Monday Final Ratings: 'The Biggest Loser', 'Rules of Engagement', '2 Broke Girls' & 'The Following' Adjusted Up; 'How I Met Your Mother' & 'The Carrie Diaries' Adjusted Down

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February 26th, 2013


The Biggest Loser, Rules of Engagement, 2 Broke Girls,  & The Following were each adjusted up a tenth while How I Met Your Mother and The Carrie Diaries were adjusted down among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, February 25, 2013

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS How I Met Your Mother 3.3 10 8.59
ABC The Bachelor (8-10PM) 2.9 8 9.23
FOX Bones 2.3 6 8.77
NBC The Biggest Loser (8-10PM) 2.2 6 5.75
CW The Carrie Diaries 0.4 1 1.00
8:30 PM CBS Rules of Engagement 2.7 7 7.89
9:00PM CBS 2 Broke Girls 3.3 8 10.41
FOX The Following 2.8 7 8.58
CW 90210 0.3 1 0.58
9:30PM CBS Mike & Molly 2.7 7 9.79
10:00PM ABC Castle 2.3 6 10.77
CBS Hawaii Five-O -R 1.4 4 6.48
NBC Deception 1.2 3 3.28

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  • JacobYates

    The only thing that TCD has going for it is that it’s a self starter like HOD. That said, since BATB ratings are only marginally better with a VD lead-in, TCD still has a chance, unless the CW doesn’t care about bad retention. If it doesn’t, then TCD is gone.

  • s0303

    yeah for the following…love that show!

    the biggest loser is doing good compared to how pretty much all the other nbc shows are doing…it’s been the top nbc show pretty much since its returned :)

  • eridapo

    Ratings for Network Scripted from 12/31/2012 to 02/25/2013

    Net / Program~~~~~Airings~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49
    Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23~~~~~4~~~~~2.454~~~~~0.975
    Last Resort~~~~~3~~~~~5.452~~~~~1.133
    Happy Endings~~~~~6~~~~~2.824~~~~~1.183
    Body of Proof~~~~~1~~~~~6.751~~~~~1.2
    Malibu Country~~~~~7~~~~~5.842~~~~~1.229
    Zero Hour~~~~~2~~~~~5.885~~~~~1.25
    Private Practice~~~~~3~~~~~4.476~~~~~1.267
    Last Man Standing~~~~~7~~~~~6.742~~~~~1.4
    The Neighbors~~~~~7~~~~~6.101~~~~~1.829
    The Middle~~~~~6~~~~~8.225~~~~~2.283
    Once Upon a Time~~~~~5~~~~~7.943~~~~~2.58
    Grey’s Anatomy~~~~~7~~~~~8.9~~~~~3
    Modern Family~~~~~6~~~~~10.727~~~~~4.117

    Net / Program~~~~~Airings~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49
    CSI: NY~~~~~7~~~~~9.779~~~~~1.443
    Blue Bloods~~~~~7~~~~~11.082~~~~~1.457
    The Good Wife~~~~~4~~~~~9.424~~~~~1.625
    The Mentalist~~~~~4~~~~~10.341~~~~~1.925
    Hawaii Five-0~~~~~6~~~~~10.18~~~~~2.433
    Criminal Minds~~~~~4~~~~~11.786~~~~~2.85
    Rules of Engagement~~~~~4~~~~~8.469~~~~~2.875
    NCIS: Los Angeles~~~~~5~~~~~17.154~~~~~2.92
    Person of Interest~~~~~6~~~~~15.263~~~~~3.15
    Mike & Molly~~~~~6~~~~~10.624~~~~~3.15
    How I Met Your Mother~~~~~6~~~~~9.552~~~~~3.583
    2 Broke Girls~~~~~6~~~~~11.156~~~~~3.65
    Two and a Half Men~~~~~6~~~~~14.122~~~~~4.067
    Big Bang Theory~~~~~6~~~~~18.585~~~~~5.867

    Net / Program~~~~~Airings~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49
    Emily Owens, M D~~~~~4~~~~~1.303~~~~~0.375
    Carrie Diaries~~~~~7~~~~~1.292~~~~~0.514
    Hart of Dixie~~~~~5~~~~~1.39~~~~~0.56
    Beauty and the Beast~~~~~5~~~~~1.581~~~~~0.6
    The Vampire Diaries~~~~~6~~~~~2.657~~~~~1.233

