TV by the Numbers On NPR's 'Morning Edition': Univision Beats NBC Among Adults 18-49 During February Sweeps

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March 5th, 2013

A  story on last Friday's NPR Morning Edition featuring yours truly on Univision beating NBC among adults 18-49 during the February ratings sweeps period.

The primary recording of my side of the interview didn't send properly to NPR, so they had to go with the telephone recorded backup, and audio quality suffered a bit.

You can listen to the interview, and read the transcript here.

  • Shepherd

    well, at least we know you guys are still able t post! :)

    The interview was much shorter than the last one I heard you do. :( But any media attention is still good.

  • DW

    who knew that 18-49 year old’s would be in Spanish television?. :)

  • DW

    oh btw , did the Bear get a tote bag?. :)


    Kinda cool 4U Bill! Keep making the waves. You’ll have those mai-tais before U know it!

  • were123

    Wow, we got to hear Bill’s voice!
    NBC is in such a bad position without The Voice, I wonder what will be their plans for next season, they can’t endure another fall like this

  • tvlog

    Next year! Women Ski Jump! Crush Ice! NHL Stars playing International Hockey Competition! Figure Skating! Who coming out January US Open Figure Skating Champion go for gold! Sochi Russia! We come as United States! The Winter Olympics! Winter Games 22! NBC will plenty broadcast! Olympics! Wrestling fans! Ask move your sport to Winter Games in for South Korea 2018~ Pyeongchang Games for 23 Winter Games!

  • Richard Steven Hack

    You guys need your own TV show, sort of like those two car guys.

    I mean, they got all these entertainment shows on in the early evening, why not a show bashing ALL the TV shows. :-)

    You could take on-air phone calls from Carries Diaries, Secret Circle and Chuck fans! LOL! Think of the FUN!

  • DW

    @ richard the bear would be come for that show . :)

  • AniMatsuri

    I could see Bill & Robert + the C-Bear do a small news spot on the TV Guide channel each week. They could have a cool animation of the Bear eating this week’s cancelled show.

  • David Howell

    The idea of a show where the CW fans whine about their shows getting eaten by an animated cancellation bear is a winner for me already.

    Actually I suspect if it’d been on last season it’d have reached more 18-34 audience than the NBC show it’d have had a running battle with. ;)

  • Hugh


    TV ratings are completely ignored in Australia. The only website that runs our PR is a marketing magazine/site.

  • chris23

    lol steve

  • Gonzalo

    Univision will have the 2014 FIFA World in primetime next summer.

  • Gonzalo

    *FIFA World Cup

  • Michael1

    Did they mention that NBC owns the second most popular spanish speaking network, Telemundo?

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