'Drop Dead Diva' Un-Cancelled by Lifetime

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March 1st, 2013


Being cancelled and resurrected is the new black. First we had AMC's 'The Killing." Now six weeks after cancelling "Drop Dead Diva" after four seasons, Lifetime has elected to resurrect it for a fifth season after all. Deadline hears that it came down to money (surprise!) and that producing studio Sony was able to come up with more attractive terms for Lifetime after all.

  • Steven

    So glad the show can get a proper ending now!

  • thesnowleopard

    Awww, good for DDD. I don’t watch it regularly, but it seemed like a fun show and not your usual Dumb Twits in Peril stuff that Lifetime usually airs.

  • John A

    It was unfair to cancel it. It had solid ratings.

  • Jane Elliot

    Unexpected but awesome, especially since the show ended on one hell of a cliffhanger.

  • starship

    Best news ever, they should definitely tie up everything in season 5, even if they somehow get a sixth season because there’s no way Lifetime will un-cancel it a second time.

  • Ellen in NYC


  • Dan

    Hopefully this upcoming season will wrap up story lines and act as a proper final season. The show was one of those series that did well throughout its run but for some reason Lifetime was changing directions in terms of where they wanted to take the series.

  • pete5125

    At what point will sony just buy a network to move their cancled shows to

  • RyanCanada

    thank god

  • tom

    So this is true that when you want something really badly and your heart is pure wondrous things can happen.

  • Rebecca

    Yay! I wonder if they can air the new season in the summer or will they have to wait now because they had stopped filming (or hadn’t begun yet anyway).

  • dvikib

    I love Drop Dead Diva. I missed the first season because I thought it was a reality show! It reminds me somewhat of a David E Kelley comedy/drama. Some of the legal cases are really fascinating. I hope they haven’t lost too many cast members in the upheaval.

  • Good Will Talking

    I have enjoyed all the seasons of this series, until last season’s cliff-hanger. I thought it was an awful twist, that made me not care about the show anymore, but if they have to give this show a proper ending, maybe the coming season will be good.

  • JulieDawn

    This is one of those shows that I always intended to start watching, then all of a sudden it’s four seasons later and cancelled…so I thought, “oh well”.
    Now it’s uncancelled I’ll have to start intending to watch it again.

  • DenverDean

    Well this will give it 65 episodes in the can (or three seasons of a network drama). Do you think Sony is trying to get it to 78 and trying to syndicate it? Is there any syndi value in this show or is it so geared to Lifetime? I’m just curious why Sony would try to get more episodes? (I don’t watch the show, but am always curious about the financial end when this happens.)

  • pinkie

    ‘Drop Dead Diva is brought back for fifth season’ doesn’t mean that it is the last. There will be many more seasons to come as ratings are high and price factor can be easily settled to keep a high rated show.who doesnt want to keep a show giving constantly high ratings.

  • forg

    Sony is probably the most aggressive studio.

  • chris23

    This show deserved a renewal as it hit solid numbers. At times when paired with Army Wives both shows would tie in demo and pull around the same ratings. Other times DDD was only a tenth or two a away. Drop Dead Diva is more than a solid show for a cable network. It always is on top of the Sunday Night Summer Cable list when original epsidoes air, and hits constant 2-3 million viewers live. I know DDD hit a low of 0.6/0.7 twice in the middle of the season, but for the beginning and end of the season it hit mostly 0.8/0.9s with the occasional 1.0 and paired greatly with Army Wives and The Client List as well.

    I hope they make it to Season 6 as this show still has a lot of life in it. I’m only on Season 3 waiting for Season 4 to premiere on Netflix and then start watching it live on Lifetime.

  • PurpleDrazi


    “At what point will sony just buy a network to move their cancled shows to”

    Ha! I would watch that network.

  • Joseph

    If this were a broadcast show, our own Cancellation Bear would have wondered what the heck happened!

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