    Net / Program~~~~~Airings~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49
    The Mob Doctor~~~~~3~~~~~2.606~~~~~0.633
    Ben and Kate~~~~~3~~~~~2.361~~~~~1.167
    Cleveland Show~~~~~4~~~~~2.654~~~~~1.25
    Raising Hope~~~~~8~~~~~3.7~~~~~1.613
    The Mindy Project~~~~~6~~~~~3.086~~~~~1.617
    Bob’s Burgers~~~~~5~~~~~4.469~~~~~2.2
    New Girl~~~~~6~~~~~4.226~~~~~2.25
    American Dad~~~~~5~~~~~4.554~~~~~2.26
    The Simpsons~~~~~5~~~~~5.601~~~~~2.58
    The Following~~~~~6~~~~~9.049~~~~~2.917
    Family Guy~~~~~5~~~~~5.686~~~~~2.92

    Net / Program~~~~~Airings~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49
    Do No Harm~~~~~2~~~~~2.664~~~~~0.8
    The New Normal~~~~~5~~~~~3.143~~~~~1.18
    Guys with Kids~~~~~6~~~~~3.363~~~~~1.217
    1600 Penn~~~~~5~~~~~3.023~~~~~1.24
    Go On~~~~~5~~~~~3.99~~~~~1.38
    30 Rock~~~~~4~~~~~3.981~~~~~1.525
    Parks and Recreation~~~~~6~~~~~3.471~~~~~1.65
    Law & Order: SVU~~~~~6~~~~~6.628~~~~~1.767
    The Office~~~~~7~~~~~4.271~~~~~2.057
    Chicago Fire~~~~~6~~~~~7.273~~~~~2.067

    Net / Program~~~~~…..~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49
    Grand Total~~~~~….~~~~~6.693~~~~~1.96

  • Melissa


    So Fox is third, i guess?

    Not necessarily.

    CBS had 2 half-hours adjusted up, but one of those adjustments was canceled out due to How I Met Your Mother being adjusted down. FOX, on the other hand, got an hour adjusted up a tenth. So, all in all, CBS got one half-hour one tenth adjustment up, and FOX got one, one hour one tenth adjustment up. That would make the final nightly ratings:

    CBS – 8pm hour: 3.0, 9pm hour: 3.0, 10pm hour: 1.4, Nightly Average: 2.47 “2.5” (3.0+3.0+1.4=7.4/3)
    FOX – 8pm hour: 2.3, 9pm hour: 2.8, Nightly Average: 2.55 “2.6” (2.3+2.8=5.1/2)

    FOX won, I think.

  • Melissa

    By “won”, I mean in the race between FOX and CBS.

  • eridapo

    Season to Date Numbers for Broadcast Network Scripted shows… 09/01/2012 to 02/25/2013

    Net / Program~~~~~Airings~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49
    Made In Jersey~~~~~7~~~~~4.204~~~~~0.6
    CSI: NY~~~~~17~~~~~9.658~~~~~1.412
    Blue Bloods~~~~~16~~~~~10.956~~~~~1.425
    The Good Wife~~~~~14~~~~~9.519~~~~~1.707
    The Mentalist~~~~~14~~~~~9.706~~~~~1.807
    Hawaii Five-0~~~~~17~~~~~9.334~~~~~2.247
    Rules of Engagement~~~~~4~~~~~8.469~~~~~2.875
    NCIS: Los Angeles~~~~~15~~~~~16.094~~~~~2.92
    Criminal Minds~~~~~15~~~~~11.82~~~~~2.953
    Person of Interest~~~~~16~~~~~14.636~~~~~3.006
    Mike & Molly~~~~~16~~~~~9.942~~~~~3.088
    How I Met Your Mother~~~~~17~~~~~8.659~~~~~3.318
    2 Broke Girls~~~~~18~~~~~10.37~~~~~3.572
    Two and a Half Men~~~~~17~~~~~13.452~~~~~3.912
    Big Bang Theory~~~~~17~~~~~17.016~~~~~5.382

    Net / Program~~~~~Airings~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49
    Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23~~~~~11~~~~~2.851~~~~~1.1
    Body of Proof~~~~~1~~~~~6.751~~~~~1.2
    Zero Hour~~~~~2~~~~~5.885~~~~~1.25
    Happy Endings~~~~~13~~~~~3.486~~~~~1.269
    Private Practice~~~~~13~~~~~4.641~~~~~1.331
    Last Resort~~~~~13~~~~~6.261~~~~~1.377
    Malibu Country~~~~~14~~~~~6.38~~~~~1.414
    Last Man Standing~~~~~14~~~~~6.898~~~~~1.486
    666 Park Avenue~~~~~9~~~~~4.658~~~~~1.511
    The Neighbors~~~~~17~~~~~6.436~~~~~1.953
    The Middle~~~~~15~~~~~8.294~~~~~2.4
    Once Upon a Time~~~~~14~~~~~9.066~~~~~3.021
    Grey’s Anatomy~~~~~16~~~~~9.228~~~~~3.194
    Modern Family~~~~~16~~~~~11.617~~~~~4.5

