CBS' Entire Daytime Lineup, Including 'The Young and the Restless', 'The Brave & The Bold' and 'The Talk' Posts Week-to-Week Growth

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February 28th, 2013

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"The Talk," "Let's Make a Deal" and "The Price is Right" Also Notch Demo Growth




            CBS's entire daytime lineup posted week-to-week growth in viewers, while THE TALK , LET'S MAKE A DEAL and THE PRICE IS RIGHT also notched growth in key women demos, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ending Feb. 24.


The week included "celebrity week" on THE PRICE IS RIGHT (Sharon Osbourne, Demi Lovato, Charles Barkley, NeNe Leakes and Drew and Nick Lachey), the start of LET'S MAKE A DEAL's two-week long 50th anniversary celebration, THE TALK's daily spoofs of CBS's 10:00 PM dramas and a major storyline on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS which partnered with Sharon Osbourne and her son, Jack, to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis through a CBS Cares PSA.


Viewers             W25-54           W18-49           W18-34


CBS DAYTIME w/e 2/24                  3.97m              1.4/08              1.0/06              0.6/04

CBS DAYTIME w/e 2/17                  3.78m              1.4/08              1.0/06              0.5/04

+5%                nc                    nc                    +20%


THE TALK w/e 2/24                          2.47m              1.1/06              0.7/04              0.4/02

THE TALK w/e 2/17                          2.36m              1.0/06              0.7/04              0.3/02

+4%                +10%              nc                    +33%


LMAD1 w/e 2/24                               3.16m              1.0/06              0.8/06              0.6/04

LMAD1 w/e 2/17                               2.91m              1.0/06              0.8/05              0.5/04

+9%                nc                    nc                    +20%


LMAD2 w/e 2/24                               3.54m              1.2/07              0.9/06              0.6/05

LMAD2 w/e 2/17                               3.39m              1.0/06              0.8/06              0.5/05

+4%                +20%              +13%              +20%


TPIR1 w/e 2/24                                   5.04m              1.4/08              1.0/07              0.6/04

TPIR1 w/e 2/17                                   4.70m              1.3/08              1.0/07              0.6/05

+7%                +8%                nc                    nc


TPIR2 w/e 2/24                                   6.01m              1.6/09              1.2/08              0.7/05

TPIR2 w/e 2/17                                   5.60m              1.5/10              1.1/08              0.7/05

+7%                +7%                +9%                nc


Y&R w/e 2/24                                     4.73m              2.0/11              1.4/08              0.6/04

Y&R w/e 2/17                                     4.60m              2.0/12              1.4/09              0.6/04

+3%                nc                    nc                    nc


B&B w/e 2/24                                     3.63m              1.6/09              1.2/07              0.5/04

B&B w/e 2/17                                     3.52m              1.6.09              1.2/08              0.5/04

+3%                nc                    nc                    nc


  • Pinkle

    CBS was absolutely right to cancel ATWT and GL. LMAD is doing WAY better than GL did at the end. I believe LMAD has 1 million more viewers than GL now. I also now believe The Talk has more viewers than ATWT did at the end now too.

    I think The Talk’s ratings could go even higher if they took on more controversial topics and less of the pop culture banter they currently discuss. It worked for The View, and I believe the current hosts can pull it off without seeming as catty. Also, the show needs to be less predictable with its segments. You know that they will spend the first half talking, they will talk to 1-2 guests, and then they will do a lifestyle (cooking, weight loss, expert) segment.

  • Nick

    Count me in as someone who is surprised at TPIR ratings. It wasn’t even getting ratings this high with Bob Barker behind the helm. Simply amazing. Drew Carey has done wonders for the refreshed image of this franchise. Everyone thought CBS was crazy for choosing him as host back in the day, but it certainly paid off in the long-run. He’s the perfect host.

    Also wowed by LMAD’s numbers. Even The Talk is doing well. CBS just knows how to make one smart choice after another.

  • Harlee

    Of course we get the GHers on here to pounce on Y&R’s good forture. As one poster mention, GH might be up 45% but its ratings was in the toilet. Good for GH we need all of our soaps to do well to keep them viable. But always trying to bash Y&R nothing changes. Y&R has never been at the ratings GH had and CBS & Sony was smart to refocus the soap again….jealousy is ugly thing when just back in November & December they were proclaiming GH would overtake Y&R, just not happening folks.

    CBS has a well oiled machine in their daypart, having and believing in their daytime lineup again including their soaps…KUDOS to CBS!

  • Pat

    Really? Let GH have the spotlight?

    I am quite sure that GH also had a 40 year celebration.

    I know, let’s celebrate the fact that after a couple of very rough years for soaps in which we saw 4-5 cancelled, (including the fact that GH was heading that way), they are now all doing well.

    While I’m at it, I’d like to point out that Y and R has also another anniversay to celebrate…OVER 25 years as the NUMBER ONE Daytime drama. That has never been matched and probably never will.

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