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March 2nd, 2013


Commenting on posts has now been re-enabled. Feel free to comment away!

As a result of tightened security measures we have undertaken, we broke a tool that was very effective at getting rid of tons of automated spam. The only way to get comments working again quickly was either slacken security (not OK!) or abandon that tool, so we made the decision to abandon that spam blocking tool.

Consequently, we're now blocking comments with ANY hyperlinks in them in a not quite as elegant, and somewhat brute force, spam limitation measure.

Other than that, comments are open.

  • JulieDawn

    Okay I love you guys now. Whatever you fixed/updated seems to have also fixed the problem I was having over the last few weeks with getting an error msg abt “invalid data” on posts.
    The only way I could get around it was to edit out all ‘special characters’ and almost any punctuation other than the most basic. I also couldn’t have more than one sentence in a paragraph…but…assuming this post takes, it’s fixed!

  • JulieDawn

    HA! Good for me, not so good for those that don’t like my posts on BATB. ;)

  • Nick

    @Bill Gorman

    Does this hyperlink ban include the automatic ones, like “”, “cancellation.bear”, etc?

  • Nick

    Also @Bill, will this problem affect the time the Bubble Watch & R/C Index are posted? Just wondering.

  • Patrick Gillease

    YAY! More than half the fun of coming here is commenting and reading what others have to say. Getting a ratings data point for your show takes a second, and then I’d be outta here! No need for more page views if no commenting. I’m sure that’s why they’re back. Fewer page views = fewer dollars. Thanks! ;)

  • Bill Gorman

    “@Bill Gorman

    Does this hyperlink ban include the automatic ones, like “”, “cancellation.bear”, etc?”

    Because of the “no hyperlink” policy, I have turned off automatic hyper linking in comments. Those terms are still fair game in the comments, they just won’t get linked.

  • Bill Gorman

    “Also @Bill, will this problem affect the time the Bubble Watch & R/C Index are posted? Just wondering.”

    No technical limit, but Robert in particular has been VERY busy recently.

  • Patrick Gillease

    @ Fake Me Out…it’s Winter. The cancellation bear is just hibernating ;)

    I’m sure he will be back devouring plenty of shows by May. Though I guess this week’s cancellation of “Zero Hour” was by the Easter Bunny instead!

  • JulieDawn

    @Patrick Gillease

    Naah…the Bear is now wide awake. This week he feasted on Zero Hour AND 90210. Spring has sprung!

  • Kh9109

    I do not know where to post this but I have tried to access the article about the cancellation of 90210. Unfortunately every time I try to access the article Google Chrome will not load it and eventually brings up a kill page option because it is not responding.

    I want to read the comments for the article but I can not access just that page, all other pages work just fine for me.

    Love this site, I have been lurking for awhile but this is my first post.

  • Hugh


    That is all

  • Observer

    Long Live The Bear!

  • Fake Me Out

    @Patrick Gillease

    “… this week’s cancellation of “Zero Hour” was by the Easter Bunny instead!”

    Wolf in Sheeps clothing = Bear in Bunny suit? Awww, it’s just a wee little bunny rabbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggg. [cough, sputter, expire]

  • Tom

    Oh, goody. Life has meaning again. For you Beastlies: During the time comments were blocked, we filled the void by holding a Nina Lisandrello lookalike contest. However, things didn’t work out quite as anticipated =- turns out all the finalists were men.

  • Picky

    Last night’s Nikita was awesome; however, I can hardly wait for Nikki/Michael with a new hand and crew to have “Home-quarters,” be free(& not in jeopardy of being burned alive). Maybe a sanctioned IMF free lance unit? Just saying. . . .

  • Nikki

    Wow. Glad to see everythings up and running again.. was worried i wouldnt be able to post on here come monday.

  • Nick


    Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Dan S

    I’ll bet Kathy Bates new character from American Horror Story wreaked revenge on TVBTN for cancelling Harry’s Law last year. At any rate it’s good to see comments being posted again. Sad to see the plug pulled early on Zero Hour as I was really engaged with that show. Maybe a Sat burn off is possible along with the last 4 of 666 PA.

  • Robert Seidman

    @Nick, I wouldn’t expect a Bubble Watch post tomorrow. Next week!

  • DW

    i had many joke to post and i could not post them . like with 90210 cancelled at the end of the season , will this effect the mentalist chances?. and couldn’t post. sad.

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