'Piers Morgan Tonight' Hits Yearly Low in 25-54 Demographic

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March 1st, 2013



The February 28th episode of Piers Morgan Tonight, which featured an exclusive interview with Gus Searcy, the mentor of Jodi Arias suffered a yearly low in the key 25-54 demographic with only 87,000 viewers. The show is down 27% in total viewers and 38% in the demo from its debut in Jan. 17th, 2011.

Piers Morgan Tonight also had the lowest demo in its time slot and was even beat by HLN’s Dr. Drew (with 208,000).

  • vanessa

    I’m from britain and we don’t want the twat back here…SORRY…

  • Boo Boo Bear

    This must be linked to some CONservitive site/blog. Crazy people all up in here.

  • Tessa

    Here’s hoping cancellation is imminent!

  • Anon

    LOLOL The Slimy Libtarded Limey’s hourly public indoctrination spot on the Communist News Network draws only the moonbat minority…….

  • wings

    LOL what does he expect. He is a propogandist of the highest grovel lick your arse elite kind and has downright tardy attitudes to honorable peoples ideas. He is a liar, rude, stupid and an egocentric dickhead ha ha!

  • The End


    To be fair, that is what he’s built his career around, he’s like a high profile troll and doesn’t care who he annoys/upsets over the internet or on Television/Media. Do you honestly think so many doors would open for this man if he was an honorable guy? Doubtful. He likely wouldn’t of been on CNN to begin with.

    The chances of him being deported are virtually zero, but people can vote with their viewing habits aka Nielsen viewers and stop watching his segments on CNN, when his ratings hit rock bottom, he’l be done on TV and out of peoples hair.

    I suggest if people with Nielsen boxes who watch CNN want him gone, turn the channel when he’s on the air.

  • Brian

    He Frigin SUCKS..send his bony ass back to the UK!

  • RG-X

    So long Mr. Morgan

  • Ralph Hahn

    CNN: Admit defeat and back the Brinks truck up to Larry King’s house to get him to come back to 9PM.

  • Rosie

    He needs to go back to Britain from whence he came.

  • Skoot61

    Piers Morgan who is not even a citizen should return back to the UK and report on the phone hacking scandal and the high crime rate that he left behind.

  • Tammy

    It would make a beautiful karma circle if Piers was expedited back to England and the penalty for phone hacking was death before a firing squad of automatic assault weapons.

  • LibelFreeZone

    For readers not fully aware of Morgan’s “credentials,” he was an entertainment reporter for The Sun (1989-94), and editor of News of the World (1994-95) and the Daily Mirror (1995-04). He did damage to reputations at all of them and laughed about it all the way to the bank. Lying, gossip, unfounded innuendo, going for the jugular. He’s a jeernalist.

    There’s also Morgan’s involvement in the Viglen shares scam. Morgan made thousands ramping up share values by promotion in his paper; yet escaped the fate of fellow journalist-conspirators who went to prison. Shouldn’t be a surprise that James Hipwell and Anil Bhoyrul are helping to spill the beans on Morgan’s dodgy background. Google for the sordid details.

    After having practically been run out of Britain on a rail (Iraq photo hoax), Morgan took Simon Cowell’s advice and moved to America where U.S. viewers don’t really know his tawdry tabloid history. Now Morgan’s sordid past is being exposed along with every other low life at NOTW. Without a public acknowledg­ement–inde­ed, an apology for deceiving the public during his years as a presence at not one but three notorious British tabloids–­Morgan will never be able to wash the stink off himself from being mentored by Rupert Murdoch and Kelvin Mackenzie, both repulsive yellow journalist­s. Now he’s trotting himself out as a mainstream interviewe­r on CNN. Shame on CNN for hiring this disreputab­le and lame excuse for a journalist­. It’s a sad day for journalism when Piers Morgan is considered “quality journalism­.”

  • Ryan in L.A.

    When Piers first came on the show, I thought it was marked improvement over Larry King. But his tendency towards tabloid fare and his recent gun control histrionics have turned me off completely.

    CNN has gone lowbrow because they’re trying to out-dimwit FoxNews, but it’s not working. CNN still has a good reputation when it comes to hard journalism and breaking news, so they should aim for journalistic integrity and give up on infotainment.

  • Judith

    So Cool! Now what’s holding up ‘the boot’ for Morgan’s ratings failure? This is getting embarassing. Can it be that the CNN ‘suits’ really don’t know what they are doing? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

  • sc3458

    If he would stop shouting over people and let them speak it might be worth watching his show, he’s been very overbearing the past few weeks.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t like that style, stopped watching O’Reilly when he started yelling over people also. I don’t know why anyone watches O’Reilly….he really is a stupid man.

  • Duncan Jones

    Low rating for a low life liberal. Morgan has NO respect for the US Constitution calling it a “piece of paper”. Mr. Morgan (your royal dullard) FYI the Constitution is the foundation of all governmental power and written by people who fought against arrogant Brits like you. Unlike Mr. Morgan these people believed the people’s “Bill of Rights” were worth dying for and government needs to be restricted. Mr. Morgan you are an arrogant modern day aristocratic dictatorial tyrant who believes the citizens do NOT count and do not matter. Mr. Morgan you ran from Britian because of your abuse of privacy. We have free speech here Mr. Morgan and also privacy rights and since you do not believe in either nor any reasoned debate nor the Bill of Rights I suggest you get you British ass back to the pathetic excuse for a nation from whence you came you usurping foreigner. ASAP get out of the USA you creep.

  • Phil Belcher

    Piers Morgan has his sights set on gun control, I have my sight set on watching something outher than CNN. As much as I like some of their programming I can’t support their liberal agend. In fact their continious assualt on my 2nd amendment rights has convieced me to never vote for a democrat again, even though I agree with many of their positions. To me the 2nd amendment is the most valuable right of all the rights. American’s can’t protect the rights without the right to bear arms. So, no more democratic votes for me. I encourage you to consider the same.

  • AppleStinx

    What’s the cause of low ratings for ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’? Apparently, CNN believes the title is the cause, thus they’re changing it to ‘Piers Morgan Live’. Has such an excuse been featured in the fan excuse bingo? How about an executive excuse bingo? Here’s an idea for a fun poll: how much will a change in name improve Piers Morgan’s ratings?

  • donaldd

    He’s gotta go!

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