History's 'The Bible' is the Number 1 Cable Entertainment Telecast of the Year

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March 4th, 2013


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New York, NY, March 4, 2013 – Over two telecasts on premiere night, THE BIBLE averaged 14.8 million viewers, 5 million Adults 18-49 and 5.6 million Adults 25-54. In the 8-10pm premiere 13.1 million total viewers flocked to THE BIBLE, including 4.6 million Adults 25-54. THE BIBLE is the #1 cable entertainment telecast of the year. Leading into the premiere HISTORY.com had it best day ever in its history, and THE BIBLE trended as #1 on Twitter with celebrities and influencers tweeting their own personal tune-in messages.


Says Nancy Dubuc, President, Entertainment and Media, A+E Networks, “The success of THE BIBLE has catapulted HISTORY into one of the most powerful brands across media landscape and we could not be more thrilled and more proud. We are the #1 cable entertainment telecast of the year to date! Leading into the premiere we had the best day ever on History.com, and THE BIBLE trended #1 on Twitter. Clearly there is a nationwide groundswell that was waiting for this moment. We launched an incredible and coordinated campaign - HISTORY worked hand in hand with Roma and Mark and their talented team. An enormous debt of gratitude goes out to everyone and the amazing effort put forth to drive us to this amazing win. Clearly the passion for this project has resonated with our viewers and across the nation. We are thrilled, and the story is only just beginning.”


“We could not be more thrilled with this out of the gate success of THE BIBLE on HISTORY,” said Executive Producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett. "The world is watching right now and we are incredibly humbled by the reaction to the series. This #1 series is a tribute to all those who have helped us to spread the Word. Ultimately THE BIBLE will be seen and felt by billions around the globe. We have to thank Nancy Dubuc and her HISTORY team for stepping up and joining us on this amazing journey – together we are now able to share this most sacred text that will continue to challenge and inspire.


“Today, more people are discussing God's chosen people - Moses and Abraham -in one day than ever before. We’ve been working on this project for the past four years now, and are deeply honored to be given this once in a generation opportunity to breathe new visual life into the Bible’s profound stories. The Bible gives meaning and purpose to billions of people around the world. We believe the success of the series will spark the curiosity of billions more,” continued Roma and Mark.

THE BIBLE, premiering every Sunday on HISTORY over the next four Sundays, culminating on Easter, was created and executive produced by renowned producer Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor, The Apprentice, Shark Tank) and Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel). The series, a landmark television event, combines one of the greatest collections of stories ever assembled with live action and state-of-the-art CGI. The series is narrated by Emmy award-winning actor/vocalist Keith David (Mr & Mrs Smith; Platoon; Crash) and features a musical score by the world renowned Grammy and Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer. In April, The Bible series will arrive on Blu-ray and DVD with hours of exclusive special features and extras making it a must-own for every home. A book series by Mark and Roma is currently available in stores.


Leading the outstanding international cast is Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actress and series’ co-executive producer Roma Downey, who plays Mother Mary. Joining her are Portuguese TV star Diogo Morgado as Jesus, as well as an array of acclaimed UK-based actors including Sean Teale (Skins), David Rintoul (The Iron Lady, My Week with Marilyn), Amber Rose Revah (The Borgias), Peter Guinness (an accomplished long time film/theatre actor), Greg Hicks (one of the UK’s best-known Shakespearean actors), and Simon Kunz (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Parent Trap, Matchpoint).


From Genesis to Revelation, HISTORY will illuminate the Bible, re-telling the stories as they unfold and revealing new insights into these iconic characters in context of the Bible. The series will feature some of the most famous stories ever written from Noah’s Ark and the Exodus to Daniel in the Lion’s Den to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.


THE BIBLE series is produced for HISTORY by Lightworkers Media and Hearst Entertainment & Syndication. Executive Producers are Mark Burnett, Roma Downey and Richard Bedser. Executive Producers for HISTORY are Dirk Hoogstra and Julian P. Hobbs. THE BIBLE is distributed by One Three Media, Inc.



HISTORY® is the leading destination for factual entertainment, including award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive and entertaining manner across multiple platforms. The network’s all-original programming slate, including scripted event programming, features a roster of hits including American Pickers®, American Restoration™, Ax Men™, Ice Road Truckers®, Pawn Stars®, Swamp People® and Top Shot® as well as epic mini-series and specials such as the Emmy® Award-winning Hatfields & McCoys, Gettysburg, Vietnam in HD, America The Story of Us, and 102 Minutes That Changed America. The HISTORY website is the leading online resource for all things history, and in 2011, the United States Library of Congress selected HISTORY’s Civil War 150 site for inclusion in the historic collection of Internet materials related to the American Civil War sesquicentennial. www.history.com


