TV Ratings Friday: 'Last Man Standing' & 'Malibu Country' Rise + 'Nikita' Flat

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March 2nd, 2013

With Fire

Adults 18-49: Rating/Share 1.6/5 1.2/4 1.0/3 0.9/3 0.2/1
Total Viewers (million) 6.171 5.345 3.099 6.122 0.811

ABC was number one in adults 18-49 and with total viewers.

On ABC, Last Man Standing earned a 1.6, up three tenths from last week's 1.3 adults 18-49 rating.  Malibu Country scored a 1.4, also up three tenths from last week's 1.1  adults 18-49 rating. Shark Tank earned a 1.9, even with last week.  20/20 notched a 1.5, up a tenth from last week's 1.4  adults 18-49 rating.

On FOX, Kitchen Nightmares earned a 1.3, up two tenths from last week's 1.1 adults 18-49 rating.Touch earned a 0.8, up a tenth from last week's 0.7 adults 18-49 rating.

On NBC a two hour Dateline garnered a 1.3, down a tenth from last week's 1.4 adults 18-49 rating. Rock Center was even with last week's 1.0  adults 18-49 rating.

On the CW, Nikita was even with last week's 0.3 adults 18-49 rating.

Overnight broadcast primetime ratings for Friday, March 1, 2013

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00 PM ABC Last Man Standing 1.6 6 7.07
NBC Dateline (8-10PM) 1.3 4 5.89
FOX Kitchen Nightmares 1.3 4 3.29
CBS Undercover Boss -R 1.1 4 5.59
CW Nikita 0.3 1 1.06
8:30PM ABC Malibu Country 1.4 5 6.14
9:00 PM ABC Shark Tank 1.9 6 6.57
CBS Blue Bloods -R 0.8 2 5.79
FOX Touch 0.8 2 2.91
CW The Vampire Diaries -R 0.2 1 0.56
10:00 PM ABC 20/20 1.5 5 5.34
CBS Blue Bloods-R 1.0 3 6.99
NBC Rock Center 1.0 3 4.25


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In Late-Night Metered Markets Friday night:

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  • Richard Steven Hack

    Mark Wood: “Part of Statistics includes the study of trends. The analysis of pst events to estimate behavior of future events. To date every spring that Nikita has aired it has scored lower ratings then its fall.”

    You are a MASTER at stating the OBVIOUS. I salute you, sir!

    How is that different from every other show on TV – AS WE ALL KNOW ALREADY?

    “for the spring to perform at lower levels then the Fall.”

    Which we also know very well.

    Nothing in your post alters the fact that it’s all irrelevant.

    What I SAID in my original post was that it was unlikely to drop below .3 – meaning CONSISTENTLY, obviously since it already hit .2 once early on – THIS SEASON. I stand by that even if it drops to a .3 season average by end of this season’s one.

    What people claimed was that Nikita was going to INEVITABLY hit .2 or less THIS SEASON. That is NOT a GIVEN, despite all your extremely obvious explanations of how things work.

    And what it does next season isn’t relevant to the point I originally made. It may well lose even fans next season, but that isn’t a given. More likely it will lose some general audience numbers next season.

    But it might not. Who knows whether the show will remain at it’s current time, what might happen to its lead-in (affiliate or otherwise).

    And again, WHO CARES?

    Again, you’re just flogging this stuff for the sake of argument. No one cares except you and people who don’t get the FACT that Nikita is getting a fourth season regardless of its current ratings.

    Again, DEAL WITH IT.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    This has been entirely about Nikita’s ratings. Which again are utterly irrelevant. The whole reason for people bitching about its ratings is to bash the show. As I’ve said A HUNDRED TIMES, WE KNOW THE RATINGS ARE BAD! When are you people going to get it through your heads that IT DOESN’T MATTER.

    I don’t care what you claim as your motivation for arguing this. Your sole reason for bringing this up is to argue that the show MUST drop to .2 or below.

    It’s simply unprovable.

    Give it up and don’t waste any more of my time. I’ve got things to do right now. If you want to sit here and discuss the ratings of a show that are irrelevant, be my guest.

    Here, I’ll help you. Nikita’s ratings COULD GO – hypothetically, someday – to 0.0.

    Happy now?

