'Zero Hour' Cancelled (Updated)

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March 1st, 2013


Update: Shark Tank repeats will air the next two Thursdays at 8pm before Celebrity Wife Swap takes over the slot from March 21-May 2. Beginning May 9, Wipeout will air there.

Looks like ABC has removed Zero Hour from the schedule on their press site next Thursday at 8pm , and as of now no word on what will replace it. But after three low-rated episodes, including last night's 1.0 adults 18-49 rating, Zero Hour getting cancelled after three episodes shouldn't surprise anyone.

  • Grey

    Wow, ABC didn’t even try to move it around a little bit. It *might* have done better in a better slot.

  • James

    I seriously doubt the problem was the slot. The sad truth is that the viewership just isn’t there. Modern main stream TV is still reality programming. Viewers that used to watch these kind of shows gave up years go, when the same show was basically re-branded, drawn out and re-aired. The serial mystery show is, for prime time dead. Too many commercials, too little plot content & too many mid-session breaks have driven viewer to other forms of media.

  • Christian

    ABC allways put stupid comedies on air and take off the most interesting series, i think the people arround the world is getting less inteligent and not have the mind to understand complex series

  • jt

    I enjoyed the show but also knew the future was not bright, and who decides to premiere a brand new show on Valentine’s day? I enjoyed the story, some of the acting was flat. I think that people, in general, have been “dumbed down” to watching crap reality shows where you may as well be comatose.

    Yes, this show could be better but it had bits and pieces that reminded me of Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, and Davinci Code….there should have been promise. I just want to be able to see this show to some sort of ending…like we did in Missing, and Awake.

  • Simon

    GlobalTV over in Canada are apparently still going ahead with airing the rest of the show.

  • TBFL

    Any chance ABC notices all the recent positive pub Netflix got by dumping all of House of Cards on Netflix at once and does the same on ABC.com to grab some ad revenue?

  • Vanquished

    I vowed not to watch ABC after they cancelled Last Resort.

  • alison

    i dont follow the norm of shows but it seems all the worth watching non reality dumb shows are being replaced by mindless crap. whats wrong with society today?

  • marks

    Man, this wasn’t even on EZTV until episode 3, I didn’t even know about it.
    I had to pick up the reruns of Ep1 and Ep2 off bt.
    Anyway, I liked the complex story, as soon as I watched the first episode, I was hooked. But here we go again, with stupid network management.
    Like the ending to lost – they all died and went to heaven? seriously, couldn’t we squeeze out a better ending than that?
    Mind you the writers are getting good at ending the shows early, take the ending of that show where the captain takes off with the nuclear sub – that was a great ending, albeit too soon.

    ABC cutback Bummers:

  • Dinorah Guillen-Bido

    EMy question is…who rates these shows? Too many reality shows. I dont watch much on ABC but do watch Revenge. Old farts must be doing these ratings..

  • John

    ABC is the death NETWORK for dramas. There is a reason the network is called “Already Been Canceled” on the forums. Nobody trusts them anymore. We aren’t going to invest our time and energy getting interested in something that ABC is going to instantly scrap in favor of mindless “reality” programming crap.

    All of the intelligent people have bailed on ABC. They need to stop trying to release thoughtful programming and accept that their audience consists solely of the future citizens of the movie Idiocracy.

    Come on, ABC, it’s time to start filming the premiere of “OW! MY BALLS!”

  • Carol

    I LOVED Zero Hour and was VERY excited about tonights episode!!!! I can NOT believe it was canceled!!

  • Jan Sobetski

    ACK! Can’t cancel it without at LEAST finishing the story! LOVED this show!

  • D

    Looks like another Firefly situation. Last time it was Friends that would kill good shows before their time (like firefly), this time it’s Big Bang Theory’s popularity that is killing perfectly good shows in rival slots.


    The only show i have been watching since LOST is Big Bang Theory which i gave up to watch Zero Hour.

    I start to watch 2 or 3 new shows every year only to have them cancelled.

    Why bother?

  • fred

    Nobody knew that the Fox Zero Hour series existed. I happened to see it on demand. It was great. I was ready to be a loyal follower. Then they pulled the series.
    But they will never read this post; rasberries to you ABC.

  • Kerry

    I liked Zero Hour. ABC sucks! They cancel every show I like except “Once Upon a Time”. That will be next.

  • Chris

    The plot was obviously much too complicated and subtly intricate for the average stupid viewer or reviewer. #StupidStudios

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