TV Ratings Friday: 'Last Man Standing' & 'Malibu Country' Rise + 'Nikita' Flat

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March 2nd, 2013

With Fire

Adults 18-49: Rating/Share 1.6/5 1.2/4 1.0/3 0.9/3 0.2/1
Total Viewers (million) 6.171 5.345 3.099 6.122 0.811

ABC was number one in adults 18-49 and with total viewers.

On ABC, Last Man Standing earned a 1.6, up three tenths from last week's 1.3 adults 18-49 rating.  Malibu Country scored a 1.4, also up three tenths from last week's 1.1  adults 18-49 rating. Shark Tank earned a 1.9, even with last week.  20/20 notched a 1.5, up a tenth from last week's 1.4  adults 18-49 rating.

On FOX, Kitchen Nightmares earned a 1.3, up two tenths from last week's 1.1 adults 18-49 rating.Touch earned a 0.8, up a tenth from last week's 0.7 adults 18-49 rating.

On NBC a two hour Dateline garnered a 1.3, down a tenth from last week's 1.4 adults 18-49 rating. Rock Center was even with last week's 1.0  adults 18-49 rating.

On the CW, Nikita was even with last week's 0.3 adults 18-49 rating.

Overnight broadcast primetime ratings for Friday, March 1, 2013

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00 PM ABC Last Man Standing 1.6 6 7.07
NBC Dateline (8-10PM) 1.3 4 5.89
FOX Kitchen Nightmares 1.3 4 3.29
CBS Undercover Boss -R 1.1 4 5.59
CW Nikita 0.3 1 1.06
8:30PM ABC Malibu Country 1.4 5 6.14
9:00 PM ABC Shark Tank 1.9 6 6.57
CBS Blue Bloods -R 0.8 2 5.79
FOX Touch 0.8 2 2.91
CW The Vampire Diaries -R 0.2 1 0.56
10:00 PM ABC 20/20 1.5 5 5.34
CBS Blue Bloods-R 1.0 3 6.99
NBC Rock Center 1.0 3 4.25


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In Late-Night Metered Markets Friday night:

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  • Richard Steven Hack

    Bottom Line: Fringe got a FIFTH season despite abysmal ratings just to get another 12 episodes to hit 100.

    Nikita will get a fourth season despite abysmal ratings. I don’t believe, unlike some people, that it will get a fifth season, however, like Fringe did.

    Grasping at straws to declare Nikita still “on the bubble” in the odd hope that you might be proved right is wasting your time.

    And no one is claiming the “Friday factor” is why Nikita is still on. It is syndication and syndication only. HOWEVER, that said, Nikita has been fluctuating all season.

    Episode 03-12: Friday, 03/01/13
    0.3 in the demo (0% change) with 1.06 million. (These are fast affiliate numbers and will be updated to reflect the national ratings when they are available.)

    Episode 03-11: Friday, 02/22/13
    0.3 in the demo (-40% change) with 1.24 million (-8% change).
    Season averages: 0.36 in the demo with 1.16 million.

    Episode 03-10: Friday, 02/08/13
    0.5 in the demo (+25% change) with 1.34 million (+9% change).
    Season averages: 0.37 in the demo with 1.15 million.

    Episode 03-09: Friday, 02/01/13
    0.4 in the demo (-20% change) with 1.23 million (-20% change).
    Season averages: 0.36 in the demo with 1.13 million.

    Episode 03-08: Friday, 01/25/13
    0.5 in the demo (+25% change) with 1.53 million (+21% change).
    Season averages: 0.35 in the demo with 1.13 million.

    Episode 03-07: Friday, 01/18/13
    0.4 in the demo (0% change) with 1.27 million (+7% change).
    Season averages: 0.33 in the demo with 1.06 million.

    Episode 03-06: Friday, 12/07/12
    0.4 in the demo (0% change) with 1.19 million (-1% change).
    Season averages: 0.32 in the demo with 1.02 million.

    CW TV show ratingsEpisode 03-05: Friday, 11/30/12
    0.4 in the demo (+33% change) with 1.20 million (+40% change).
    Season averages: 0.30 in the demo with 0.99 million.

    Episode 03-04: Friday, 11/09/12
    0.3 in the demo (0% change) with 0.86 million (-25% change).
    Season averages: 0.28 in the demo with 0.94 million.

    Episode 03-03: Friday, 11/02/12
    0.3 in the demo (+50% change) with 1.14 million (+41% change).
    Season averages: 0.27 in the demo with 0.97 million.

    Episode 03-02: Friday, 10/26/12
    0.2 in the demo (-33% change) with 0.81 million (-15% change).
    Season averages: 0.25 in the demo with 0.88 million.