    Jesus, some people on the Internet…

  • Chris

    @Alffan I have said the exact same thing before as well. Guys With Kids is your prototypical TGIF show. It’s so weird that it’s on NBC but if you take a look at NBC’s schedule next season, it looks as though they may have another family comedy to go with GWK. It’s the Sean Hayes pilot. Still, I’m not confident in either shows being on NBC because people these days flat out gravitate away from NBC if it’s not NFL football.

    Honestly, there’s a lot of directions ABC could go if they wanted TGIF. They could move Suburgatory and The Neighbors to Fridays or they could just move The Neighbors and pick something else up (GWK). I think there’s a slim chance NBC will renew GWK because there are actually good multi cams NBC has next season to go with it. ABC on the other hand have nothing in the ranks for TGIF next season. Most of their pilots look pretty bad.

  • Chris

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention ABC or Michael Jacobs could come to their senses and try and get Girl Meets World on TGIF along with The Neighbors or Suburgatory.

  • CookyMonzta

    Posted March 2, 2013 at 9:34 PM
    “CBS was all reruns no idea why they only station all reruns lastnight.”

    Because in recent years Friday has become a dead night.

    And there’s word that Jay Leno might pack it in at the end of the spring.

  • 134sc

    LMS has been great this season. The cast changes and the alteration of Tim Allen’s character had me skeptical, but I have to admit it has made the show much funnier.

    I really hope it gets renewed.

  • Chris

    Last Man Standing is ABC’s strongest show. No, not in the ratings, and not in viewership although the viewership is pretty good. What I mean is that from the very beginning it was a self starter on ABC’s worse night, Tuesdays and last year it was getting ratings similar to The Middle. Then this season they changed the night to the infamous Friday night death slot and also they changed the direction of the show as well as cast members and STILL it’s getting very respectable numbers for a Friday. It was NEVER given a cushy lead in from a big time hit like Modern Family like Happy Endings, Apt. 23, and How To Live With Your Parents got. It was able to fight all by its lonesome self. ABC has to give this show some love and renew it. It would be a deserving renewal, not a pity renewal.

  • Wright

    Hopefully Nikita adjusts up. It’s a good show. TCD needs to be cancelled next.

  • Mark Wood

    Richard Steven Hack

    Why would anyone posting to others and to a general audience ever post something, “WHO CARES”. If you think no one cares, why did you post in the first place?

    I would assume because you read something that you disagreed with on some level (though certainly I can’t speak of your motivations with clarity).

    I simply responded to a post of yours that I disagreed with. Nothing more nefarious then that.

    I thought your statement, that it was “unlikely” to drop lower then a .3 to be inaccurate. I thought I was rather precise on why I felt that way.

    I”What people claimed was that Nikita was going to INEVITABLY hit .2 or less THIS SEASON. That is NOT a GIVEN, despite all your extremely obvious explanations of how things work.”

    First, I am not “those” people. nor have I stated that the show will absolutely hit a .2 this season or in the future.

    In fact this is my original response concerning just that.

    Right now the show is down 40% from this same point last year. Now luckily for Nikita to drop even further requires huge drops. Just the drop from a .3 to a .2 is a third drop. But we have seen with two other shows this year that it absolutely can happen.

    Now I don’t think that screams to a reader that my opinion is that Nikita (lets through in some all caps, because clearly my logic isn’t strong enough to stand on its own) a “given” or that it’s “Inevitable” that Nikita will hit a .2 (and of course now you mean average, not a new episode this spring).

    Instead you tear my argument apart, stating my math is accurate, and mock my math skills. When your error on that is brought to your attention, you state “Perhaps you misread it”. I think its pretty much past, perhaps.

    Is it really that hard to state, Oops, I was wrong? No instead you seem to want to lump into a group that simply likes to rile up others, and insult their shows results. Yet my post history is generally more negative on shows I like and love then ones I dislike.

    Yet I should “Deal with it”. Actually I am. I am stating my opinion, I am being factually accurate, I am basing my opinion on historic trends. When I state that the 20% decline for Nikita from Feb to MArch last year was significant, I did so because it was based off the factual information we have been given, which showed it to have the largest drop in its break of any scripted show on the CW during that same time. When I talk about the show’s having a statistical tend to decline, I do so because its shown that year to year (and large enough percentage to get episodes below a .3.

    I am responding to what a poster specifically types out in their posts. I am not judging them by what others have said or stated.

  • Just Desserts

    Malibu Country renewed :) .

