but since this type of program is definitely in CBS' wheelhouse, viewers may still show up to check it out. So what do you think? Predict the ratings below for the Golden Boy premiere and tell us why in the comments!

  • rick

    I agree, Body of Proof will benefit from this.

  • fnrsgrl

    I would guess it’s going to tank. It doesn’t seem like CBS would put a show it had much confidence in in that slot.

  • 728huey

    I think it will win its timeslot, but that’s like saying a chocolate-covered ice cream bar is better for heart health than a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese or a half pound burger with five slices of bacon, mayo, and three slices of cheese. It won’t do much better than Vegas, if at all, and it will struggle to reach a 2.0 rating.

  • DanOregon

    The premise is good, but really needs to break away from the crime of the week. Would help if we don’t have to like the lead, have him have mob ties, his name isn’t his real name. You wonder how all of these NY detectives don’t bump into each other now and then between Castle, CSI:NY, Blue Bloods, SVU…

  • Hugh

    Whens Vegas back on?

  • Court

    I hope suck your take why show that I like.

  • Holly


    I hope suck your take why show that I like.

    You want to try that sentence again?

  • jake3988

    Young ‘good looking’ lead, following the NCIS brothers… it’ll do mid 2s to start. If it’s actually good, it may improve after that. If it sucks, it’ll dip far and disappear.

  • Sarge87


  • Sarge87


  • spycomics

    <2.0 I like Chi McBride but he's had way better shows than this and he couldn't save them either.

  • Joseph A

    Not that I want to bet against this but the last thing CBS needs is another COP drama ,

    That said , the one show I want to check out come episode 2 , will be Red Widow , I really liked what I saw in the 1st episode which I watch via the web

    CBS needs some thing else , and needs to take some chances and let an audience grow

  • Jordan

    I think the show will be somewhere around a 2.0+ but less than a 3.0.

    Frankly, I dislike it already. I mean, the title alone stinks.

  • Barbie

    It has absolutely no chance of survival. Like, none.

  • networkman

    I really enjoyed the series premiere. The show has potential because it seems to be more than just about the case of the week. It is really dealing with the main character’s issues and how he will effect the entire precint. So we will see alot of conflict amongst the dectectives. Chi was really strong in this role. And the lead actor Theo James is really appealing. Also, I’ve always liked Kevin Alejandro. So this is enough to keep me watching.

  • HowardBeale

    2.2 in the demo and 11.28 million viewers

  • simsalabim

    Pilot was descent. I’ll stick with it….for now.

  • gail o´hara

    I really do not know what to predict, especially the Friday schedule is very difficult for any series because almost nobody watches tv that day, but I hope you have a good start to the season after the terrible start to the season Cult

  • jessica

    I am still trying to understand how a shoot-out in which his partner is killed gets him a promotion of his choice. In theory is is a small thing but it is also basically what the whole show is built on and a flawed premise is a turn-off.

  • Cerebro

    I found myself enjoying the pilot more that I thought I would. It’s got a bit more meat on it than your average, by the numbers, procedural. The lead is appealing. And who doesn’t like Chi McBride? I think the series has potential. I do question CBS’s plan to move it to Fridays. In my opinion, that would, surely, kill it. If it performs, significantly, better than “Vegas”, perhaps they’ll leave “Golden Boy” on Tuesday and move “Vegas” to Friday for the remainder of the season. We’ll see…

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