'Zero Hour' Cancelled (Updated)

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March 1st, 2013


Update: Shark Tank repeats will air the next two Thursdays at 8pm before Celebrity Wife Swap takes over the slot from March 21-May 2. Beginning May 9, Wipeout will air there.

Looks like ABC has removed Zero Hour from the schedule on their press site next Thursday at 8pm , and as of now no word on what will replace it. But after three low-rated episodes, including last night's 1.0 adults 18-49 rating, Zero Hour getting cancelled after three episodes shouldn't surprise anyone.

  • Rob R

    ABC doesnt always burn off. “Better Off Ted” leftover episodes went right to the web and the DVD unseen over the network.

  • Craig

    I hope they show the rest of the season at some point. I would like to see what happens and what the whole mystery is. I really want to know that. I can put up with the terrible acting on Edwards part to find this out. He is a good actor but in this he is terrible.

  • Spartacus 666

    Yep another intelligent show killed and coming soon for the stupid inbreds of America , Celebrity wife slut or something. Wow good job RETARDS.

  • kev

    i wish they show the rest some time. i really liked Zero Hour :/

  • Potato

    @Rob R– True, but there WERE only 2 of them…

  • DD


    Haha, now I’m having images of the 90210 cast in all their Californian wonder, being eaten by some Alaskan bear! ????

  • BxActor


  • Bubba

    This is why I don’t watch hour-long dramas anymore. You get sucked in and they cancel it without a fair shot. Three episodes? Seriously. How can a show even get started in three episodes. I shall never get into another show again only to see it cancelled.

  • Bobby

    Since ABC has failed miserably several times to launch a new show in this slot….what if they took highly rated/widely popular show of theirs and put it in that slot? If the show already has a strong fan base, why wouldn’t it work there?

  • David C

    More shows should be set up like Missing. A given number of episodes, with a beginning, middle, and ENDING. Missing I think was 13 episodes. It remained on the air until the story line wrapped up, and that was that. If it would have been renewed, they would have simple had a totally new story line. Sort of like a book series.

    At least the viewer get to see a full story, and not left hanging.
    BTW, I liked Zero Hour, and would have continued to watch it.

  • Meliwa

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. So many saying, ‘I really liked this show, it was intelligent and well acted and blah blah blah and it’s unfair they took it off…’ Guess what? IT PULLED A 1.0 ON THURSDAY! If all of you who are venting on here about how most Americans are morons because they let this show get cancelled had actually been watching it, The Bear wouldn’t currently be ripping it to pieces and gnawing on its bones. Got it?

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Bubba: “How can a show even get started in three episodes”

    Watch Banshee on Cinemax. That will show you. They blew out the gate and haven’t stopped running since.

    Producers and writers just don’t get it – you have to BOMB the audience with the pilot and re-double your efforts every episode afterward.

    That said, Zero Hour’s pace was actually somewhat good. The simple fact is the cast was wrong and the premise too “esoteric” for the general audience. A little more indication of what the end game might have been might have helped.

    And it’s also possible it’s just a show that for no real reasons just didn’t “resonate” with the general audience. That happens. There might not have BEEN a real reason why it failed but sheer bad luck.

  • Marykate Clark

    It was bad… It couldn’t last, not in a moderately just world.

    Sadly, a lot of very good shows have been cancelled in the past several months, too. I wish they’d try harder to keep the good ones afloat.

  • Mark3

    Stupid Abc! Zero hour is ur best show. U keep screwing people ovee by canceling all ur shows. A big F U to abc

  • Mark3

    @sparticus666 i completly agree. Amazing show! Stupid network canceling grest shows. And americans just love mindless reality crap!

  • Jordan

    I wonder if Netflix will stream it like they are going to with 666 Park Avenue.

  • Pamela dengate

    Too bad I guess that is just one less abc show to watch. hopefully someone with some vision will air it, I would really like to watch the rest

  • networkman

    I don’t know what ABC expected putting Zero Hour there in the first place. Either put an establish drama there such as Castle or just keep reality in that hour.

  • Dollface

    ABC might as well just bring back the test pattern for this time slot. Nothing is going to work Thursday at 8 until BBT is gone or moved again.

  • iggy

    Why move Shark Tank from a slot where it dominates?

    Grey’s doesn’t need a lead-in and TGIF doesn’t need a second hour.

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