How Will 'Red Widow' Premiere Tonight? (Poll)

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March 3rd, 2013


Red Widow is having its two-hour premiere tonight after Once Upon a Time . Does this new drama have a chance? Once Upon a Time hasn't exactly been the Sunday powerhouse it used to be, and the first hour of the premiere has the misfortune of going up directly against The Walking Dead.  Still, Revenge has been OK in this slot, and Red Widow might attract some of the same viewers before moving to the 10PM hour next week. So what do you think? Will Red Widow premiere well tonight? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • Nick


    I’m guessing a 1.2 if they’re lucky.

    Seriously? It has the second-best drama lead-in on the network, minimal competition, and is right up ABC’s alley, yet you think it will be their lowest scripted premiere ever ?

  • Terry

    Just looks plain awful!

  • Jason50

    It probably doesn’t have many similarities to Mob Doctor but when I see the trailer the first thing I think of is another Mob Doctor type show. Anson Mount makes an appearance but doesn’t make it past the first episode, bummer. I’m more interested in checking out new scripted series Vikings on the History Channel tonight at the same time, maybe a poor mans Spartacus hopefully better than Sinbad.

  • Jt

    There is no chance it gets 1.2.

  • AJ

    1.6 — Nothing huge.

  • debsafan

    Well, there’s nothing on I want to watch. So I’ll give it a chance. But it makes little difference. ABC will cancel it like they does everything else after a few weeks.

  • Greg


    Though it could be less, given it’s a two-hour premiere. A season 2 would take a miracle.

  • Greg

    Futon Critic says the order was for 8 episodes (which includes the two episodes airing tonight). Hopefully ABC will air only after Revenge originals and not screw things up like they did with GCB.

  • BigBrotherFan

    I’m going with a 1.6 and then the show won’t do much better or worse THAN 666 PARK AVE.
    Revenge WILL return to LOWS next week (not a series low or season BUT LOW) so week TWO for RED WIDOW will be 1.2-1.4

  • The End


    8 episodes? Not much faith shown there by ABC lol

  • Mike


  • BigBrotherFan


    ….The BETTER for NASHVILLE :)

    1 DOWN

  • Amy

    IMO OUAT’s audience won’t watch RW. They’re very shows. BATB airs after TVD and has much lower ratings.

  • ABC hater

    I’ll go with 1.6-1.9, but won’t be surprised if it can’t get to that range. No buzz at all.

  • Jt

    There have been shows with great promos but had awful ratings.

  • Jt

    Lets wait before saying it will be a flop.

  • samurai99

    It has a two hour premiere at 10 pm? As in, they want you to stay up until midnight on Sunday to watch it? THAT sounds like a failure. 2.2 for the first episode, 1.5 for the second, so a 1.8 average.

  • Greg

    @The End

    Indeed. Still, that’s one more episode than Scandal had last season and look how well it’s doing now (not that I’m expecting that to happen again, but one never knows).

  • Greg


    No, it starts at 9. Revenge is not airing tonight.

  • HV

    I really don’t totally understand these numbers with what’s good and what’s bad and such, but I’m gonna say 1.7 because it is two hours and is apparantly horrible but it is preceded by OUAT.

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