CBS' Entire Daytime Lineup, Including 'The Young and the Restless', 'The Brave & The Bold' and 'The Talk' Posts Week-to-Week Growth

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February 28th, 2013

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"The Talk," "Let's Make a Deal" and "The Price is Right" Also Notch Demo Growth




            CBS's entire daytime lineup posted week-to-week growth in viewers, while THE TALK , LET'S MAKE A DEAL and THE PRICE IS RIGHT also notched growth in key women demos, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ending Feb. 24.


The week included "celebrity week" on THE PRICE IS RIGHT (Sharon Osbourne, Demi Lovato, Charles Barkley, NeNe Leakes and Drew and Nick Lachey), the start of LET'S MAKE A DEAL's two-week long 50th anniversary celebration, THE TALK's daily spoofs of CBS's 10:00 PM dramas and a major storyline on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS which partnered with Sharon Osbourne and her son, Jack, to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis through a CBS Cares PSA.


Viewers             W25-54           W18-49           W18-34


CBS DAYTIME w/e 2/24                  3.97m              1.4/08              1.0/06              0.6/04

CBS DAYTIME w/e 2/17                  3.78m              1.4/08              1.0/06              0.5/04

+5%                nc                    nc                    +20%


THE TALK w/e 2/24                          2.47m              1.1/06              0.7/04              0.4/02

THE TALK w/e 2/17                          2.36m              1.0/06              0.7/04              0.3/02

+4%                +10%              nc                    +33%


LMAD1 w/e 2/24                               3.16m              1.0/06              0.8/06              0.6/04

LMAD1 w/e 2/17                               2.91m              1.0/06              0.8/05              0.5/04

+9%                nc                    nc                    +20%


LMAD2 w/e 2/24                               3.54m              1.2/07              0.9/06              0.6/05

LMAD2 w/e 2/17                               3.39m              1.0/06              0.8/06              0.5/05

+4%                +20%              +13%              +20%


TPIR1 w/e 2/24                                   5.04m              1.4/08              1.0/07              0.6/04

TPIR1 w/e 2/17                                   4.70m              1.3/08              1.0/07              0.6/05

+7%                +8%                nc                    nc


TPIR2 w/e 2/24                                   6.01m              1.6/09              1.2/08              0.7/05

TPIR2 w/e 2/17                                   5.60m              1.5/10              1.1/08              0.7/05

+7%                +7%                +9%                nc


Y&R w/e 2/24                                     4.73m              2.0/11              1.4/08              0.6/04

Y&R w/e 2/17                                     4.60m              2.0/12              1.4/09              0.6/04

+3%                nc                    nc                    nc


B&B w/e 2/24                                     3.63m              1.6/09              1.2/07              0.5/04

B&B w/e 2/17                                     3.52m              1.6.09              1.2/08              0.5/04

+3%                nc                    nc                    nc


  • rob60990

    Amazing 6 million people still tune into TPIR. This show will outlive us all.

  • James

    Shocked that TPIR does so good.

    Glad about Y&R up to 4.73M and B&B up to 3.63M viewers.

  • Joie

    “The Brave and the Bold”?? Someone needs to take a second look at that title…

  • Derrick

    Go CBS!!!

  • Joie

    Can anyone here tell me why CBS splits TPIR and LMAD’s ratings into half-hours?

  • Jennifer

    Holy cow. Look at LMAD – they do so much better than GL. That was a smart move by CBS.

  • Bart

    GO “Y & R”!!! Still the best daytime drama on U.S. TV!!

  • matt

    +3% gain for Y&R. quite the gain, lol. GH is up 45% from last year. No competition.

    I absolutely hate how Y&R is trying to compete with GH for their “40th anniversary” Can’t they let another show shine, for once? Especially if that certain show has been around for HALF OF A CENTURY, not just 40 years. But, believe me, I understand, If I was helming Y&R, I would do the same to because 40 is quite the milestone, but I think they can calm down the heavy streamer and balloon promotion, and take a small step back for some other shows that are ACTUALLY struggling. That’s good ‘ole Jill Phelps for ya. Competition is the word at Y&R, so is the action of grabbing EVERY SINGLE GENERAL HOSPITAL VETERAN IMAGINABLE just to create a useless character that the actor ends up vacating around 1 year later. That was Maria Bell, and Jill has sadly continued the action.

