'Transformers Prime' Returns for Third and Final Season March 22

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March 1st, 2013


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The Series Also Debuts with a New Name –

“Transformers Prime Beast Hunters”


Special Four-Hour Catch-Up Marathon Kicks Off

The Final Chapter on March 22


LOS ANGELES – The Hub TV Network, the fastest growing children’s cable network, announces the return of the third and final season of the Daytime Emmy® Award-winning CG-animated series “Transformers Prime Beast Hunters” from Hasbro Studios on Friday, March 22. The epic saga’s return presents a formidable new opponent for the Autobots and the introduction of a third dragon-like faction called the Predacons. A special four-hour marathon (3:30–7:30 p.m. ET) of back-to-back episodes from the series’ second season will run leading up to the season-three premiere which debuts at 7:30 p.m. ET.


In the half-hour action series, the epic battle with the Decepticons rages on as Optimus Prime leads his team of Autobots and three human children in a mission to defend Earth and one day restore his home planet of Cybertron. But a brand new enemy emerges that could turn the tide of the war in Megatron's favor.


In the season-three premiere episode, the survival of Optimus Prime is in doubt after Megatron’s destruction of the Autobot base on Earth, while the separated members of Team Prime try to reconnect after being scattered to the wind to prevent detection. The final 13 episodes will see Optimus Prime and his team face their greatest challenge yet in a new foe dedicated to the destruction of the Autobots — and potentially, planet Earth.


To “roll out” the final season, The Hub will host a special LA-based, invitation-only, World Premiere Screening Event of the first two episodes of “Transformers Prime Beast Hunters” followed by a Q&A session with cast and executive producers. The show’s passionate fans will be able to win tickets to the VIP screening through contests held on various online sites.


Additionally, starting Friday, April 19 (7:30 p.m. ET), the first four episodes of the new season will have special encore presentations that include “Autobits” — behind-the-scenes trivia with exclusive in-picture commentary designed to create an immersive viewing experience. Additional new episodes will resume in May.


On hubworld.com, an all-new show-page design for “Transformers Prime Beast Hunters” will feature exclusive images and video clips, as well as a countdown clock for the season three premiere. Additionally, two brand new games will launch on Friday, March 15 to support the new season. “Relic Hunter” features beloved character Arcee on a mission to Antarctica where she must navigate nine frozen trails to recover an ancient Ionian relic. “Pulsar Defense” features a battle between good and evil as the Autobots race to build up their defenses against the Decepticon's ultimate weapon that threatens to destroy them all.


Finally, The Hub’s Facebook and Twitter (@HubTVNetwork) platforms will also provide sneak peeks and exclusive content from the new season and extend the viewing experience with additional activities to engage fans of all ages.


The Hub Original Series “Transformers Prime” was honored in 2012 with two Daytime Emmy® Awards, including Outstanding Special Class Animated Program. The wins bring to four the total number of Daytime Emmy® Awards the animated series has received since it premiered in November 2010.


“Transformers Prime Beast Hunter” is executive produced by Duane Capizzi (“The Batman,” “Superman: Doomsday”), Jeff Kline (“Jackie Chan Adventures,” “Men in Black: The Animated Series”), Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci (Star Trek, Cowboys & Aliens, and Transformers feature films and TV’s “Fringe” and “Hawaii Five-O”). Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, Josh Keaton, Jeffrey Combs, Kevin Michael Richardson, Ernie Hudson, Gina Torres, John Noble, GeorgeTakei, Markie Post, and Steve Blum lend their voices to the series, which is produced by Hasbro Studios.


Later this year, fans can look for a 75-minute “Hub Original Family Movie,” titled “Predacons Rising,” which will also be available on DVD.

  • Lovemymac

    The show was bad animation. And the story lines just sucked. It was no gen1 transformers.

  • Bo

    Why do shows insist on changing the names of their shows from season to season? Young Justice did it and then cried about lost viewers. Don’t they know that they only have themselves (and DVR flaws and limitations) to blame?

  • mike

    Young Justice actually has higher rating than the booger joke cartoons that CN often replaces it with. It’s among the highest rated shows on the network. It was canceled because CN hates paying the licensing fees to their own sister company for the rights to even make the show. Unless they get toy kickbacks there will be no DC Nation show that survives a year or two at CN.

  • No

    Lovemymac, are you an idiot? Prime is awesome. Get some taste.

  • Zhad


    You are clearly blinded by nostalgia, go watch the Nostalgia Critics review of the old Transformers cartoon. It was great for its time, but by todays standards, by comparison to TF:Prime it is terrible.

    I am sad to see TF:Prime end, it is an entertaining show. Why they are choosing to end it I have no idea. There is still potential plot left in the show it is incredible to just leave it unresolved or explored.

  • ricki davis

    one of the best shows for kids on tv!! period!! oh, and the “autobits” just plain boring. Don`t cancel this show, you idiots!!

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