'Drop Dead Diva' Un-Cancelled by Lifetime

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March 1st, 2013


Being cancelled and resurrected is the new black. First we had AMC's 'The Killing." Now six weeks after cancelling "Drop Dead Diva" after four seasons, Lifetime has elected to resurrect it for a fifth season after all. Deadline hears that it came down to money (surprise!) and that producing studio Sony was able to come up with more attractive terms for Lifetime after all.

  • Gillian Slater :)

    I agree with John A, I mean if you compare this show’s ratings with those of the client list much difference. glad that Lifetime is bringing back jane / deb for his fifth year. these cancellations / renewals are not very common.

  • Erin

    I am so glad to see that D.D.-Diva is coming back. It is such a great show! I hope it sticks around for more seasons! I am so sick of investing my time into t.v. shows and then having it cancelled.

  • Greg

    Once again, Sony is paying for networks to air their shows. Hahahaha!

  • Brian

    Very happy to hear this..and Please…NO MORE Kardashian Trash on this show!
    Then maybe we might even get a 6th season!

  • JD

    Hey Sony, feel free to do the same for Happy Endings. Get us a fourth season, please (and as if ABC has anything better to air anyways).

  • Keith

    Great news I hate cliffhanger endings it would have driven me mad if they had left it there after 4 seasons..To many shows have open endings then get cancelled i’m glad Drop Dead Diva gets the chance to end properly.

  • peekha

    Discovered DDD on netflix…almost passed it by. So glad I did not! What a delightful show. I am absolutely thrilled they chose not to cancel,whew!

  • Katie Randall

    YOU CANNOT CANCEL IT.. UGH PLEASE NO.. Jane and Grayson need to be together. I have watched season’s 1-3 I need 4 and 5 you cannot stop this show.. no no no

  • Katie Randall

    please do not cancel the show I only watched up to the 3rd season but grayson and jane need to be together please please

  • richard

    It jumped the shark with that last episode. Garbage. Let it have a half season to right the ship or put it back in the toilet where it belongs.

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