About Roma Downey

A celebrated, Emmy-nominated actress Roma Downey is best known for her nine seasons as the tender-hearted angel on the hit CBS show Touched by an Angel. Roma starred in over 200 episodes and her work as the compassionate angel inspired millions of people around the world and earned Roma multiple best actress nominations for Emmy’s and Golden Globe awards. Born in Ireland and classically trained in London, Ms. Downey has performed on stage with the famed Abbey Theatre Company and has appeared both on and off Broadway. She played the leading role of Jackie Kennedy Onassis in the Emmy award winning six hour miniseries for NBC called “A Woman Named Jackie." Ms. Downey not only starred in, but executive produced seven television movies for The CBS network, among them "Borrowed Hearts" with Eric Mc Cormack and "Second Honeymoon" with Tim Matheson. She is the executive producer of the children's DVD and book series "Little Angels" and its companion "Little Angels Storybook Bible". Downey is currently producing a ten hour miniseries, The Bible with her husband, Mark Burnett. This is being produced under their company LightWorkers Media and is the first collaboration of this husband and wife team. Ms. Downey not only produced the series but stepped into the role of Mary the Mother of Christ. Ms. Downey and Mr. Burnett have co-authored a companion book to the series ‘A Story of God and all of Us.’ The book is to be published this Spring by Faith Words. For many years Ms Downey has been a spokesperson for "Operation Smile" a volunteer organization that brings free surgeries to children around the globe with facial deformities. She has travelled to third world and developing countries making fund raising films on their behalf.



About Mark Burnett

Four time Emmy Award winner Mark Burnett has produced over 1,200 hours of television programming which regularly airs in over 70 countries worldwide. His current network series include "Survivor" (CBS), "The Voice" (NBC), "The Celebrity Apprentice" (NBC), and “Shark Tank” (ABC). In last 12 months Burnett series have won their time slots on 5 nights of television in the same week. Burnett is one of very few producers to have had a renewed series on each of the four major networks. He also has a strong presence in award show franchises, having produced the "MTV Movie Awards" from 2007 to 2011, the annual “People’s Choice Awards” since 2010, the "Video Game Awards" (Spike) and the 2011"Primetime Emmy Awards." Burnett is currently producing and distributing ten hour miniseries on The Bible (with his wife Roma Downey - Star of Touched by an Angel) for air globally in Spring 2013. Mr. Burnett has been named one of the world's most influential people by TIME Magazine and also listed as TV Guide’s most valuable player. He has won BRANDWEEK’S Marketer of the Year Award, The Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Award, the PGA Norman Lear Award and the prestigious ROSE D’OR FRAPA Format Award. Burnett was inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame and was honored in 2010 with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. He served two elected terms on the Board of Directors for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in Los Angeles.


  • Richard Steven Hack

    ” people, places, events, all very much verified”

    Oh, please. That is SO much BS!

    The reality is that almost everything people believe about that period is almost completely wrong.

    Jesus was a good Jew who had NO intention of founding a new religion, still less one that would persecute his own people for two thousand years. The actual founder, Paul, was a Roman double-agent working against the Jews. Jesus own brother preached against listening to anything Paul said. When Paul found out, he confronted Jesus brother. The people rallied to Jesus brother, and Paul had to seek Roman protection. Forty of Jesus’ followers swore not to eat, drink or sleep until they killed Paul. Paul had to be escorted out of Jerusalem by Roman soldiers. He went to Rome and founded a church that persecuted Jews.

    Any Christian who doesn’t know this history is talking out of his butt.

  • Sneezer

    I did make a snarky comment about religion when I was really meaning to voice my opinion about this particular production of the Bible. I’ve spent decades respecting everyone’s religious belief systems and all I got from it was many a “you’re going to hell” comments. So, now, I’m a little thin-skinned on the subject and I am finally proud to admit that I am anti-theist. BUT, I stand by my comments on the awful way this version of “The Bible” is being portrayed. I still like “The Ten Commandments” and the movie “The Robe”.

    Also, if you are going to call it “The Bible” you need to be a little more true to the actual book. I know that’s hard to do with people interpreting it so many different ways, but, at least stick to the “words”.

  • Seekerslegacy

    I don’t care how thin skinned you think you are, you damn well should keep respecting everyone’s personal beliefs. So yeah, stop being snarky towards people because they are theists. Seriously anyone who makes fun if other people’s personal beliefs should be embarrassed about it. No exception.

  • Neal

    Richard, the bible and Jesus are Judeo Christian MYTH and nothing else!

    No one has the slightest physical evidence to support a historical Jesus; no artifacts, dwelling,works of carpentry,or self-written manuscripts. All claims about Jesus derive from writings of other people. There occurs no contemporary Roman record that shows Pontius Pilate executing a man named Jesus. Devastating to historians,there occurs not a single contemporary writing that mentions Jesus. All documents about Jesus came well after the life of the alleged Jesus from either: unknown authors, people who had never met an earthly Jesus,or from fraudulent,mythical or allegorical writings

  • Seekerslegacy


    Let me guess. You hate all theists and think they’re nutcases. That would make you the nutcase actually.

