Syfy Announces Premiere Dates for 'Defiance', 'Warehouse 13', 'Deep South Paranomal' & Finale Dates for 'Merlin', 'Stranded', 'Lost Girl', 'Being Human' & 'Robot Combat League'

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March 6th, 2013


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Merlin Series Finale May 31

NEW YORK – March 6, 2013 – Syfy will kick off the spring season with a powerhouse lineup of scripted and unscripted programming led by the groundbreaking transmedia event Defiance (April 15) and the Season 4.5 return of Warehouse 13 (April 29), as well as the debut of the new reality series Deep South Paranormal (April 10).


This spring will also mark the season finales of Stranded (April 3); Being Human (April 8); Lost Girl (April 22) and Robot Combat League (April 23), and the series farewell of Merlin (final five episodes air May 3-May 31).


Highlights of Syfy’s 2013 Spring Programming (All Times ET/PT):






Premieres Wednesday, April 10 at 10 PM – Deep South Paranormal Research is a bayou-based team on a mission. Steeped in the rich history of their homeland, they want to unlock the ghostly mysteries that have baffled Southerners for years. They are a homegrown blend of Cajun, Creole and self-proclaimed rednecks who share a passion for this part of the country and the paranormal events that take place there. They take on anything from swamp apparitions and haunted plantation houses to Southern voodoo legends. Investigations during this six-episode season include Alabama’s Bear Creek Swamp, the Old Cahawba ghost town, Florida’s Manntown Cemetery and the Mont Helena Plantation in the Mississippi Delta, to name just a few. Deep South Paranormal is produced by BASE Productions. John Brenkus and Mickey Stern serve as executive producers.




Premieres Monday, April 15 at 9PM – Syfy’s highly-anticipated transmedia event Defiance is the first-ever convergence of television and online gaming, featuring an interconnected world between the two mediums as they evolve together into one overall story. The series’ luminous cast includes Grant Bowler, Julie Benz, Stephanie Leonidas, Tony Curran, Jaime Murray, Graham Greene and Mia Kirshner. Set in the near future, Defiance introduces an exotically transformed planet Earth, its landscapes permanently altered following the sudden – and tumultuous – arrival of seven unique alien races. In this somewhat unknown and unpredictable landscape, the richly diverse, newly-formed civilization of humans and aliens must learn to co-exist peacefully. Each week, viewers will follow an immersive character drama set in the boom-town of Defiance, which sits atop the ruins of St. Louis, MO, while in the game, players will experience the new frontier of the San Francisco Bay area.

The series is executive produced by Kevin Murphy (“Desperate Housewives,” “Caprica,” “Hellcats”), who also serves as showrunner, Michael Taylor (“Battlestar Galactica”) and Rockne O’Bannon (“Farscape”). Scott Stewart (“Legion,” “Priest”) directed the pilot; Michael Nankin will serve as supervising producer/director on the series. Defiance is produced by Universal Cable Productions.




Premieres Wednesday, April 17 at 9 PM Amy Bruni’s back! Ghost Hunters kicks off six brand new episodes with the return of its old friend “Red,” as TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) founder Jason Hawes fondly calls her. Amy joins the team for her first investigation since going on maternity leave last year. In the spring premiere, TAPS is invited to Louisiana’s Shreveport Auditorium to investigate claims of paranormal activity at the famed venue where Elvis Presley played his first professional gig. Did the King of Rock ‘n Roll really leave the building or will TAPS find evidence that Elvis’ spirit is still performing for an audience of apparitions? Ghost Hunters is produced for Syfy by Craig Piligian's Pilgrim Studios (Dirty Jobs, The Ultimate Fighter, Top Shot). Piligian and Thomas Thayer, along with Mike Nichols and Alan David, serve as executive producers.




Returns Monday, April 29 at 10PM In the premiere episode “The Living and the Dead,” the series picks up on the stunning, mid-season cliffhanger. Artie (Saul Rubinek) has infected the Warehouse Team – and the world --with the Black Orchid Artifact’s deadly “Sweating Sickness.” If Pete (Eddie McClintock), Myka (Joanne Kelly), Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) and Steve (Aaron Ashmore) can’t reverse what Artie has done, the world will be engulfed by the deadliest pandemic since the Dark Ages. But the Team is already succumbing to the disease’s symptoms as they race to stop the artifact sickness -- before it stops them.

Among the new Season 4.5 guest stars are Polly Walker (Caprica, Rome), who portrays Charlotte Dupres, a historian who may know more about the Warehouse than she lets on. Walker’s multi-episode arc begins in the premiere. Later in the season, Kelly Hu (The Scorpion King, Cradle 2 the Grave) joins the cast as Abigail Cho, a protégé of Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder). Returning Season 4.5 guest stars include Jaime Murray as H.G. Wells and Kate Mulgrew as Jane Lattimer. Warehouse 13 is produced for Syfy by Universal Cable Productions. Jack Kenny (The Book of Daniel) is executive producer and showrunner.




