NBC's 'Community' Characters to be Immortalized as Puppets in an Episode Airing in April

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March 5th, 2013

Community Puppets

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Award-winning Actor Jason Alexander to Guest Star as Friendly Mountain Man Which Study Group Encounters During Their Time in the Woods



UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – March 5, 2013 – NBC announced today that the characters of its acclaimed comedy “Community” (Thursdays, 8-8:30 p.m. ET) will be immortalized as puppets in an episode airing in April. In the episode, the study group takes a wild balloon ride that crash-lands in the woods and they end up spending a little time with a friendly mountain man (award winner Jason Alexander, “Seinfeld”). The announcement was made at this evening’s PaleyFest panel presentation for “Community” in Beverly Hills, sponsored by the Paley Center for Media.


As the study group recounts their adventures in the woods, which has left them all feeling a little awkward with one another, Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) encourages them to speak about their experience with the use of puppets. The puppets include characters Jeff (Joel McHale), Pierce (Chevy Chase), Britta (Gillian Jacobs), Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown), Abed (Danny Pudi), Annie (Alison Brie), Troy (Donald Glover) and Chang (Ken Jeong).


Guest star Alexander is well known to audiences for his portrayal of George Costanza on NBC’s hit comedy series “Seinfeld,” a role that earned him six Emmy Award nominations and four Golden Globe Award nominations, along with an American Television award and two American Comedy Awards. In addition, the Screen Actors Guild knighted him “Best Actor in a Comedy Series” and TV Guide readers voted him among the10 greatest television characters of all time. Beyond “Seinfeld,” Alexander’s career has included memorable Broadway shows including Stephen Sondheim’s “Merrily We Roll Along” and Jerome Robbins’ “Broadway,” which won him the Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle and Tony Award.


The felt and foam puppets are manufactured by Scott Johnson and Drew Massey, who most recently worked on “Warren the Ape” for MTV and “Muppets Wizard of Oz” for the Jim Henson Company.


The critically hailed "Community" is a smart, exuberant half-hour comedy series about a tight-knit study group at Greendale Community College. At the center of the group is Jeff Winger (McHale, “The Soup”), a fast-talking lawyer whose degree has been revoked. With some help from his fellow classmates, Winger forms a study group who eventually learn more about themselves than their course work. The series was created by Dan Harmon ("The Sarah Silverman Program") who serves as executive consultant. Russ Krasnoff ("The Soloist") is executive producer, along with Gary Foster (“Sleepless in Seattle”), Moses Port and David Guarascio (“Happy Endings”). Tristram Shapeero (“Nurse Jackie”) is executive producer/director. The series is a Krasnoff Foster Entertainment production, in association with Universal Television and Sony Pictures Television.




  • Mark Markleson

    The season so far has been pretty uneven , but … A muppet episode ? How can you not be excited for that ?

  • Lance B.

    well the fans that have been complaining theyre not in the study room enough will be upset.. but i like it, ive enjoyed most episodes of community inside and outside the study room (including this season)

  • Conor


    I understand your point but at the same time I fear that it will feel forced. Like a parody of the stop-motion episode. I hope not, but a number of the jokes this season have felt like parodies of a joke Community would make.

  • rexmism

    Who cares. This show is a zombie of what it used to be. I trusted the new show runners and gave them every benefit, but it’s been awful. I’m not sure I can watch anymore.

  • Oliver

    I quite like the idea on the face of it, but I struggle to think of a way to write it well, and the provided plot outline doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. I don’t have much faith in the current writing staff to pull it off either.

    Community is increasingly reliant on gimmicks and cheap callbacks at the expense of clever plotlines and actual funny jokes. It’s sad and reminds me of modern Simpsons. Even worse, they’ve doubled down on some old bad ideas rather than using the opportunity of regime change to shed them.

    Then again, the video game episode sounded like a trainwreck waiting to happen but was goofy and fun and the Stopmotion Christmas special was pretty good, so you never know. Even The Simpsons can still occasionally pull a great episode out of its hat.

  • Rebecca

    Can’t wait. I liked the last couple of episodes, actually – especially the sci-fi convention one with Matt Lucas (of “Little Britain”). I always expect each show to have a couple bad episodes (or filler, in the case of dramas) each season, so maybe Community is done with those right off the bat.

  • r0ckmypants

    They really have none of their own ideas anymore. Angel season five, anyone?

  • Potato

    My absolute least favorite thing about this season is how it’s been crucified immediately for not being perfect. Unlike apparently every other fan (who it seems has been waiting to say it sucks for 9 months out of some demented idea of Dan Harmon solidarity despite the fact that he’s said in interviews he wants us to watch it) I’m willing to give the new showrunners a chance to settle in. And I’ve found the season to be improving with each episode. The last one was a perfectly told Community story– it was just light on laughs. They’re getting closer and closer to the mark each episode IMO.

  • Potato

    Oh, and also, @r0ckmypants– so because a show did it in 2004, nobody should ever be able to do it again? *Rolls eyes* It’s not like community was the first show to tackle zombies, or musicals, or even paintball

  • Pepper

    I love Community and wanted to love this season, but it’s been incredibly uneven and rocky so far. 3×04 gave me hope that it’s finally picking up, so I’ll give this ep a chance

  • Zombie!Ant

    I expected the worst for this one but was pleasently surprised. It was a nice, charming episode. I’m glad reality was inter-sparced into the episode instead of having it a 100% muppets episode.

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