Sunday Final Ratings: 'Once Upon a Time', 'The Amazing Race', 'Celebrity Apprentice', 'Red Widow', 'The Cleveland Show', 'America's Funniest Home Videos' Adjusted Up; '60 Minutes', 'The Simpsons' Adjusted Down

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March 5th, 2013


America's Funniest Home Videos, The Cleveland Show at 7:30, The Amazing Race, Once Upon a Time, Celebrity Apprentice and Red Widow were each adjusted up a tenth while 60 Minutes, The Simpsons,  and The Cleveland Show at 8:30 were each adjusted down a tenth  among adults 18-49 versus Sunday's preliminary ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Sunday, March 3, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Share Viewers (Millions)
7:00 ABC America's Funniest Home Videos 1.7/5 6.64
CBS 60 Minutes 1.6/5 12.02
FOX The Simpsons - R 1.4/4 3.11
NBC Betty White's Off Their Rockers - R 0.8/2 3.55
7:30 FOX The Cleveland Show (7:30-7:59PM) 1.6/5 3.28
NBC Betty White's Off Their Rockers - R 0.8/2 3.29
8:00 CBS  The Amazing Race 2.5/6 9.24
ABC  Once Upon a Time 2.2/6 7.39
FOX  The Simpsons 2.2/6 4.66
NBC  Dateline 1.3/3 6.10
8:30 FOX The Cleveland Show 1.8/5 3.78
9:00 FOX Family Guy - R 1.9/5 4.15
NBC Celebrity Apprentice (9-11PM) - Season Premiere 1.7/4 5.15
CBS The Good Wife 1.6/4 8.99
ABC Red Widow (9-11PM) - Series Premiere 1.5/4 7.13
9:30 FOX Bob's Burgers 1.7/4 3.67
10:00 CBS The Mentalist 1.5/4 9.24


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  • Ultima

    the crazy scheduling in February

    Crazy scheduling that’s been used virtually every non-Olympic year since the Oscars and Super Bowl moved to February?

  • Ultima

    I’m really curious as to how everyone complaining about ABC’s scheduling would do it. If they want to avoid big events and on/off scheduling, that only leaves a split season with a three-month hiatus.

    I’m sure none of those same people would complain about ABC’s scheduling if Once/Revenge returned down after being off for three months, right?

    Also, ABC would have to bump at least some of their other Sunday programming (AMAs, Billboards, HHOF movies) to other nights. But I guess that’s ok, that’s a problem for fans of another night’s shows – just as long as yours get the most preferential treatment, all is well.

  • JJF

    Red Widow’s pilot was actually pretty good. Honestly, the network hasn’t had a big premiere in a long time. It’s not as if the loved Nashville and Scandal really did THAT much better. Nashville’s numbers are pretty pathetic. And the fact that it’s a likely renewal speaks to how much the network is hurting. The premieres for Red Widow and Zero Hour might be the new standard for most network TV. Very little is doing any better.

  • HalCapone

    Red Widow was a decent effort but I think expecting broadcast viewers to invest 2 hours in a pilot nowadays is almost asking too much. Even though the lead is a female, I’m not sure the mob storyline has that much appeal for ABC’s female-centric core audience. Perhaps a one hour version of this show would have performed better on the older more male skewing Crime Broadcasting Syndicate.

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    The gap between Grimm and Once Upon a Time is getting smaller. Which is impressive for Grimm seeing as it airs on Fridays. But still a shame because they are both good shows

  • Gary A

    I still would like someone to explain to me why if I was an advertiser I would be happy to have my $$ spent on AFHV with a 1.7 and 6.6 million viewers as opposed to 60 Mins with a 1 .6 and a little over 12 million viewers? total viewers don’t count according to those who post on TBTN but if I’m not paying for them isn’t it still better to have my ad seen by almost twice the people as opposed to that .1 advantage in the 18 – 49?

  • Brandy

    Yay for Once being adjusted up!

  • HalCapone

    @Gary A
    Not being an advertiser, I don’t speak for them but the coveted 18-49 is the demo that makes them drool. I suspect a one tenth of one percent difference wouldn’t make either show significantly more or less coveted than the other but advertisers also look look at gender and incomes within all the demo groups. Here is where 60 Minutes probably wins handily over America’s Funniest Home Videos, attracting a higher educated, higher income viewer.

  • The End

    Speaking of Once Upon a Time, still wondering how Hook hit Charming hard enough to knock him out with the crowbar and not draw blood?

    Anyway the Cora scene at the end, Kudos. Brilliant and exactly how an evil character should act.

  • Ann

    I’m glad OUAT adjusted up. I want to see it get at least a third season and hopefully a 4th. The numbers still have fallen quite a bit from last year but maybe if they improve the writing it might get better. Love the show but there’s things I would change about it. But still, glad it wasn’t quite as bad as it first seemed.

    I don’t think there’s any doubt it will be here next year.

  • The End


    Not to worry, the show will have its happy ending. If anything if fans want a 5th season they need to rally behind it if they have a Nielsen box.

    Put it this way, if the show gets 4 seasons, you ideally want your fanbase to push the 18-49 as close to the 3 mark as possible to survive longer.

  • Flame

    So Race winning the night for real. Pretty great for a show in Season 22.

  • Ultima

    So Race winning the night for real.

    It was third on the night after The Walking Dead (5.7) and The Bible (3.3).

  • Flame

    My bad, forgot to mention winning on Networks. I do not check Cable Ratings since I don’t watch anything there on Sundays.

  • karin

    Red Widow is so bad,cancel it asap

  • MichaelChickless

    I’m hoping The Flopalist improves next week.

  • Networkman

    Red Widow garnered a pretty decent amount of viewers. It is more viewers than Nashville has seen in a long while. Red Widow just skews old. And I don’t think its demo should be compared to 666 Park Avenue which premiered in the Fall when total viewership was higher. That show aired after a strong performing Revenge. I don’t feel people are really as enthused nowadays about midseason shows and really start tuning out when Daylight savings time arrive.

  • robin

    looks like people are catching on to the stupidity of ouat

  • Gary A


    What you said is quite true – 60 Minutes delivers an older ( out of the demo )audience but they are both higher educated and higher income. Same is true of a few other CBS shows ( TGW in particular ). Even though it’s not a hit in the desired demo, it attracts that same audience and from what I have read elsewhere it actually does well in advertising revenue per what it costs to produce an episode.

  • kbmv

    Red Widow has a lot of viewers with 7 million. Too bad it skews old.

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