    Episode 03-01: Friday, 10/19/12
    0.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 0.95 million total viewers.
    Season averages: 0.30 in the demo with 0.95 million.

    As you can see, it has fluctuated from one .2 to .5 all season with changes of 25-50% week to week. But it has not gone below .2 yet. It has had five .3’s, 4 .4’s, one .5 and one .2.

    So while it certainly has the POTENTIAL to drop lower than .2, it seems clear that it’s NOT in a downward trend that looks to last but rather fluctuating. It also looks like it’s probably going to end up at season’s end where it began – around .3. So the overall season trend may be downward, but there doesn’t appear to be a steady downward trend week to week.

    But there are still TEN episodes to run.

    ALL of which, again, is irrelevant. The show will be renewed. It’s one thing to renew a show with low ratings for a third season and another to renew a show with extremely low ratings for a third season. The fact the CW did so proves Nikita is not going anywhere.

    Stating that if other CW shows were higher, Nikita might not last is also both irrelevant and probably untrue. If dogs were cats, they’d speak less. :-) Who cares?

  • Kh9109

    I do not know where to post this but I have tried to access the article about the cancellation of 90210. Unfortunately every time I try to access the article Google Chrome will not load it and eventually brings up a kill page option because it is not responding.

    I want to read the comments for the article but I can not access just that page, all other pages work just fine for me.

    Love this site, I have been lurking for awhile but this is my first post.

  • Dave


    I just want to say how much I enjoy reading your responses. You’re very poised and precise. :)

  • Claudia

    Seriously, Nikita boys why would you want to go on with this suffering? Ratings are so bad, and you already have 3 seasons (luckily) to go back and forth, its not a hit series never was, I watched series 1 and 2, but really? Another year with terrible ratings, if they “go”for season 4th I doubt it will gain new or recover old fans….so just be with it and cancel the show and everybody move on and give space to other shows to develop or to start.

  • Dave


    Ouch! Bitter much?

  • forg

    Very please with LMS ratings! Just 3 eps to go before the season wraps so I hope the ratings will stay stable (or maybe rise?) I still can’t help but think that if maybe left LMS on its same Tuesday slot I think it could have been their The Middle there and get low 2s consistently but anyway with the Friday move it has a better shot for renewal.

  • Ram510

    @Richard Stevan Hack

    When I look at your post what pops out to me is the inconsistent scheduling. We wait til mid october for 4 episodes then break, 2 episodes then a 6 week (holiday) break, then 4 episode, break (which at this point it was doing ok, CW killed momentum) so no Nikita has to run all of march uninterrupted cause its behind all the other shows.

    I thought the whole reason for the CW to start in October this year was to reduce the breaks but Nikita has had the most. Unless you really pay attention (which is asking a lot from the average tv viewer) you’d never know if Nikita is on or not.

    I hope with Nikita being uninterrupted for a few weeks that the rating go up. Cause the past 2 weeks have been really great episodes and I hope the quality continues

  • Ram510


    I agree, ABC should pick up Guys With Kids. It would go great with the other multi cam sitcoms like Last Man Standing. It would work perfect if they put in the TGIF line up

  • Jordan

    What a horrible rating for a TVD repeat! Has it ever gone that low before?

  • Bizarro

    Actually Beauty is cheaper to make as it is filmed in Canada. Which is WAY cheaper to film than in New York City. Which is sky high to film in and then the wardrobe. TCD has to get clothes that look like there from the 80’s which are rare and hard to find these days. Unlike Beauty which dresses in the now which is easier and cheaper to find clothes. Also, the CW promoted TCD a lot more than Beauty which resulted in a lot more money spent on it than Beauty since Arrow was the big hit the CW was promoting last year. We can add special affects for Beauty but they really don’t have a lot. Since it deals with a lot of science fiction and barely any fantasy but TCD does cost more because location and wardrobe are a big part of a show’s cost.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Dave: “I just want to say how much I enjoy reading your responses. You’re very poised and precise.”

    I’m always precise – which is why my posts are so long. Making a decent argument requires laying it out in detail with at least some sort of supporting evidence. Thanks for the compliment – believe me, it’s RARE that I get one! :-)

    Claudia: “why would you want to go on with this suffering?”

    Who’s suffering? I sure as hell am not – I love the show! I get two more seasons than I thought I’d get! Apparently it’s YOU who are suffering! :-)

    “if they “go”for season 4th I doubt it will gain new or recover old fans”

    So what? Works for me! :-)

    “give space to other shows to develop or to start.”

    The CW isn’t likely to debut new shows on Fridays – and the rest of their line up except for the top performers are dead as a doornail and would likely do no better and probably worse than Nikita if moved to Fridays.

