Monday Final Ratings: 'The Bachelor' & 'The Biggest Loser' Adjusted Up; 'The Carrie Diaries' Adjusted Down

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March 5th, 2013

Carrie Diaries Feb 25

The Biggest Loser and The Bachelor were each adjusted up a tenth while The Carrie Diaries was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, March 4, 2013

Time Net Show 18-49 Rtg/Shr Viewers (millions)
8:00 ABC The Bachelor  (8-10:01PM) 2.8/7 8.53
FOX Bones 2.2/6 8.41
NBC The Biggest Loser (8-10:01PM) 2.2/6 5.95
CBS How I Met Your Mother  - R 1.7/5 5.30
CW The Carrie Diaries 0.4/1 1.10
8:30 CBS Rules of Engagement 2.2/6 6.92
9:00 FOX The Following 2.8/7 8.81
CBS 2 Broke Girls - R 1.7/5 6.48
CW 90210 0.3/1 0.64
9:30 CBS Mike & Molly - R 1.8/5 6.79
10:00 ABC Castle - R (10:01-11PM) 1.4/4 6.76
CBS Hawaii Five-0 - R 1.3/4 5.68
NBC Deception 1.1/3 3.35

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Gillian

    HoD isn’t out of the woods yet. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it down tonight and then there’s a long hiatus.

  • asdfdasf

    lol how many times have you commented under different names batb/hod fan?? cant you at least change it up a bit so its not so obvious

  • Austin

    For one week could TCD not get adjusted down :(

  • CC

    rob60990 – “Don’t even get me started on them airing Scandal reruns after new episodes of GA. ABC scheduling is just ridiculous this year.”

    There are Scandal repeats after new Grey’s episodes because there are more episodes of Greys than Scandal. Greys has 24 episodes, while Scandal has 22 episodes.

  • JR35

    The Carrie Diaries shows as a 0.4, which would mean an adjustment up- or should it actually be 0.2?

  • JR35

    ^Oops- never mind. I thought the preliminary rating was 0.3. lol

  • Potato

    I like how people are all like “LOL look at the deluded people who still say it will get renewed!!!!1111!!!!” when NOBODY is saying that. It’s like complaining about all the “Off the Map” fans who still beg to get it back on the air… doesn’t exist.

  • Ultima

    I like how people are all like “LOL look at the deluded people who still say it will get renewed!!!!1111!!!!” when NOBODY is saying that.

    Step 1. Read the comments on today’s CW Renew/Cancel Index.

    Step 2. Eat some crow.

  • SecretShame

    Three 0.4 ratings in a row, at a time of year when the remaining episodes typically trend down from this point on, is not renewal form. Not even on the CW, unless the show is in its third season. As a first season show TCW is reaching the point where survival would be a big shock.

    It’s not very nice to seek gloating, but like it or not TCD’s dismal ratings are good news for the poorly but not dismally rated HOD and BATB and the dismally rated Nikita. There’s no way all four survive, so TCD’s difficulties are good news for fans of the other three.

    Of the other three, only Nikita can be presumed to be almost certainly safe. HOD has a distinct edge on BATB if only two of the four survive, but it’s still too early to be declaring either safe.

  • Christian

    @ultima or maybe he doesn’t have time to read every comment on every post. Perhaps he has a life. I suggest you and all these CW freaks get one.

  • Foxx

    I’m a Carrie Diaries fan who has fully accepted that the show isn’t coming back next year. But I just don’t understand that HATE that nearly every person on this site feels for the show. What did it ever do to you?

    I know a lot of people immediately don’t like it because it’s so different from SATC, but what a lot of people don’t realize (or don’t care about) is that the show is more an adaptation of a book and not necessarily a prequel to the SATC TV series.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    So much for the .5 for TCD!

    As I said, this show is doomed. Done for. Fergeddaboudid. Stick a fork in it. Hasta la vista, baby!

  • Allison

    They need to cancel the Carrie Diaries and Cult, not sure about Beauty and the Beast but I’d cancel it sooner than keep it. Some of the new pilots (Not ‘Reign’) are amazing and the CW is only delaying a clean house season. They are better to do it next season when they still have the Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Arrow, Nikita and Hart of Dixie* (I think will be renewed because its silently surviving).

    Otherwise any playing it safe is going to result in 0.4s becoming 0.2s. Next season Nikita is over at its end and Supernatural chances a final season merely because of its age when the two main actors get tired of the show. Arrow might suddenly have a subpar season and the Vampire Diaries at season six end is contract renewal. The CW needs to grow a spine and try to at least not continue the spiral round the drain.

  • Ultima

    or maybe he doesn’t have time to read every comment on every post.

    He shouldn’t have emphatically written “NOBODY” if he didn’t want to get called out on it. It took me literally ten seconds to find two people saying they thought it would get renewed.

    Perhaps he has a life. I suggest you and all these CW freaks get one.

    Why not include yourself on that list? I mean, after all, you’re telling random people on the internet to get a life.

  • Austin

    I have a thought: Now that 90210 is dunzo, why isn’t the CW moving The Carrie Diaries to Tuesdays at 9??? That way CW can experiment for a couple of weeks and see if HOD can boast TCD ratings? This seems logical to me

  • Austin

    I’m still holding out for a renewal for TCD, it just makes sense for CW to renew it a pair it with HOD on Mondays, they will work well with each other and I just don’t believe the CW can afford cancelling 2 more shows (AKA TCD or BATB) I’m still rooting for TCD and I hope it survives

  • Amy

    @ Foxx I’ve never seen TCD. I just want it to fail because it’s a Fake Empire production and they suck.

  • HA

    lol @ TCD, I feel bad for the actors but they are better off not staying on a Fake Empire show, it will go to hell by the end of the season and they will be stuck on a show as awful as GG probably.

  • Dahne

    Often the cat fights between HoD, BatB, and TCD fans are more entertaining than the shows themselves. Perhaps a better plan would be to make a reality game show pitting one CW fandom against another. I have been in the Supernatural fandom long enough to know that there are enough fruit bat fever dream fans out there in the SPN family to fulfill a 22 episode series. Can’t you see fans jousting against each other with those big foam lances for the honor of their show? Friday night repeat slot problem solved.

    @Austin – I think that Company Town sounds like a much better pairing with Hart of Dixie than Carrie Diaries.

  • beached

    I think more people here comment on The Carrie Diaries than actually watch the show.

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