'Supernatural' & 'The Walking Dead' Top GetGlue Chart for the Week of February 25-March 3

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March 5th, 2013

Supernatural Season 8 Premiere

This week, Supernatural was the top broadcast show on GetGlue, and The Walking Dead was the top cable show for the week of February 24-March 3.  Remember: a show's social media popularity does not correlate to its renewal prospects and/or actual ratings.

GetGlue Febuary 25-March 3

  • Chase

    And score another point for Supernatural. By the way, I wanted to give all the Supernatural fans a heads up that season 7 will finally begin airing it’s repeats on TNT starting Tuesday March 12 at 9AM!

  • Sherry

    Thanks Chase, that’s awesome for those who get to stay home :)

  • Christian

    Dont get too excited SPN freaks! Vamp Diaries was a rerun which allowed SPN to take the top spot!

  • rehabber

    FANTASTIC, so happy for SPN, this was caused by Dean’s prayer to Castiel to take care of his little brother..Jensen was awesome.

  • Single

    The prayer to Cas should have been just for Cas. Dean’s prayed for Sam so many times it’s become old and tired, just like “something is wrong with Sam” again and “Sam has another great destiny to fulfill” again. When is Sam going to pray for Dean? And when will Dean get his own story and destiny?

  • Single

    But I do agree that Jensen was awesome, but he always is. It’s too bad the showrunners use him for the acting and ratings but never give him anything worth doing besides wipe Sam’s snotty nose.

  • DarkMaiden


    Sorry you have an issue with what makes this show a success.

    Considering that, if you were to calculate the amount of air time Dean gets, over Sam, does not come close, as Jensen’s on screen time is way higher then Jared’s. That the show is built around Dean being portrayed as the “Good son” while Sam is the perpetual “screwup”. Oh and lets not forget how the writing team is making a point of making Sam look bad, from the first episode. But hey, that’s not important.

    Jensen’s part in making this show big, is the fact he brings the acting. (Not that Jared doesn’t, but we get very few sense that require that level from him. Personally I would love to see Sam given more pure acting scenes)

    As to the roles that Dean and Sam play in the make up of the show….well sorry, but that is what the man who created the show decided. Jensen could have gotten the Sam part, but he wanted to play Dean, and that comes with the fact Dean is, in deed, the rock that supports and takes care of Sam.

    So, really sorry you have an issue (after 8 years) with how things are in the Supernatural Universe.

  • Tanya

    I feared SPN was getting a bit long in tooth and have frankly found myself doing other things, such as painting my nails, through most of this season. I am pleased people are still enchanted with it, I am just not one of them. I have always thought Jared to be the better actor and see him still acting after SPN. I fear Jensen may or may not, and if he does it will be back to daytime for him. However, I still enjoy looking at them every week. I used to love TWD but not so much anymore. Not since the unnecessary death of Dale.

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