    Nice try at being a troll. Thank you for playing! :-)

  • Mark Wood

    Richard Steven Hack

    You stated: A mere one-tenth of a point after a hiatus is no surprise.

    Frankly that depends, the lower rated your show the larger the difference is. Looking back last year during the period in question. Out of the shows that had a similar break in episodes (VD, Secret Circle, Nikita, and SPN), the twenty percent decline for Nikita was the largest decline. Both SPN and Nikita dropped .1, but for SPN that only equalled a 12.5% drop. VD dropped .2 and that only equals 16% drop. The more female driven soaps had longer breaks, and all of them came back with the same adults 18-49 number. So no drops for them (kind of surprised). RInger only had the Winter break, and it also didn’t drop from its last adult 18-49.

    So I don’t think one can logical say that was an ok decline, at least for that time of the year, for that set of circumstances for the CW.

    You then comment upon this statement I made,

    Effectively dropping 1/3 of its audience DURING THE SEASON A rather significant percentage for a returning show.’

    You State:
    “It’s disingenuous to say it “dropped one third of its audience” – if for no other reason than a drop from .5 to .4 is a 20% drop.

    So much for your math.”

    Well I kindly suggest you pay more attention to what you are responding to as Nikita SEASON was not a .5 to 4 drop. I would certainly hope anyone posting would have the knowledge, ability, and data to actually know of what they are speaking. But apparently that might be to much to ask.

    Nikita season 2, had 8 episodes that hit .6, 8 Episodes that hit .5, and 7 episodes that hit a .4. I do believe that would be a season drop of .6 to .4, and I do believe remedial math would indicate a drop of a third.

    And really, to end that segment with ,”So much for your math.” Really? Might I suggest you refrain from such statements, to avoid making yourself appear a fool.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Ram510: “When I look at your post what pops out to me is the inconsistent scheduling.”

    I agree. The scheduling has been ridiculous.

    However, since the show hasn’t been too serial this year, it may not have had quite the impact it would have had if the show had been very serial. Still, it sucks to be constantly waiting for the show to resume.

    “I hope with Nikita being uninterrupted for a few weeks that the rating go up. Cause the past 2 weeks have been really great episodes and I hope the quality continues”

    Agreed. And hopefully within the next, say, six episodes they’ll start an arc to build to the season finale. One good thing about the scheduling is that since they started filming late, they’re still filming – episode 16 according to a Huffington Post article posted a couple weeks ago (although I don’t know when the interview actually was). So they have a shot at looking at the ratings for the filler episodes and saying, “Uh, maybe we need to change course a bit…”

    In the HuffPo piece, Maggie said:


    [A lot of the remaining Division agents seem suspicious about Ryan [Noah Bean] and Nikita’s promises that they’ll actually receive a pardon once they’ve captured the Dirty 30. Is dissent among the ranks going to be an ongoing issue?]

    Absolutely. It’s actually going to be part of the culmination of those two things, to be honest. Once we come towards Episode 17 and on, it’s really going to be about what people have, will, or will no longer accept about what they’ve been promised.

    [Is there anything you can reveal about what you’re filming this week?]

    We’re doing a really big stunt today, which is really fun. This episode that we’re doing right now is a game-changer episode. In this one, Episode 16, I would say that not only is it a game-changer, and not only is it an audience shocker, but I would say it’s one of the best episodes that we have done this season.

    End Quote

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Mark Wood: “the twenty percent decline for Nikita was the largest decline. Both SPN and Nikita dropped .1, but for SPN that only equalled a 12.5% drop. VD dropped .2 and that only equals 16% drop.”

    Of course the percentage is larger, the lower you go. Percentage INCREASES are also BIGGER the lower you go. As I’ve said, this season Nikita has bounced from 25-50% week to week in some cases. Which means it’s fluctuating, not crashing.

    “Nikita SEASON was not a .5 to 4 drop.”

    Perhaps I misread your statement. Nikita’s season drop was 50% from last season to this so far. This is no surprise and remains irrelevant unless the drop ACTUALLY occurs AGAIN between this season and next. Which is not a given if the show actually has reached bottom.

    Look, the bottom line is there is ZERO EVIDENCE that Nikita is going to drop to .2 or below any time THIS season, and only if the SAME level of year-to-year drop occurs between this season and next will it likely drop to that level.

    You keep flogging this crap just to argue that Nikita has low ratings.

    Guys, WE KNOW! We’ve said REPEATEDLY here WE KNOW.

    Nikita is still going to be renewed for a fourth season if it hits 0.0 in the ratings! The CW doesn’t care. It’s undoubtedly been PAID for season four already (in the contract.) And since Nikita is on Friday and the CW CANNOT move their high performers there and the REST of their shows would do as badly or worse than Nikita – if they even survive THIS season at higher than .3-.5, the CW isn’t going to move them to Friday to REPLACE Nikita.

