'Piers Morgan Tonight' Hits Yearly Low in 25-54 Demographic

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March 1st, 2013



The February 28th episode of Piers Morgan Tonight, which featured an exclusive interview with Gus Searcy, the mentor of Jodi Arias suffered a yearly low in the key 25-54 demographic with only 87,000 viewers. The show is down 27% in total viewers and 38% in the demo from its debut in Jan. 17th, 2011.

Piers Morgan Tonight also had the lowest demo in its time slot and was even beat by HLN’s Dr. Drew (with 208,000).

  • Darryl Haas

    The only guest that was not steam rolled by this jerk was Alex Jones.

  • Kelly

    Piers is a complete idiot and everyone knows that. When you kick him out of your country, please try and stear him away from us in Canada. Send him to Mexico so he can see how things really work in a country with strict gun control. Also, The End, after your last comment about “assault rifles” you can go with him. It’s cheaper to book at trip as a couple.

  • Berto

    This pompous prig is getting exactly what he deserves. He is ignored by all but the most pathetic among us. How laughable that he believes his critiques of our great nation are worthy of our attention. He needs to take his limey arrogance back to England where he will get the reverence he believes is due him. I’ll contribute the first dollar for his plane ticket to flush him out of our country.

  • The End

    @Also, The End, after your last comment about “assault rifles” you can go with him

    Give me one valid reason why you need an Assault Rifle in your home. Forget the ignorant pro gun stuff you’re spouting, give one reason to me, and don’t answer with the generic ‘It’s my right’ thing.

    I bet you can’t. I suggest following your own advice and going with Piers yourself, you clearly haven’t contributed anything to society :)

  • Kelly

    Forget the ignorant pro gun stuff you’re spouting, give one reason to me, and don’t answer with the generic ‘It’s my right’ thing.

    What would you do if they tried to legislate your right to personal property away? Like your cell phone for instance. You can set off an IED with one of those things you know. It make about as much sense.

  • The End

    And incase I wasn’t clear. I’m not anti gun, infact I’m not against any kind of ban on all guns in America. I am however for an Assault weapons ban in the country, they’re unneeded, the country isn’t at war, real life isn’t like the Call of Duty videogames, you can protect yourself and your home just fine with a Handgun.

    As the reports suggest just over half of Americans are for some kind of Assault Weapons ban/restriction and it’l be a subject discussed for a long time.

    No interest in arguing on this topic so I’ll just lay my opinion out right there.

  • Kelly

    I don’t want to argue about it either. I just don’t understand why they want AR type guns banned when those rifles are no different the semi-auto rifles that Winchester, Remington or Ruger make except for the fact that they look scary to some people. Those rifles are used by thousands of hunters every year. An assault rifle is one that has full auto capablilities at the flip of a switch. They are not the kind of weapons used in any of the shootings.

  • BigWil

    @ The End

    Assault weapons are pretty much banned in the US. The “assault weapon” term came from a bunch of anti-gun politicians…defining any firearm that looks like a modern military weapon. A real assault rifle is one that fires full auto. Those are extremely hard to get legally in the US. There is no functional difference between an AR-15 and a semi-automatic hunting rifle. AR-15s for the most part, are chambered in .223 calibre, which was adopted by militaries around the world because it is not as lethal as previous (larger) rounds, because it makes more sense to wound an enemy combatant than to kill him (It ties up more enemy resources to care for a wounded person than a dead person)

  • The End


    Appreciate the lesson there, while I respect the right to own a gun, after all these shootings involving certain types of weapons, I can’t help but agree that some kind of ban/restriction needs to be in place to try and prevent such events from occurring in the future.

    The AR-15 did start its life classed as an Assault Weapon technically.

    I’m going to admit right now, I’m not well versed in different types of guns, I’ve just seen the reports about Assault weapon debates going on in congress, and people campaigning for a ban on these because of the various shootings that have occurred, and I can’t help but agree, after what happened to those poor children.

    I don’t look down on people who own these weapons, infact I respect your right to own them. I just think something needs to change with the unacceptable level of death associated with these kinds of weapons.

  • jeff taylor

    I make a point of NOT watching that fool.. Biased to the max. Too bad CNN allows him to push his own agenda which is vastly unpopular. He is a complete muppet!

  • Kelly

    Piers Morgan is still an idiot.
    I am a Canadian so I have no right to comment on your second amendment other than I think you should protect it. I’ll leave it at that.
    Thank you for the conversation.

  • The End


    You’re right about Piers Morgan, and there won’t be many people who would disagree with that. Infact the majority would use much harsher words lol

  • Kite

    He should go back to AGT!
    No! He shall go back to The UK!

  • Josh

    Good I hope this trash gets cancelled and he gets deported back to England where he belongs

  • Russ

    Why would anyone want to listen to this lefty libturd berate anyone with an opionion other than his own? We don’t need his socialist propaganda here. I would hope there are some Brits with some backbone like Churchill had. DEPORT Morgan now!

  • BigWil

    @ The End:

    Of the 62 mass shootings in the US (4 or more deaths, including the gunman), the gunmen had a total of 143 weapons.
    71 semi-auto handguns
    28 rifles
    23 revolvers
    21 shotguns

    The assault weapon ban won’t help or change anything.

  • depot piers

    Glad to hear everyone is waking up that Piss Morgan is a communist trader and shouldn’t be on the air anyway Deport him back to where he came from

  • Stan T.

    @The End

    To be fair, he has a point about people not needing Assault Rifles.

    Actually, assault rifles ARE illegal…the guns the liberals are calling assault rifles are guns that LOOK like assault rifles…

    To be fair, most UK journalists associated with corruption are ones who worked for newspapers owned by News Corp aka Rupert Murdochs company.

    Actually, only one newspaper owned by News Corp did something illegal…and ALL the gosip rags in the UK do the same thing that one News Corp newspaper did…but the rest were liberal papers, so it was ignored…

  • JohnyV

    It is far time to send this American hating bottom feeder packing! His non-stop condescending BS and constant over-talking his so call guests, must make even his few supports want to turn the channel!

    I never seen a person so impressed with themselves as Piers is, how much longer is the network going to keep stuffing his pockets with money with barely no one watching his American culture hatred??

  • Time for a PINK SLIP Piers!

    Get rid of this bum already! He is single handily making views hate your network! Piers must be blowing someone to keep his pathetic little egotistical little show… 87,000 views! What a laugh, most fools on Youtube have more than that! hehehhe

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