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March 4th, 2013

The Following February 18

The Following has become a bona fide hit, especially when judged by the low standard of this season's mid-season shows. Last week it scored a 2.8 among adults 18-49. This week, airing against reruns on CBS and The Bachelor: Women Tell All, it has the potential to rise.  Do you think it can defy ratings gravity? Make your prediction.



  • The End


    I agree, and from what I understand they’re looking to continue the Joe Caroll plot into Season 2 too. So most likely the producers will be slowly unraveling everything bit by bit to fully explain all these implausible plot twists lol

    Hopefully the show will have a chance to really build a story worth following and not die in its 2nd season.

    Another thing is how Joe Carolls lawyer is given freedom to come and go and speak to him, they really should be monitoring the conversations, and in that situation in real life they would be? I doubt any Prison would clearly allow the lawyer as much access in real life when they know shes passing his messages back and forth.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    It might go back up to a 3.0 – last episode was pretty action-packed.

    Now even I have to ask: Who is this idiot John? :-)

  • Richard Steven Hack

    The End: Attorney-client privilege is nearly sacrosanct. They wouldn’t be monitoring her even if they knew she was passing messages unless they could prove it.

    Besides, she’s not actually participating in the scheme. She’s merely making public announcements (which in turn further Carroll’s scheme) and keeping track of how the investigation is going, which is all legal. They’d have to be able to have real evidence that she is deliberately aiding and abetting felonies.

    And she’s only doing this because she’s under threat by Carroll.

    It has happened that attorneys too deeply involved in a terrorist case have been arrested for “aiding and abetting”, but it’s rare.

  • The End

    @Richard Steven Hack

    Ah so basically she’s walking a fine line and should she be caught, she could realistically be arrested?

    I’m not a law expert, I just figured that the Joe Caroll case, being unusual as it is, would be something the FBI would be monitoring in all aspects to follow any and all potential leads, including having someone around when he meets his lawyer?

    Thanks for explaining though, I’ll just go with what you’ve said :)

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Oh, god, another long post dumped in the spam trap…

  • Mark


  • Melissa


    Of course im not a medium, but i would say that it will premiere with awful 0.7, even worse than Do No Harm and will be pulled from schedule immediately. Why? There was no promotion whatsoever (and i watch FOX all the time), reviewers are really bad.

    HAHAHA. All I can say is: you’re kidding, right?

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I posted a comment about how Carroll would not have had Internet access in prison, even for legal research. But it got caught in the spam trap for the usual unknown reason… :-)

    Basically I was commenting on how Carroll got his plans out to his followers. He used his prison visits to recruit them, and allegedly sent his plans out via the Internet, which is not plausible.

    However, he subverted a guard and any guard could have carried his plans out.

  • The End

    @Richard Steven Hack
    @He used his prison visits to recruit them

    Didn’t he also use existing followers to recruit new ones? By suggestion if anything.

  • sarah nz


  • Joe

    Great episode this week. Intense action throughout

  • AMusicalImpulse

    TV guide is reporting that The Following was renewed.
    Can someone confirm or deny that this is the case?

  • Shepherd


    TV guide is reporting that The Following was renewed.
    Can someone confirm or deny that this is the case?

    If you can’t be bothered to read other people’s comments in this post, or other post’s headlines for that matter; why should anyone bother to answer, let alone read yours?

  • Norton

    I am giving episode 7 a 3.0
    I love the show and hope it gets better and better.
    Glad it got season two renewal.

  • cadburyeasteregg

    Well one thing went right.

    Now why hasn’t Deception been canceled yet?

  • MichaelChickless

    When the FBI agents pointed their guns at the US Marshals for them to open the prisoner truck, I felt as if a motorcycle from the 1950s was revving its engine and aiming itself at a large shark ramp.

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