How Will 'Golden Boy' Premiere Tonight?

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February 26th, 2013

Cop procedural Golden Boy is premiering tonight on CBS after NCIS: Los Angeles. This drama, which centers around the youngest police commissioner in New York City has received some decidedly mixed reviews thus far, but since this type of program is definitely in CBS' wheelhouse, viewers may still show up to check it out. So what do you think? Predict the ratings below for the Golden Boy premiere and tell us why in the comments!

  • Leo

    Too many cop shows. Why is Mercia so obsessed with law and housewives of this and that.

  • Jason Eldridge

    I don’t mind another cop show, but from what I watched of Golden Boy, wrong cop show to air. Got a good feeling this is going to the trash can.

  • Agnes

    According to Spoiler TV, this cracked a 1.6 in the top 25 markets. Guess people were too optimistic in their predictions.

    CBS are wise that they have ordered more pilots than usual given they haven’t been able to launch any break out hit paint-by-numbers procedurals for a while now.

  • Ben

    I don’t care what the ratings were for Golden Boy, but, after watching the show I would cancel it and keep Vegas on the air. Golden Boy was lousy and Vegas is a good program (with bad ratings). They will both probably be cancelled.

  • javlouid

    I thought Golden Boy was outstanding. Well written and acted. Just edgy enough!

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