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March 6th, 2013

Duck Dynasty Cast

Last week, the premiere of A&E's reality powerhouse Duck Dynasty beat all of its broadcast competition with a huge 3.9 adults 18-49 rating. This week, all of the broadcast networks are airing reruns at 10PM, giving Duck Dynasty an easy path to victory. Could the show go even higher in week two? Make your predictions.


  • Reache

    Again hit 3.9. not over (maybe .1 or .2 under) I think…

  • Shepherd

    It’ll be down a bit I’m sure, but still in the mid to upper 3’s.


  • RJ


  • rob60990


  • DW

    how many hammers were sold in the last week. that should give an indication.

  • kpinantioch

    At least a 3.9

  • Joseph

    The 18-49 rating will be over 4, and may be (in the 18-49 demo) the most-watched program of the night, cable or broadcast.

  • RyanCanada

    i try to DVR that show, but when i do it damn well records every bloody episode that airs so i just took it off my DVR

  • paul

    Please cancel this redneck show and all those other similar ones out there.

  • Jan Chisholm

    I love “Duck Dynasty”. It helps to escape all the problems for a short time..Si does that for me…Love all the people on the show…

  • CBSviewer


  • T.S.

    I couldn’t care at all how it does. I’ll be watching The Americans!


    Went with 4.1-4.2, expecting it to be the next Jersey Shore.

    Hope I’m wrong, but c’mon kids, don’t disappoint!

  • Ram510

    What is this show?


    @ Ram510

    I dare you to toon in & find out! I DARE YOU!!

  • Jane

    I’m so sick of Americans celebrating trash. It will be the downfall of our society.

  • David Howell

    Down a tick to 3.8, but with MF in reruns too, it wins the night by a tick from Idol (which will come in with a 3.6 in preliminaries and then adjust up a tick in finals as usual).

    How is “cable show beats Idol” not a bigger story? I mean, I get TWD being a story, though even it gets underestimated (beats TBBT when even that is the most dominant broadcast scripted #1 in years! The talk show leadout beats NBC’s entire midseason schedule!). But Idol was arguably the last great ratings behemoth, certainly the last show that reliably got double-digit demos (surely something never to return to regular programming again). And now it’s losing to a 10pm show on a not-that-high-profile cable channel.

    I mean, really?

  • greyfm_dan

    For a while, I’ve said that I think the Duck Dynasty haters have either written the show off as another “Honey Boo Boo,” or honestly don’t care for the faith & family values this show espouses.

    And with no disrespect to the commenters above me, I have to think that most of the haters and people who’ve labeled it as trash haven’t even watched the show. It really has more in common with something like “The Cosby Show” than it does with “Honey Boo Boo,” “Jersey Shore,” etc.

    If you hold faith & family close but have been resisting Duck Dynasty, you should watch an episode or two. You might actually find you like it.

  • jlopie1

    Aw, now, this show is completely addictive! I caught it for the first time during last Fri. nite’s marathon and just couldn’t stop watching! This show is FUNNY! Probably the best Redneck reality show ever! For one thing, you can understand the family without needing subscripts, the women are pretty, the kids are normal, Jase and Willie are actually smart and Uncle Si is hysterical. I HATE reality shows with a passion, but this just tickles my funny bones to no end and it’s getting around – word of mouth will bring new viewers – my bet, the ratings will at least remain the same this week – at least 3.9!

  • Jenny

    I had no idea Duck Dynasty even brought these type of ratings. Why are they not launching Bates Motel after Duck Dynasty???

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