  • Rick

    matt, why should Y&R take ANY step back, let alone a small step, just so GH can shine on its own?

    Sorry, but that’s just ridiculous.

    A 40th anniversary is a big deal, and with the state of daytime dramas, who knows if Y&R will hit 50? So why not celebrate? A Y&R celebration hardly takes away anything from your GH party.

    Someone needs to grow up.

  • me

    With all the hubub about GH, and the increased ratings, and the 50th anniversary, etc., one thing has not really been mentioned: it is STILL out-rated by Let’s Make A Deal, of all things.

  • Mike

    Wow how immature. 40 years is a wonderful milestone, and what is funny is that Y&R has never gone out of their way to celebrate big anniversaries. And Y&R is not pulling in every star who was popular on the show 20 and 30 years ago. Y&R is competing with GH with their regular cast and no stunt casting. And they are beating them.

    And as to GH being up 45% from last year…that is easy when your ratings were so bad anyway. GH was almost ready to be cancelled last year in the first part of the year.

    What is weird is GH is spending tons of money bringing all these people back and for the last few weeks they have been maintaining or dropping viewers. Y&R has had one down week in the last 4 weeks. And they have dropped many big stars and only hired one new name star.

    CBS has to be happy with that.

  • rob60990

    Y&R doesn’t resort to stunt casting? COUGH Steve Burton COUGH.

  • RJ


    I believe Let’s Make a Deal is split because affiliates can air it at either 10AM or 3PM. As for The Price is Right…I’m stumped.

  • Rick

    rob60990, you need to look up the definition of “stunt casting.”

    Steve Burton is not stunt casting. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  • Jerry

    That entire lineup is in really good shape compared the last five years. The Talk to me is still doing very mediocre especially since we see how LMAD is doing in the old GL timeslots which was not a really good timeslot since it airs at 9am in some markets and around 2pm or 3pm. I think The Talk also has B&B as its lead-in in most areas and it bleeds heavily from that show. The Chew is doing way better there.

  • Jerry

    Stunt casting? Really dude? I forgot the dumbest poster on the site mentioned that.

  • Derrick

    Stunt casting? Are you on drugs or something?

  • Mike

    I never said Y&R has not been guilty of stunt casting. All the shows have. But right now Y&R is not doing it. The only person they have added to the show is a contract player Steve Burton who is a big name. And he is a contract player….not a temporary stunt used for a short time to bring up the ratings or just to get attention.

    Y&R right now is building it’s stories like the bullying story, etc. I have not enjoyed this show as much in a long time. And I am proud of the recent good weeks they have had. And that for now they have stopped the bleeding that was happening for awhile.

  • JayTN

    Joie/RJ…the reason that Nielsen (not CBS) splits up “Price” and “Deal” is because daytime game shows – back when the networks actually aired game shows – were only 30 minutes. “Price” was one of the rare 60 minute game shows and Nielsen opted to split it into two halves…same thing with “Deal”. So, TPIR1 is the ratings for “Price” from 11:00 to 11:30 and TPIR2 is the ratings for “Price” from 11:30 to 12:00 noon (or the corresponding time in your area). Same thing with “Deal”, which is why the second half hour is usually higher rated than the first half hour.

    However, RJ is right that CBS affiliates can choose when they want to air “Deal”, either at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern time) before “Price” or at 3:00 p.m. after “The Talk”. It would be interesting to see the numbers for those affiliates that air “Deal” at 10:00 a.m. and those affiliates that air it at 3:00 p.m. to see where it is more successful.

  • Chrisann D

    Good for BOLD and Beautiful and Y&R!! So glad they are doing good. Hope GH and DOOL are doing better this week! I guess whoever wrote this title isn’t a B&B fan…..CBS won’t be thilled with the title since they pay for a press release.

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