Sunday Final Ratings: 'Once Upon a Time', 'The Amazing Race', 'Celebrity Apprentice', 'Red Widow', 'The Cleveland Show', 'America's Funniest Home Videos' Adjusted Up; '60 Minutes', 'The Simpsons' Adjusted Down

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March 5th, 2013


America's Funniest Home Videos, The Cleveland Show at 7:30, The Amazing Race, Once Upon a Time, Celebrity Apprentice and Red Widow were each adjusted up a tenth while 60 Minutes, The Simpsons,  and The Cleveland Show at 8:30 were each adjusted down a tenth  among adults 18-49 versus Sunday's preliminary ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Sunday, March 3, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Share Viewers (Millions)
7:00 ABC America's Funniest Home Videos 1.7/5 6.64
CBS 60 Minutes 1.6/5 12.02
FOX The Simpsons - R 1.4/4 3.11
NBC Betty White's Off Their Rockers - R 0.8/2 3.55
7:30 FOX The Cleveland Show (7:30-7:59PM) 1.6/5 3.28
NBC Betty White's Off Their Rockers - R 0.8/2 3.29
8:00 CBS  The Amazing Race 2.5/6 9.24
ABC  Once Upon a Time 2.2/6 7.39
FOX  The Simpsons 2.2/6 4.66
NBC  Dateline 1.3/3 6.10
8:30 FOX The Cleveland Show 1.8/5 3.78
9:00 FOX Family Guy - R 1.9/5 4.15
NBC Celebrity Apprentice (9-11PM) - Season Premiere 1.7/4 5.15
CBS The Good Wife 1.6/4 8.99
ABC Red Widow (9-11PM) - Series Premiere 1.5/4 7.13
9:30 FOX Bob's Burgers 1.7/4 3.67
10:00 CBS The Mentalist 1.5/4 9.24


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  • DW

    good thing CA was 2 hrs. it got rounded up.

  • Just Desserts

    The curse is real!!! :)

    CBS, The Good Wife is watching you!!!!

  • BigBrotherFan


    What did 666 Park Ave premire to a 2.0, right?

    It’s only DOWN DOWN from here for WIDOW


  • SJ

    I don’t get ABC. How bad were their pilots exactly? Because everybody but them could see from a mile away that Red Widow was going to be a massive flop. Really, a 1.5 for a heavily promoted premiere is just embarrassing.

    Good for The Good Wife. We’re not out of the woods quite yet, but at this point, I’d be pretty surprised if CBS cancelled it.

    1.7 is very low for Celebrity Apprentice. Could we – finally – be seeing the final run of this tired franchise?

  • WoWza

    Red Widow will be gone soon. Forever.

    Good OUAT. Not bad at all.

    Also, Celebrity Apprentice – it will be renewed with 1.7s – thats fine for NBC. Any lower – maybe not

  • s0303

    not great for tgw, but happy it beat the mentalist…maybe there is hope yet…

  • forg

    ABC should have picked Devious Maids over Red Widow. I will never get why they passed on that show that seems to be good fit with them

    Nice to se OUAT rise a little. I hope it can go back to 2.5+

  • DenverDean

    AFHV beats 60M??? Wow.

  • John A

    I thought TGW would adjust down thankfully it didnt.


    Cautiously optimistic, but TGW is looking better

  • samurai99

    Well, now I’m slightly less off on Red Widow. What are the chances they let it finish just because they have nothing to replace it with?

  • Kristin

    OUAT is a big flop

  • JR35

    OUAT still with the second-highest demo numbers of the night- not bad. But, a rebound would be more than welcome.

  • LM

    Glad OUAT adjusted up. Still sad to see the lower ratings, although the night overall is pretty rough for broadcast networks.

  • eridapo

    The sad part for ABC is that a repeat of Castle last night tied Red Widow on the ratings front..

    Per Marc Berman, Last night’s Castle did 1.5 6.85/ 1.4 6.67

  • slardbarg

    Think it’s time for OUAT to get a new timeslot after this season!

  • Wright

    Glad to see OUAT got adjusted up.

  • Alex

    There were news reports yesterday about OUAT’s showrunners talking about plans for Season 3. I think that’s a good sign of confidence that it’ll get picked up. It’s definitely not a flop (replying to Kristin’s comment). Good Wife was the only scripted series to get higher viewership; that’s got to count for something.

  • Clarke

    Glad OUAT got adjusted up. A 2.2 is still very low, but I really hope it will recover next week. The show deserves to be above a 2.5.

  • lll

    I agree with everyone who said that OUAT is low. I’m sad it’s low too. The championship game, the grammys and the crazy scheduling in February really messed this show up. It will be renewed, but I hope it comes back to its regular 2.9/3.0 self very soon.

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