Commenting On Posts Restored, Comment Away!

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March 2nd, 2013


Commenting on posts has now been re-enabled. Feel free to comment away!

As a result of tightened security measures we have undertaken, we broke a tool that was very effective at getting rid of tons of automated spam. The only way to get comments working again quickly was either slacken security (not OK!) or abandon that tool, so we made the decision to abandon that spam blocking tool.

Consequently, we're now blocking comments with ANY hyperlinks in them in a not quite as elegant, and somewhat brute force, spam limitation measure.

Other than that, comments are open.

  • randyaw

    Praise the Lord,I was missing my daily ROFLMAO’s here. (PS-this Christmas I will offer a discount to some people for my patented panty-unbuncher)

  • jess

    why is this site keep getting blocked on my firefox browser keep getting msg’s that its malicious for the last week :(

  • JulieDawn

    @The End

    I was getting the awful “invalid data” error CONSTANTLY over the past few weeks, but not once now since they’ve fixed whatever they fixed.

  • Tom

    @ Jess

    I assume that’s because someone tried to post a picture of Nina Lisandrello.

  • Brandon Rowe

    If we bypassed the malware warning, assuming it was just an error, do we have anything to worry about with our computers?

  • jess

    well least its not just me, something is up with the site, maybe someone will figure it out

  • Fake Me Out

    Ignore post, just a test to see how plain addresses are handled

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