How Will 'Red Widow' Premiere Tonight? (Poll)

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March 3rd, 2013


Red Widow is having its two-hour premiere tonight after Once Upon a Time . Does this new drama have a chance? Once Upon a Time hasn't exactly been the Sunday powerhouse it used to be, and the first hour of the premiere has the misfortune of going up directly against The Walking Dead.  Still, Revenge has been OK in this slot, and Red Widow might attract some of the same viewers before moving to the 10PM hour next week. So what do you think? Will Red Widow premiere well tonight? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • rob60990


  • Joseph


  • Scandalfan

    I say between 1.5 and 1.6 and 5M viewers.

  • John A

    Like Revenge below a 2.0. Ill go with 1.8

  • zerg

    I hope OUAT will rise a lot..because daylight savings is coming :SS

    Red Widow looks bad and aganist tough competion… 2.0-2.4 or less

  • Shepherd

    Let’s see. The Mob Doctor meets The Good Wife, ABC style.


  • Cory

    Sunday at 10 is quickly becoming another problem slot for ABC since cancelling Brothers and Sisters (and no, I’m not defending the show or saying it’d be doing any better). Pan Am, GCB, 666 Park all casualties in the last 18 months.

    I say it goes the way of GCB, in that it premieres with around a 2.2 or, and hovers around 1.6-1.8 at 10 for a while, and then when it airs with repeats earlier in the night in April, it goes down to 1.0 and is cancelled by May. ABC really needs to get its act together in its scheduling department. I also think ABC isn’t smart by scheduling a 2 hour premiere of this. I can’t imagine many people sticking around for 2 hours of a new show unless they get super invested.

  • Robsten_Fan

    Let’s hope for the best!
    3.0 :)

  • steve

    I’m going to say a 2.2

  • Douglas from Brazil

    I bet 1.2 rating and 3 millions viewers.In 2 weeks it will be cancelled.

  • Baqinardo


  • victor hugo


  • Liam

    I think Once will get around a 2.8 and 8 million viewers and Red Widow will probably get around a 2.0 and 6 million viewers. I don’t think It will do very well.

  • American

    I really don’t care how this one turns out, I’m just sick of OUAT being low to mid-2’s. Maybe the ads during the Oscars will help both be up a little.
    OUAT: 2.6
    RW: 2.1

  • Zed

    I think the two hour premiere puts it at a disadvantage. Nobody would sit through two hours of a new series unless they’re extremely excited about it – haven’t heard of any for this show. And the first hour moves really slowly story-wise according to TVLine’s review, so the second hour is going to go even lower.
    I say a 1.5 if i’m being optimistic.

  • Observer

    Never heard of it. 1.9

  • Dan S

    It’s been well promoted but not sure what kind of buzz its getting if any. I’ll be a bit optimistic & say between 2.0-2.3 but of course how it does at 10pm in the coming weeks is the real test.

  • Fred

    Looks like another low rated drama to me. The previews look dreadful and I have no desire to watch it. Would much rather watch the improving (but still low rated ) REVENGE.
    I want to see OUAT move up to around 3.0 or higher. Hoping the Oscar promotions will help bring back those lost viewers.
    The Oscars didn’t help Nashville. Such a shame, really enjoy that drama.

  • Michael Campbell

    This show I would say between 1.4-1.7, unfortunately. It looks kinda good.

  • Jaime04

    I never heard of this show either!
    I say 1.5 because there has been no buzz or promotion (as far as I know)

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