    Net / Program~~~~~Airings~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49
    The Mob Doctor~~~~~13~~~~~3.26~~~~~0.9
    Ben and Kate~~~~~13~~~~~2.815~~~~~1.346
    Cleveland Show~~~~~10~~~~~3.306~~~~~1.57
    Raising Hope~~~~~18~~~~~3.82~~~~~1.639
    The Mindy Project~~~~~15~~~~~3.19~~~~~1.64
    Bob’s Burgers~~~~~14~~~~~4.409~~~~~2.093
    American Dad~~~~~12~~~~~4.544~~~~~2.225
    New Girl~~~~~17~~~~~4.505~~~~~2.359
    The Simpsons~~~~~13~~~~~6.06~~~~~2.8
    Family Guy~~~~~14~~~~~5.675~~~~~2.829
    The Following~~~~~6~~~~~9.049~~~~~2.917

    Net / Program~~~~~Airings~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49
    Do No Harm~~~~~2~~~~~2.664~~~~~0.8
    Animal Practice~~~~~5~~~~~4.216~~~~~1.22
    Up All Night~~~~~11~~~~~3.012~~~~~1.236
    30 Rock~~~~~12~~~~~3.541~~~~~1.325
    Guys With Kids~~~~~16~~~~~3.941~~~~~1.375
    1600 Penn~~~~~6~~~~~3.666~~~~~1.4
    Parks and Recreation~~~~~15~~~~~3.41~~~~~1.647
    The New Normal~~~~~16~~~~~4.497~~~~~1.7
    Law & Order: SVU~~~~~14~~~~~6.385~~~~~1.736
    Chicago Fire~~~~~16~~~~~6.583~~~~~1.85
    The Office~~~~~16~~~~~4.235~~~~~2.081
    Go On~~~~~15~~~~~5.95~~~~~2.18

    Net / Program~~~~~Airings~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49
    The L A Complex~~~~~2~~~~~0.48~~~~~0.2
    Emily Owens, M D~~~~~11~~~~~1.286~~~~~0.373
    Gossip Girl~~~~~10~~~~~0.887~~~~~0.44
    Carrie Diaries~~~~~7~~~~~1.292~~~~~0.514
    Hart of Dixie~~~~~15~~~~~1.404~~~~~0.56
    Beauty and the Beast~~~~~14~~~~~1.728~~~~~0.65
    The Vampire Diaries~~~~~15~~~~~2.809~~~~~1.32

    Net / Program~~~~~Airings~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49
    Grand Total~~~~~….~~~~~6.757~~~~~2.002

  • chris23

    All I keep seeing is that Carrie will get a 2nd season. Newsflash, Carrie hit 1 million flat in Season one and hit consecutive .4s. This show isn’t getting renewed. 90210 w/580,000 viewers, MONDAY Nights on the CW “Crappy Women” show night is what it should stand for. CW needs to axe a lot of its lineup.

    Good For the following, I knew it would adjust up it has a loyal live audience but the DVR Audience is just amazing! Bones is doing good and has risen to even better stable ratings, what a great combo on Monday Nights!

    Castle has the highest total viewership for the night. I know demos are what matter but still nice to see that I’m sure that made Castle Fans extremely happy lol.. Bachelor has proven to be a more stable Monday Night partner for Castle has it has improved from its DWTS leadin as of late.

    Biggest Loser still doing good for the peacock. Other show is getting cancelled.

    CBS had adjustments up and down, however it was weak by CBS Standards. When BBT was a repeat at 830 it helped the whole Monday Night lineup tick up in ratings.

    It is weird how even the 8:00 slot is effected by 8:30. This same thing happened two years ago when Charlie Sheen left Two Men. It was on at 9 throughout the season and then the show went off air for the half of the season. CBS comedies were majorly effected without Two Men on. CBS needs a stronger show on at 830, TBBT repeats will suffice as it scores the same or even better than originals of the Monday Night programs!

  • eridapo

    Heads up on those CBS numbers… Keep in mind that H50 and Elementary had one episode that aired after the AFC Championship (H50) and the Superbowl (Elementary)… That is why H50 and Elementary can be ahead of CM or NCIS:LA

  • panda22

    I think the CW should just throw out every bubble show….except Nikita, why?….Nikita is a Friday show, they know what to expect + syndication.

