Fear the Sun! What Will Daylight Saving Time Do To Your Favorite Show's Ratings?

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March 6th, 2013

With the advent of Daylight Saving Time at 2am Sunday, expect to see early primetime TV ratings get a haircut next week as people stay away from home a bit later in the evenings.

In 2012, the first Monday after DST saw 6.8% fewer adults 18-49 watching TV in the 8pm hour, and 2.4% fewer adults 18-49 watching TV in the 9pm hour than the previous (standard time) Monday.

Was it all due to Daylight Saving Time? Your guess is good as mine.

Will that excuse save your show? Or is it futile Fan Excuse Bingo? Only time will tell.

First Monday AFTER DST (3/12/12) - Daylight Saving Time
Portion of Adults 18-49 watching TV at 8pm: 34.5%
Portion of Adults 18-49 watching TV at 9pm: 40.1%

Last Monday BEFORE DST (3/5/12) - Standard Time
Portion of Adults 18-49 watching TV at 8pm: 37.0%
Portion of Adults 18-49 watching TV at 9pm: 41.1%

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “I don’t see how it’s a bingo excuse because the numbers are right there.”

    It’s all relative.

    When general viewing falls 5% (for example), and a crazy fan excuses a ratings drop for their show of 20% with DST, that’s B-I-N-G-O!

  • Shepherd


    I just realized that the numbers don’t add up.

    For 8pm, you list 37% the week before, and 34.5% the week after which is -2.5%, (or probably the 2.4% you list for 9pm in the article when non-rounded numbers are used).

    For 9pm, you list 41.1% the week before DST, and 40.1% the week after, which is -1%.

    Did you accidentally list the numbers for 9pm and 10pm, but discuss the numbers for 8pm and 9pm in the article? The article says 6.8% and 2.4% for 8pm and 9pm respectively, where’s the 6.8%?

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    @Shepherd, you’re confused about the math.

    For example, 34.5/37.0 = .932, a reduction of 6.8% from the earlier Monday.

  • Shepherd

    lol, I just misread how it was presented. Too early I guess.

  • bluejays

    I think that we’ll see some pretty low lows – if the ratings for many shows this season are anything to go by – then spring could be a bloodbath.

    But remember folks – if all shows drop then it doesn’t mean that the indivudual show you hate/detest/think is in direct competition with your favorite show even though they’re on different channels/etc/etc – is in any danger.

    If all shows drop then individual falls don’t matter as much. (I confidently predict that many posters will forget this and start screaming for various shows to be cancelled due to their ratings drops in the coming weeks).

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