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March 4th, 2013

The Following February 18

The Following has become a bona fide hit, especially when judged by the low standard of this season's mid-season shows. Last week it scored a 2.8 among adults 18-49. This week, airing against reruns on CBS and The Bachelor: Women Tell All, it has the potential to rise.  Do you think it can defy ratings gravity? Make your prediction.



  • gerry

    agree w old man. i think its stable at 2.8

  • Ultima

    incredibly incompetent FBI

    FOX had a really high rated show with incompetent FBI agents for almost a decade. They’re just going with what works! ;)

  • CrimTV


    And they had a moderate success with another FBI show with sci-fi elements :)

  • Ultima


    I think we’re talking about the same show! ;)

  • Z

    I’ll say 2.8 – 3.0 probably a 2.9.

  • richierich

    @ Mark

    I agree. If someone is able to take out the entourage and free him, I’ll give up. That scenario and others similar have been done before and are so cliched. There have been several things here that I’ve seen before. I will admit though, I keep watching and yelling at the incompetent FBI. I just want to find out one thing, which I’ll have t wait to find out. I have a sneaking suspicion that the boy is Ryan Hardy’s son. If I missed something so far, and it can’t be his son, someone please let me know.

  • BigBrotherFan


    I agree with you 100% however, my problem is after episode three they really screwed it up with the whole threesome scenario. I would of felt a lot worse for the two gay guys if they sort of had them really wanting to be together but couldn’t because of the babysitter lady. Now they just seem over-the-top. I mean, the two dudes where surrounded by FBI and yet managed to escape. Kind of seems a bit much now. I be up for them staying if maybe JACOB pulls a massive revenge on the NANNY if the Latino dude dies (I forget his name). Maybe have JACOB get caught and give up the NANNY’s location but that’s not going to happen and we ALL KNOW JOE has a much bigger better follower WESTON (ASHMORE) so they can axe this story once he is revealed.

  • Quadrey

    Lmao at the 4th grader

  • Ekras

    Does it really matter? It’s been RENEWED! Woohoo!

  • richierich

    @ Ekras

    When did FOX renew it?

  • Simon

    With the news that the show has been renewed it won’t be a surprise if it rises. I’ll put my vote down as a healthy 3.0 in the demo.

  • richierich

    @ Ekras,

    Nevermind, it’s just been posted.

  • Jonny C…. formerly Jon


    I hope it’s keeps this momentum for the next few weeks…cuz in 3 weeks it has to deal with the Voice for 6 weeks. Hopefully it’ll maintain a 2.2 or higher during that period.

  • Vikki

    I say the ratings stay about the same ONLY because the competition is weak this week. If CBS had first run episodes, it would drop. My husband and I can’t be the only viewers getting a little fed up with some of the preposterous twists and turns that seem to be getting more and more frequent. That being said, I am still watching it in hopes of less of those moments.

  • Vikki


    It can’t be Ryan’s son. In the first episode,they establish that she found out she was pregnant right before Ryan started investigating at the college.

  • richierich

    @ Vikki,

    Thank you. Apparently I missed that.

  • The End


    To be honest I saw the Cop/Swat thing coming when the woman got the phonecall and was told everything would be sorted, so you could kinda imagine he had a following in the FBI/Swat/local law inforcement too.

    I’m still confused as to how a convicted killer could get all these visitors and freely talk to them about stuff they’re going to do for the cause.

  • Samunto

    A 3.0 is very reasonable. And those who were expecting it to be cancelled if it’s ratings keep falling will be ‘happy’ to know it’s been renewed.

  • erwanfromfrance

    Bones : 2.5% Following : 3.0% Biggest loser : 2.5% Deception : 1.5% The Carrie Diaries : 0.6% 90210 : 0.4%

  • Vikki

    @The End

    I probably should have put twists in quotes because a lot of them are pretty easy to see coming based on how they keep becoming less and less realistic.

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