    Dump HoD, Cult, B&TB, Carrie and start fresh with lots of new shows next season!

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “So Fox is third, i guess?”

    Melissa, you cannot accurately perform averages on already rounded numbers.

    Final A18-49 avgs for Monday were ABC 2.7, Fox 2.6, CBS 2.5, NBC 1.8.

  • Guest

    Can they switch 90210 back to its original time slot?… That way I can watch when it airs live, I’m sure alot of people stoped watching because of that time slot too.

    Let TCD die @9:00 CW!

  • BigBrotherFan

    That’s two in a row for DECEPTION not being adjusted down. I think we’re gonna see all 11 episodes of this show thanks to SMASH CRASH, DO NO HARM, GO ON, THE NEW NORMAL those four shows where much more heavily promoted than DECEPTION. Sure, it’s pretty trashy but I like the cast Tate Donavan is a good actor, Meagan Good is as great as she is stunning and Wes Brown is good, as well, but for this to work they can’t keep up with the annoyance of them having to cope with being together with ALANZO (FBI DUDE). He needs to work for the FBI and she can cross lines without having to deal with their relationship. Her character needs to be tougher and cheap action scenes won’t cut it RELATIONSHIP holding that plot aspect back. It’s a REVENGE rip off. Make her an EMILY rip off. It’s fun, none the less.

    OKAY PEOPLE THE FOLLOWING is not the end all of end all in terms of writing..SURE, there are PLOT HOLES you could PLOW a JUMBO JET through and many ‘COME ON’ moments SPOILER ALERT- LIKE S.W.A.T not being all over that farm house, CLAIR being as dumb as a bag of rocks, Charlie dude being able to escape within seconds of the FBI, the funny looking state police officer girl being a plant, thinking just because weston (Ashmore) was shot that he must not be a follow, like the prison logs not ever being checked NOT ONCE, Like JOE being able to conduct FOLLOWER interviews from prison, etc. etc. etc. THE LIST IS ENDLESS, I know, but this is KEVIN WILLIAMSON we’re dealing with here not DAVID LYNCH OR TARATINO..Okay? It’s WELL ACTED SHOW, It’s pretty fun and unpredictable and it’s a HECK OF A LOT BETTER THAN 90% of the stuff out there..and it’s doing well! WALKING DEAD has MANY MANY of the same kind of lazy writing too doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyed by MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OUT THERE! OR THAT ITS NOT WELL ACTED or that it doesn’t keep you on the edge of your seat.. it’s pretty darn hard to find a perfect show out there and given how AMAZING the pilot was of course it could only go down from there. It’s way better than any of the just as LAZY (writing) CBS stuff out there NCIS, CSI, FLOPAMENTRY, H50, CRIMINAL MINDS, etc. If you dont like SHUT UP cause the ratings are there so..

  • Faye

    Still too soon to tell TCD’s fate, because I’m almost sure Batb will hit 0.4s come spring.

  • ann

    When is the CW going to announce the cancellation of 90210? They need to so they can wrap things up by May. Those numbers would get a show canned even on cable. The CW has become an embarrassment and keeping all these low, low rated shows only makes them look worse.


    Why are people saying BONES will end? Yes it is old, but it get great ratings for an old show… It’s been able to average 2.2-2.4ish it’ll continue as long as the actors want to do the show

  • Faye

    BaTB has fell to a 0.5 way before spring, when TSC finally fell to that level. So I can see BaTB dropping to 0.4s and yes, 0.3s when spring comes. The show will be gone as it can’t benefit from tvd’s lead-in and it’s highly unlikely that it will get more than a 0.4s on another night.

  • Neeta

    Enough with drama bombs. Why won’t CW order half hour comedies. Is it that hard to ripoff a version of Seinfeld? Raymond? Dramas are going nowhere. If someone can explain how Arrow is a hit with it’s dismal ratings, that’d be great. Lumberg.

  • tommie

    Bye Carrie Diaries! Nice knowing you!

  • Mark3

    Eveeyone keeps saying cancel tcd and hod and 90210. Screw it. Keep them. Who cares. Network UNFORTUNATELY is screwed anyway. Cancel vampire crap. Nikita crap. Supernatural crap. Boring shows

  • Whatever

    I don’t care if people say The Carrie diaries is good. Gossip girl was good the first season and it went downhill after that. If TCD gets renewed, the writing would go down for the rest of 5 seasons. Yes, they signed a six year contract. Producers really wanted another Gossip Girl on their hands. Like that’s gonna happen. Cancel it!

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