  • Neal

    No not at all. Just stating the FACTS that the bible is based on Judeo Christian MYTH and not actual historical events!

  • Shepherd


    I don’t care how thin skinned you think you are, you damn well should keep respecting everyone’s personal beliefs. So yeah, stop being snarky[sic] towards people because they are theists. Seriously anyone who makes fun if other people’s personal beliefs should be embarrassed about it. No exception.

    If you honestly believe what you say, then fine. But I seriously doubt that you do. Every day I see/hear people get bashed for their belief that show A will get canceled or that show B will get renewed. People get ridiculed for their belief in Big Foot, ghosts, Roswell aliens, The Loch Ness monster, that they were abducted by aliens; conservatives constantly bash people for their belief in global warming and the list goes on and on. I’ve never seen anyone come out and passionately argue against putting down other people’s beliefs during any of those moments.

    Everyone’s entitled to their beliefs just like you, and like you, people are entitled to laugh at a belief/set of beliefs they find silly. You seem to be the only one making personal attacks around here. Until you’re ready to passionately defend every conceivable belief in existence no matter how silly or dumb you may or may not find it to be; grow up and stop trying to play the victim.

  • Seekerslegacy

    I’m not making personal attacks. Also you’re telling me to grow up? Listen, I’m almost 24 and perfectly capable of mature and civil conversation. I’m an adult. I didn’t personally attack anyone. I certainly don’t feel like a victim of anyone. I personally respectful of other people’s beliefs, religious, non-religious, no matter what .

  • richard

    To all the christains and atheists on here, and everywhere else on the web, I think you all ought to be nicer toward each other. I know a lot of christains and have atheist friends. And what I know is that my a lot of my christain friends are nice good people, and my atheist friends are nice good people. I am aware that both groups of people share the most basic of values, such as being kindnto people. Yet I see lots of christains and atheists attacking each other online. And the excuse I see a lot is, “well X started it! ” well, forgive and move on. I f we all didn’t have to continue to complain about each other, there would be more peace. However it seems like the media can represent both these groups as being extremists, cause the crazy or controversal people get the microphones leading lots of people to believe that both these groups have way more extremists than they do. In reality, its only a small percentage, most people in these groups are a little more rational than these internet wars would have you believe,

  • Shepherd


    um, you accused Neil of being hateful and then proceeded to call him a nutcase. Perhaps they changed the definition of ‘personal attack’.

  • Seekerslegacy

    @Shepherd give me a break here, I was annoyed because it seemed to be a post hating on theists. Why don’t you stop arguing with me and let’s find some common ground here. There’s no need for childish squabbles. Stop treating me like I’m some troll. That’s ridiculous.

  • Neal

    Jesus is Judeo Christian MYTH and this bible show is the greatest FICTION ever told!

  • Sneezer

    I am not embarrassed at all about my views on religion. I dream of a future where they are all considered helpful psychological myths. If they make you feel good, make your life better, that’s great. It doesn’t appear like I’m the thin-skinned one in this after all. You’re strong beliefs should make it very easy for you to totally ignore someone like me, Seekerslegacy.

    Oh, and again, the laugh fest I was talking about earlier is simply how bad this depiction of the bible happens to be. I’m into movies and how good or bad they are. Religion is a whole different ball game to me.

  • Networkman

    I feel that if The Bible had aired on any of the network channels it would of skewed old. I don’t feel people would of been as intrigued to watch it. Cable is just consider as being more hip nowadays. Would anyone really think that viewers in the all important demo would sit and watch this type of program on a broadcast channel, especially in a culture where people seem really divided about religion.

    Network TV can not win nowaday. People would be busy watching the reality programs on Cable such as the Housewives Franchise or Kardashians. I feel it would of got 2.5 with maybe around 9-10 million people which would be better than what the network programs got on Sunday. But it wouldn’t have been anything spectacular.

  • Seekerslegacy


    I’m not thin skinned at all my friend. :) Perhaps you misunderstood my post. I didn’t say you should feel embarrassed about your personal beliefs. I respect everyone’s beliefs. What I said was that if you ((you as in anyone in general)) dislike theists so strongly that you give them a hard time, and you enjoy tearing them down simply for their beliefs, then anyone who does that is a nutcase and should feel embarrassed.

    Tearing down other people for their beliefs and putting people beneath you, telling someone their beliefs are wrong is childish and crazy. I’m not in to childish squabbles. Like I said I never said you should feel embarrassed about your views on theists. I also meant that no matter how thin skinned you think you are after SOME theists telling you that you should go to Hell, you should still be friendly to them and respectful of their beliefs anyway or you’re no better than those saying you’re going to Hell.

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