Monday Final Ratings: 'The Biggest Loser', 'Rules of Engagement', '2 Broke Girls' & 'The Following' Adjusted Up; 'How I Met Your Mother' & 'The Carrie Diaries' Adjusted Down

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February 26th, 2013


The Biggest Loser, Rules of Engagement, 2 Broke Girls,  & The Following were each adjusted up a tenth while How I Met Your Mother and The Carrie Diaries were adjusted down among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, February 25, 2013

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS How I Met Your Mother 3.3 10 8.59
ABC The Bachelor (8-10PM) 2.9 8 9.23
FOX Bones 2.3 6 8.77
NBC The Biggest Loser (8-10PM) 2.2 6 5.75
CW The Carrie Diaries 0.4 1 1.00
8:30 PM CBS Rules of Engagement 2.7 7 7.89
9:00PM CBS 2 Broke Girls 3.3 8 10.41
FOX The Following 2.8 7 8.58
CW 90210 0.3 1 0.58
9:30PM CBS Mike & Molly 2.7 7 9.79
10:00PM ABC Castle 2.3 6 10.77
CBS Hawaii Five-O -R 1.4 4 6.48
NBC Deception 1.2 3 3.28

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  • steve sanders

    Did the blonde chick on 2 broke girls used to be a guy?

  • Declan


    Why do you keep capitalizing words? It’s annoying and seems like your always yelling.

    Considering you just listed all those plot holes is endless does not make it a quality show. It just relies on the cheap gimmick of blood and gore. C”mon, I’ve seen people on here saying that the show doesn’t have a good plot. I know every show has plot holes but you yourself said the plot holes is endless. Your just a fanboy,

  • tested

    Fox said at the outset The Following would have 14 straight weeks of new shows with no repeats. (Or maybe 14 new shows…don’t know if the 2 hr. Premiere counts as 2 or 1 in that list)

  • Michael1

    NBC should make a play for TBS’s reruns of “The Big Bang Theory” because those repeats are kicking NBC’s arse. And don’t forget those repeats of “NCIS” and “NCIS Los Angeles.” Or maybe something else from Comcast’s USA. “Burn Notice,” “Royal Pains,” and “Psych” come to mind.

  • Marlene

    Deception needs a renewal ratings may not be amazing or maybe even good but it has held its own as far as being the second highest NBC 10 o clock show !! Renew Renew Renew please Meagan Good, Wes Brown, Tate Donovan, Katherine Lanasa amazing actors they are great NBC could have a hit if they promoted it

  • forg

    Quite a fall for Mike & Molly. M&M’s retention with 2BG is actually good compared to its retention when it had 2.5 Men on.

    Anyway, yeah I agree it was too soon for CBS to move 2BG at the 9PM slot, they should have waited one more season or at least it should have been the one was the moved after TBBT and not 2.5 Men. 2BG does well whenever it has TBBT reruns as lead in, what more if new eps?

    Anyway, still solid for CBS overall.

    I thought The Bachelor will get adjusted up

    CW is just sad. WB was stable on mondays for a decade because of 7th Heaven, Secret Life also did well on ABCF Mondays for years. Maybe CW should take a clue. Or maybe it’s too late

  • Amy

    @ Dan Most people who want TCD to fail don’t want any Fake Empire productions to succeed.

  • Billy

    The Following is doing great. Keep it up.

  • Anne Idiot

    Ouch for Big Fat Loser!

  • Barbie

    LOL at Hawaii Five-0’s rerun beating Deception.

  • Pepper

    Well, this certainly gives BatB a (small and possibly temporary) edge

  • networkman

    Deception seems to have found its bottom. Those watching now should stick around to see how the mystery ends.

    CBS: It really is interesting seeing HIMYM and 2 Broke Girls get the same demo yet 2 Broke Girls garners more viewers. Does that mean 2 Broke Girls skew older than HIMYM? And Mike & Molly skew older than Rules of Engagement?

    Lastly, the CW really does have some tough choices but I feel Beauty & The Beast should return and be placed on Friday after Nikita. And also if The Carries Diaries returns it would be a better fit on Tuesday after Hart of Dixie.

  • Brenda

    Im sad about Deception its not the best show on the air but its entertaining. hell I’m liking it more then Revenge right now. I cant help but to think if it had a better lead in and more promotion and didnt air it first ep during the natl championship for college, who knows.

    Oh well Im glad at best we will see all the episodes. No chance of NBC renewing it for like 11-13 eps and retooling it over the summer?

    man abc is really promoting Red Widow, I must admit I’m interested in watching it. Once again don’t know how a show like this can last but they got me for the pilot.

  • Ekras

    TCD is done, which is good news for B&B fans…. It gives them a glimmer of hope. With Cult and 90210 also going the way of the Dodo, there is about a 50/50 shot they could decide to renew B&B simply because they don’t have anything else lined up.

  • Jenny

    Switched at Birth gets double the ratings of TCD. The CW can’t be happy, and it’s barely hovering around one million.

  • Chris2.0

    wow, this spells trouble for the CW. All their shows are doing so poorly

  • BatbFan

    reading the post I see that many complain TCD hate, you know I feel every Friday after publication of the numbers when people celebrated the fall of BATB rating honestly would not want any of the new shows will be, I would everyone had the opportunity to grow
    because it discourages both see a show, and become passionate and suffer from not knowing what will happen with it, makes me wonder just start following a new
    strikes me The Following, but after what’s happening with the beauty and the beast and do not want to risk starting a new show, I prefer to wait and watch their renewal online first season …

  • Danielle

    Boo hoo cry me a river, beastie.

  • pinkie

    Ringer should be uncancelled.
    The carrie diaries is nothing compared to Ringer.

  • Autumn

    The Carrie Diaries is not doing well. Depending on Cult’s ratings today (that is if it is low again), I think the best course of action would be to cancel TCD, Cult, and 90210. Then, I would move BATB to Friday night with Nikita and put the Originals in that timeslot next season. Clearly, BATB is not a good match there but might do better on a different night with much less competition (i.e. Person of Interest, Grey’s, Glee, etc.). In fact, I would make BATB the lead in on Friday night since Nikita will only get renewed because of syndication anyway. Moonlight did well in that timeslot and BATB has a similar type of fan base. This fan base will also like Grimm and Haven (both urban fantasies), so putting it after Nikita would be a bad idea. HOD will stay just because it is cheap and doing better than the other very low 3. Also, HOD and BATB have more passionate fanbases.

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