'Zero Hour' Cancelled (Updated)

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March 1st, 2013


Update: Shark Tank repeats will air the next two Thursdays at 8pm before Celebrity Wife Swap takes over the slot from March 21-May 2. Beginning May 9, Wipeout will air there.

Looks like ABC has removed Zero Hour from the schedule on their press site next Thursday at 8pm , and as of now no word on what will replace it. But after three low-rated episodes, including last night's 1.0 adults 18-49 rating, Zero Hour getting cancelled after three episodes shouldn't surprise anyone.

  • Dan S

    I guess that’s the fate of Thur at 8pm for ABC. Mindless garbage like Celebrity Wife Swap & what have you instead of entertaining scripted programs no 1 watches. It would be nice to see the remaining ZH episodes along with 666 PA & Apt 23 burned off on Sat but I won’t hold my breath.

  • PurpleDrazi

    The Bear is alive and well…and feasting. :-)

  • Scott

    well this is disapointing, I thought this was going to take off. But you cannot go agaisnt Big Bang. This is a horrible time slot, it is like putting something agaisnt NCIS, it just doesnt work. ABC could have at least let them air the rest of what they filmed.

  • Rich

    You can’t match a show like that with Grey’s Anatomy……It just doesn’t work!

  • Scandalfan

    ABC should move Modern Family on Thursdays 8PM. No drama hasn’t been able to survive in this time slot, there is a curse for sure. I wonder how G’A would have done in that slot?

  • Ellen

    They’re not going to find any new show in this timeslot that regularly gets above a 1.5. I would move a fading Grey’s to 8, putting the new star of the lineup Scandal in the best slot, and then a new show at 10.

    Or, if that’s too risky, put some of the middling comedies at 8. If The Neighbors is renewed, pair it with either Suburgatory or The Middle. They could probably at least average a 1.8-1.9.

  • Jazz

    It’s a tough time slot. I watch Community and Big Bang so it makes it challenging to add a new show. Last year I had to record Missing on another DVR but forgot to watch it. Well, I knew it was cancelled when I had time to catch up on it. I don’t remember when Touch and Awake aired but it was just challenging to watch everything so I had to make a choice. I don’t know why they don’t stick some of these shows earlier in the week. I understand the advertising dollar issue but most shows I watch fall on Wed and Thurs. It takes me through the weekend to catch up. I did like Zero Hour but it wasn’t a good show and with all the weird stuff I don’t know if it was going to find a broad audience. It would be interesting to see what kind of numbers a Modern Family or G-rated Greys, Scandal or Castle gets in that same time slot. Nashville might work at 8. Definitely 9. It certainly does not need a 10 p.m. slot.

    I hope ABC sells Zero Hour to NBC. I think it might work there. It’s like The Event (fail) and Revolution (success).


    At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if Splash is a hit!

  • Sneezer

    Shame. I wanted this show to work. Didn’t like the religious part, though. Which was the whole show. Ha. So, to me, even with the religious stuff, it was still better than Revolution.

  • connie

    Not surprised. TV wants viewers but it seems
    like every time you start to watch something,
    it takes more than 3 episodes to give it a
    chance. My goodness, at least AIR THE

  • BigBrotherFan

    PERSONALLY, I thought this show SUCKED! It was BORING and the PILOT was awful. NONE of the actors really stood out. I’m THRILLED it was axed BETTER FOR NASHVILLE! Keep FLOPING these DRAMA’s ABC and THEY WILL RENEW NASHVILLE to save FACE.

  • thesnowleopard

    Okay, I’m not going to argue that the show was too intelligent to live or whatnot. We all know why it was canceled–it got lousy ratings, simple as that. And the TV industry is about making money. No brainer, there.

    However, I keep seeing people bash it for being too involved in esoteric storylines while at the same time bashing it for being “stupid.” Folks, you cannot have it both ways. Either it was trying to do too much outside of the audience’s usual knowledge range or it wasn’t. If it was, then it can’t be “stupid” because here, “stupid” quite clearly is being used in place of “appealed to the lowest common denominator.” Zero Hour had as many problems as any other new show, but one thing the conspiracy/serial part of it did not do was appeal to the lowest common denominator. If anything, they were doing a checklist of Occult story ideas.

    Incidentally, I’ve been studying this stuff for years and didn’t find it difficult to follow at all. In fact, I found it pretty entertaining. I understand that some people who haven’t read anything like that, and who actually find something like The Da Vinci Code at all original, would find this show a bit hard to get into. But stop bashing the entire genre just because it’s not your thing.

  • Ryan

    Poop… I really liked that show.

  • Jade

    What made ABC think a series like this would work on network television? Even I knew this show would be cancelled after a couple episodes and that was based on the trailer alone.

  • Jared

    I just think ABC picked up some overly complicated drama pilots this season (Zero Hour, Last Resort) which might have been better suited for mini series or specials. It also doesn’t surprise me that both cancelled shows were promoted towards a male audience that ABC clearly doesn’t have. Atleast ABC was trying something different than going down the normal played out cop/legal procedural.

  • Chris

    @thesnowleopard – I disagree. A TV series can do complicated things, smart things, boring things, and yes, even stupid things. All those things can and do coexist in any show you name; only the relative proportions of each will differ.

    Shows are built out of many, varied pieces. Zero Hour had some complexity to it and some gloriously loony twists (which is a definite plus, even if Nielsen families seem to hate that stuff). It also had seriously lackluster acting and some utterly stupid twists and some amazingly dumb character moments. That’s not having it both ways, that’s just seeing the show for what it was: a poorly-executed show that squandered an interesting premise and some good ideas by throwing them into a show with a lot of egregiously stupid elements and scenes that dragged like boat anchors.

  • Debra Defoe

    I’m disappointed that Zero Hours had been canceled already. My friend and I liked that show. It had mystery in it. I quess viewers don’t like to see shows that are clean cut. There is too much smut on tv. This is what’s wrong with tv today. There are not enough good wholesome shows on.

  • raiderfish

    You dumb sobs. Finally a show that isn’t the usual junk on t.v. This show was fun like reading a dan brown novel. Both me and my wife are in your 19-49 range and we loved this show. Also our children loved it too ages 11 and 14.

  • Lodak

    This isn’t necessarily a bad time slot, it’s just not a good show. I DVRed this show and was about to bail. Unnecessarily complex, uninspiring characters, and a storyline that seemed to move the goal line every 5 minutes. Only 24 did that well. Buh-bye.

  • MichaelChickless

    It just wasn’t soapy enough for ABC.

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