    Thank you Blake!!!

  • Jon

    The bump for Malibu country was due to Blake Shelton’s appearance. I’m sure it will drop down again. That show for the most part is a major disappointment. I really wanted to like it, but its just so unfunny, and the cast outside of Reba sucks, even Lily Tomlin who I have great respect for is miscast here.

  • Jon

    @134sc…..I do like Last Man Standing a lot. The cast is great all around, and the new actress that plays his oldest daughter has fit in so well, she makes you forget about the first one. The only character I don’t really like is her pathetic ex. I hate how she walks around eggshells for him, especially after he left for so many of his kids first 5 years.

  • networkman

    Last Man Standing just earned its renewal. These numbers are really good for Friday. I wish the show was able to produce 22 episodes this season.

    Malibu Country has potential. I really liked the addition of Blake. I would like to see more country artists as guest stars. Dolly Parton and definately Kelly Clarkson would be great to see. The show needs retooled with new writers. Along with Lily Tomlin, I would keep Jai Rodriguez. I like how he interacts with the family. He is really developing and his character is interesting.

  • omabin

    The thing about the TGIF comedies is that they strike to me as being the type of shows that will grow over time and not decrease. I have no data or anything to back this up, it is just an impression, but I think ABC would be better off keeping them both rather than doing something like replacing MC with the neighbours. Stability is very much crucial here. Maybe expanding to the 9pm hour though. Suburgatory is likely to be strong enough for fridays and god knows shark tank is much needed elsewhere on the week.

  • Jim

    Without CSI:NY CBS is dead in the water on Friday. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA All you CSI haters can suck it.

  • William

    Just Desserts::

    Unfortunately, the ratings will most likely drop back down to 1.1 with 5 million viewers unless they change a very important dynamic of the show. The dynamic i am referring to would be the presence of a strong male character on the show to attract male viewers. Reba has a solid base of 5 million mostly female viewers, this is not the problem. Woman will always watch this show and men won’t unless there is something in it for them. I liked watching Blake because he acted like a cool man! Giving Cash advice about getting laid!! Telling Jai he is a “little gay fella” This is funny for a guy to watch! This is what the show needs more of!!! But it does not need Blake Shelton to do this. After all why would you want Blake to draw attention away from Reba?? Its her show!! That’s why I keep suggesting that they use the X-Husband to solve all the problems with the show (AND I HAVE NO INTEREST OR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE X-HUSBAND!!!) Using the X-Husband makes the most sense! After all he is the father of the kids! He should be involved! And he is no thread to Reba being the star!! Do you remember the episode where the X-husband buys Cash a hot red Mustang for his birthday!! That was totally cool for a guy to watch!!! It pissed Reba off!! but that’s great controversy for the show!!!! and its funny!!!!

  • William

    Just Desserts::

    I think it would be very easy for ABC to make Malibu a very successful show…They just need to change the dynamic as I suggested above, then create some promo spots and run them on LMS and Shark Tank!! They just need to attract some of those male viewers!

  • William

    So, if you accept my point about MC lacking male viewers, then you need something on the show to attract male viewers.

    Why to men like to watch Tim Allen and Shark Tank??

    Tim Allen acts like a cool guy! he is confident,arrogant,set in his ways, not afraid to speak his mind, not afraid to insult others!

    The Shark Tank guys and woman are also very cool! Confident, fearless, cocky, insulting.


  • William

    One last point about Malibu Country:

    The coolest scene for me as a guy watching the show was when the X-Dad buys the Red Mustang for Cash B’day!!! hell yeah!!

    I was glued to the tv set!

    Guys like this stuff. Just like when Daymond John from Shark Tank looks into the eyes of a desperate “want to be” entrepreneur and he say’s “I’M OUT” That is great stuff for a guy to watch!! i love it!!

  • Ray

    Hey here’s a dumb question – if it’s been written about before just point me in the right direction, with or without hyperlink.

    We know that overall viewers don’t matter when it comes to renewal. We know that syndication is a powerful force. Do overall viewers matter when it comes to decisions about syndication? I suppose it shouldn’t, because the repeats are going to air on stations that only care about the 18-49 demo.

    I ask because Nikita dropped from 1.24m to 1.06m overall while maintaining a .3. For a show with already low viewership, a 15% drop is substantial. Would that come into play when they’re talking about syndication as part of their decision whether to renew?

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