    Deal with it.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I should modify that sentence to be “Nikita is going to drop to .2 or below any time THIS season (other than the one time it already has done so)… before everyone jumps on that typo… :-)

  • Mark Wood

    Richard Steven Hack

    Mark Wood: “There is no statistical reason to believe that Nikita has hit its bottom.”

    Richard Steven Hack: “And there’s no “statistical reason” to believe it will go lower. Because there are no statistics involved. The show either has hit bottom or it hasn’t. The show historically has been pretty stable, albeit dropping over fairly long periods of time.”

    Actually yes there are. Part of Statistics includes the study of trends. The analysis of pst events to estimate behavior of future events. To date every spring that Nikita has aired it has scored lower ratings then its fall.

    That is part of its statistical history and part of its trend. It’s trend and the trend in fact for every single hour long that has aired a full season on the CW is for the spring to perform at lower levels then the Fall.

    In the post I was original responding to of yours, you stated:

    Richard Steven Hack: “I don’t think so. The show has probably hit rock bottom and is living on mostly fans at this point. I think it won’t go lower than .3 even next season (except perhaps if it’s on opposite some major event.) It will probably fluctuate between .3 and .5,”

    Unless you are aware of Nielsen’s data concerning level of retention among the same viewers in following a show weak to weak, you have no reasoned way to judge whom is currently watching the show, besides just raw numbers. Certainly moving back to 8pm gives the show a lot more room to have people who are just watching due to the lead in syndicated programming at 7:30 (which is considerable higher based on all released reports then what Top Model provided in total viewers, adults 18-49 and adults 18-34).

    Based on the trend of Nikita and the overall trend of the CW, it is likely that Nikita will drop below a .3 at some point this season or certainly during the next (unless its situation changes dramatically). Heck the trend of broadcast tv is not one that keeps shows at an even level year to year, the majority of shows drop year to year, and do so until they are cancelled.

    And there is plenty of statistical data on that, thank you very much.

  • Safari

    @Ram510 and Alffan
    I agree with both of you, Guys with kids is such a great show, on the wrong network, it would excell with ABC or CBS

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Re TCD vs BATB. I don’t think the cost of either show is going to matter at all.

    TCD is flat out doomed. There is NO WAY it gets renewed with a .51 season average seven episodes into its first season – not even on the CW. And I really expect them to go lower when the spring effect hits. It’s over. Period. End of story.

    BATB IS doing better AT THE MOMENT. It’s undoubtedly NOT going to CONTINUE to do better for the rest of its season. And it’s “better” still sucks for a first season. If the show could KEEP its current .65 season rating for the rest of the season, it COULD have a shot. I just don’t think that’s realistic given 1) the spring effect, and 2) the fact that the show is crap.

    I think the show will collapse before the end of its run like Ringer did – the show is about as bad as Ringer quality-wise – and be canceled. If the ratings DO fall down to a season average of .5 or less, the show is definitely doomed.

    And good riddance because the quality is really bad.

  • dave

    CBS was all reruns no idea why they only station all reruns lastnight.

  • Mark Wood

    Richard Steven HAck

    “Perhaps I misread your statement.”

    Perhaps? What other possible reasons for your factual error, and factual misrepresentation of my statements? Perhaps your just obdurate?

    I would really love to read, your opinion of what other possible reasons for your statements of error. Perhaps seems some what soft.

    We do agree though Nikita’s ratings are low, I disagree in that the trend is for shows on broadcast tv to continue to drop over time, typically more common during the spring, and during change in seasons. This is even typically more common with the CW, which has higher then normal declines year to date, for most of its run.

    We agree that Nikita will be very likely renewed. Something I have stated many times since about April last year, when it was clear several shows M-Thursday would clear Nikita for a third, and then baring a great season when no show drops, and all new shows perform strong (Something very much against the trend of the CW) an eventual fourth season to get a generally more acceptable syndication package.

    But hell it doesn’t mean that we still can’t talk about the shows ratings. Heck 90210 was cancelled, and I can’t wait to track how that announcement , might impact the ratings for the remainder of its run.

    Nor do I dislike the show, besides SPN and Arrow its the only program on the CW I watch, but again people should be free to discuss the good and bad of a shows performance regardless of if you are a fan (or if you aren’t a fan.

    What you expect us to have the first post of the season, Oops the ratings are bad again for Nikita, but oh well it should get renewed. No reason to further comment on this show on this ratings board for the remainder of the 2012/2013 tv season?

    Somehow I am utterly sure that Robert and Bill would hate for readers to decline to comment on a show just because its fate is set (for good or ill).

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