ABC Family's 'Pretty Little Liars' is Tuesday's Number 1 TV Telecast for 9th Consecutive Week in Target Females 12-34

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March 6th, 2013


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For the 9th Consecutive Week “Pretty Little Liars” is Tuesday’s #1 TV Telecast in Females 12-34; Is Cable TV’s #1 Telecast in Women 18-34/Women 18-49;

Pacing for Most-Watched Season Ever in Core 18-34 and 18-49 Demos


“Pretty Little Liars” is Tuesday’s Most-Tweeted TV Series for 9th Consecutive Week, with Nearly 3 Times the Activity as the #2 TV Show “American Idol”


“The Lying Game” is Cable TV’s #1 Scripted Telecast at 9PM in Females 12-34


“Pretty Little Liars” (8:00 – 9:00 p.m.)

ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” qualified as Tuesday’s #1 TV telecast for the 9th consecutive week in both Females 12-34 (1.56 million/3.4 rating) and Female Teens (616,000/5.2 rating) – each week since its Winter premiere – and was the #1 cable TV telecast in Women 18-34 (947,000/2.8 rating), Women 18-49 (1.26 million/2.0 rating) and Viewers 12-34 (1.80 million/2.0 rating).


Continuing to dominate Tuesday’s social media charts, “Pretty Little Liars” was Tuesday’s #1 ‘most social’ TV series for the 9th consecutive week, according to SocialGuide, with 438,946 tweets (12.1 share) and 200,976 uniques (14.0 share). Impressively, “Pretty Little Liars” nearly tripled the number of tweets of #2 TV series FOX’s “American Idol” (vs. 152,586) and number of uniques (vs. 77,916).


  • At 8 o’clock, for the 9th week in a row, “Pretty Little Liars” stood as TV’s #1 telecast in the hour in Females 12-34, Teens 12-17 and Female Teens, cable TV’s #1 telecast in Adults 18-34 (1.14 million/1.7 rating), Women 18-34, Viewers 12-34, and Women 18-49, and was also #1 in Adults 18-49 (1.49 million/1.2 rating).


  • Season to date, “Pretty Little Liars” is pacing for its most-watched season in the series’ history in Adults 18-34 (1.16 million/1.7 rating), Women 18-34 (987,000/2.9 rating), Adults 18-49 (1.50 million/1.2 rating) and Women 18-49 (1.26 million/2.0 rating).


“The Lying Game” (9:00 – 10:00 p.m.)

At 9 p.m., “The Lying Game qualified as cable TV’s #1 scripted telecast in the hour in Females 12-34 (747,000/1.6 rating), was the #1 original scripted cable TV telecast Women 18-34 (404,000/1.2 rating), Women 18-49 (535,000/0.8 rating) and Viewers 12-34 (840,000/0.9 rating), and overall ranked as Tuesday’s #2 TV telecast in Female Teens (343,000/2.9 rating), behind only “Pretty Little Liars.”


  • “The Lying Game” posted week to week increases in target demos, including by 5% in Women 18-34 (404,000 vs. 383,000), by 6% in Viewers 12-34 (840,000 vs. 790,000) and by 7% in Females 12-34 (747,000 vs. 701,000).


Source: NTI, 3/5/13, U.S. ratings, Live + Same Day; Social Media Source: SocialGuide.


  • Dillan

    I’m glad TLG rose in the target demos!

  • Jade

    So what are the chances of The Lying Game getting additional episodes or another season?

  • Ron

    S@B and TLG had similar ratings in 12-34 and 18-34 target demo this week,not bad TLG :) The renewal should be coming any day now;)

  • Jenny

    When are the ABC Family upfronts? March, right? Anyone know the specific date?

  • Ron

    @Jenny someone yesterday said next Tuesday but i am not for sure.

  • Jenny


    Oh, okay. I tried googling it by couldn’t find anything on it.

  • rob60990

    Switched at Birth > The Lying Game :D

  • Ron

    @Rob60990 I’ve noticed that you didn’t comment on S@B post yesterday because it didn’t rise to 1.0 with heavy promotion like you thought,It actually dropped.Get out of here with bashing shows :)

  • rob60990

    I never said it would rise to a 1.0. Making stuff up again? :D

  • Elena

    @Jade I don’t think we can say for sure right now, but the cast and crew seem hopeful and it’s almost certain that Bunheads is getting cancelled, so I guess TLG’s chance are a bit higher……

  • Ron

    @Rob60990 stop lying you know S@B under performed this week and it was supposed to be the BIG episode.You said last week that S@B was going to “rise” but it actually dropped a tenth.Again,i am stating the facts not bashing shows unlike you do every week.

  • rob60990

    So what? TLG underperforms EVERY week.


  • Ron

    it’s still getting renewed,It rised against AI this week and it has done better than anything abc family has ever put behind PLL.I like both shows but The Lying Game >Switched at Birth and that’s the end of it :) :)

  • Jenny

    I think another thing to note about The Lying Game is that is does sell better consistently on Itunes then Switched at Birth.

  • DJ

    So happy for The Lying Games, best show on television!

  • Jared

    If The Lying Game were to get picked up for a 3rd season or get additional episodes added on to season 2,which seems more likely, new episodes wouldn’t premiere before Fall/Winter 2013 since Twisted will premiere with PLL over the Summer.

  • zilla-rilla

    there should definitely be a poll week after next for the finale ratings. I have a feeling they’re going to be huge for PLL :)

  • Richard Steven Hack

    This week’s PLL was epic primarily due to Troian Bellisario’s performance, I love that girl!

    I think she’s going to be the focus of the finale. Might even kill Mona! Emily’s killed someone, why not Spencer, who’s probably much more capable of it?

  • lisa

    ““Pretty Little Liars” is Tuesday’s #1 TV Telecast in Females 12-34; Is Cable TV’s #1 Telecast in Women 18-34/Women 18-49″

    I’m scared for the future of America when that awful show is actually popular among young girls. There are no “family” values in ABC Family.

  • RiseAgainstM

    Can I have an exact number for The Lying Game?

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