Premieres Tuesday, April 30 at 9PM Hosted by William Shatner, each episode of Weird or What? contains three separate stories of the bizarre and unexplained. As the show unfolds, it weighs various supernatural and scientific theories that attempt to explain the story, and sometimes features tests conducted as proof of a theory's plausibility. The show features strange occurrences such as aliens, ghosts, monsters and natural disasters.




Premieres Saturday, April 6 at 9PM – When a werewolf virus threatens to decimate New York City – and the world -- a rogue general uses the disease to create an army of super soldiers. Battledogs stars Dennis Haysbert, Craig Sheffer, Kate Vernon and Bill Duke.



Premieres Saturday, April 27 at 9PM – Paul Johanssen. William B. Davis and Thea Gill star in this disaster movie about a freak weather system which hurls deadly boulders onto Boston.


Syfy is a media destination for imagination-based entertainment. With year round acclaimed original series, events, blockbuster movies, classic science fiction and fantasy programming, a dynamic Web site (, and a portfolio of adjacent business (Syfy Ventures), Syfy is a passport to limitless possibilities. Originally launched in 1992 as SCI FI Channel, and currently in more than 98 million homes, Syfy is a network of NBCUniversal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies. (Syfy. Imagine greater.)


  • Ted Kord

    Is the Booster Gold series dead?

  • Martin

    So last two episodes of Lost Girl season 3 will be on after the first two episodes of season 1 of defiance, should help that show a bit, especially leading into the recently announced renewal by syfy for season 4, whenever it starts.

    Also, does anyone know when season 2 of continuum is due to air on syfy, will it air mondays at 8 like season 1, will it air simultaneously with showcase in canada, syfy already said they would be airing it.

  • Juan

    Come on please renew being human

  • The Mike Factor

    DEEP SOUTH PARANORMAL should totally be called Southern Spirits.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Ooooo, Kelly Hu on Warehouse 13! Hamma, hamma, hamma! I’m on it! She’s awesome! :-)

    Nice to see Jaime Murray back, too. Also awesome!

    Really looking forward to Defiance, since the cast is first rate, especially Julie Benz, Jaime Murray, and Tony Curran. Not sure about the premise, but execution will be the defining factor. Certainly seems like one of the few SyFy shows of promise lately.

  • Mike

    When does fact or faked and destination truth return syfy?????

  • cimmer

    Don’t care much about Defiance but that’s because it’s on Syfy, if it was on FX or AMC I might be more excited.

    What’s up with Robot Combat League. The ratings I’ve seen so far didn’t look that great. I really thought that one was going to do well.

  • NC

    Will SyFy pick up Continuum? I know the second season is airing in Canada but will SyFy pick it up for the states? It’s my favorite show right now

  • Holly


    Will SyFy pick up Continuum? I know the second season is airing in Canada but will SyFy pick it up for the states?

    From Craig Engler (Syfy)’s twitter Q and A this morning:

    “Q) @robisgreat Season 2 of #Continuum, please? A) Yes, we’ll be airing season 2 :)”

  • Jazmin

    @Juan,Let’s hope Being Human will get another season, at least a final one… :( I just want a closure of such a good story.

  • NC

    Thanks Holly. Didn’t. See that Q and A

  • PurpleDrazi

    Seriously, how many freaking Ghost Shows can one network have?!?

  • randyaw

    Its good for Syfy that no one cared that Ghost Hunters actually faked a few bits here and there. Its sort of like McDonalds food-you know it isnt real but you eat it anyway.

  • Sherri

    Love Continuum and Lost Girl, will give Defiance a try, love Julie Benz!

  • DonMedia

    Is SyFy’s decision to delay the final five episodes until May a sign cable nets are finally acquiescing to to the great and power Gods of the almighty Nielsen?

  • CrystallBall

    SyFy is killing Warehouse 13 with its erratic schedule.

  • brutony

    Hey, PurpleDrazi, you ought to check out Bio channel-they have more friggin ghost shows that Sci-Fi ever saw! Esp on weekends, its ALL ghost crap!

  • USAmerica1st

    Defiance sounds great with experienced producers but the gaming component sounds like too much of a time investment for the viewers. Deal me in on the TV part which may have a Caprica vibe.

  • Cara

    Merlin is a great show! I really miss it over the last few weeks. I cannot wait to watch the final 5 new episodes of Merlin in May 2013!

  • Tanya

    I am so sad to see Merlin go:-( It is the one show that my husband and I both can not wait to watch. What happened?

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